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Shaggy Ry

Official Adopt-a-Tiger Draft Order and Selection page

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The day is here, and the rules have sort of changed. I was going to assign a pick per day, however that would probably take too long and people would lose interest and that's no fun. Instead the rules will be that you can pick as soon as the player listed immediately ahead of you makes his selection. Each pick will have one full days grace before he loses his spot and the draft will continue with the next person in line now on the clock. If a person misses his draft window, he can pick ANYTIME after. Hopefully this doesn't drag out, I don't suspect it will early as many of the high draft position members are here basically every day. It oculd drag out a bit near the end, but the days grace should move things relatively quickly.

I've decided that we'll go by total number of posts. It's not a popularity contest, not by any stretch or Biff would be last(or at least behind me), but gives the active members certain rub in this instance. There isn't a way I know of to seperate Tiger Forum posts from total posts, but I probably wouldn't use it anyways. If you don't like your ranking, stick around and add your two cents on occasion and you'll have a better spot next year(there's incentive for ya :dead: ) I didn't like the idea of ranking it in terms of dates joined because there is some guys who've been registered for awhile that have low post numbers and frankly those voyeurs freak me out.

It was like looking through you old high school yearbook going through the members list ranking the members. There was a lot of names that I remember that just disappeared, guys with 500-600 posts who were pretty regular contributors who vanished like a fart in the wind. Anyways with out further ado, here is the draft order:

First selection: Oblong - Jeremy Bonderman SP

2. Shabba4Detroit - Ivan Rodriguez C

3. Cruzer - Jordan Foster OF*

4. MotownRandy - Brandon Inge 3B

5. DTroppens - Wilfredo Ledezma P

6. Estrepe1 - Curtis Granderson OF*

7. Biff Mayhem - Dmitri Young DH/1B

8. Tigers337 - Tony Giarratano SS*

9. Yoda - Joel Zumaya P*

10. QSilvr2531 - Omar Infante 2B

11. DJHutch - Carlos Pena 1B

12. Ranger - Mike Maroth SP

13. Tigersfan25 - Carlos Guillen SS

14. Shaggy Ry - Wilken Ramirez 3B*

15. Edman85 - Andy Kown SP*

16. Melissa915 - Troy Percival RP

17. EastsideBillee - Nate Robertson SP

18. Bonderman38 - Kyle Sleeth SP*

19. MotoriousCPC - Chris Shelton DH/1B/C*

20. Brent - Steve Colyer RP* now Matt Ginter

21. Motownphilly - Kenny Baugh SP*

22. WMUDan - Justin Verlander SP*

23. Franks151 - Ryan Raburn 2b*

24. Hongbit - Fernando Rodney RP

25. Microline133 - Tony Tomey RP*

26. NJJackal - Craig Monroe OF

27. Charles Liston - Lionel Roberts 1B*

28. Los Gatos - Magglio Ordonez OF

29. Mark the Shark - Franklyn German RP

30. TonyJM - Juan Tejada 1B*

31. rhino - Jack Hanahan 3B*

32. KPKing3032 - Felix Sanchez RP*

33. BiggieG - Kyle Farnsworth RP

34. Tiger_Fan_for_life - Vince Berry

35. CaliforniaDreaming - Jason Johnson SP

36. Ewsieg - Bobby Higginson OF

37. thewave84 - Colby Lewis SP*

38. HankusPankus - Jeff Frazier OF*

39. Cannon Fodder - Nook Logan OF

40. Fickberg - Ugueth Urbina RP

41. Det6884 - Eric Beattie SP*

42. TOM84 - Juan Francia SS*

43. BringBackLou - Rondell Whie OF

44. Mancity09 - Jamie Walker RP

45. McGriff4Hall - Nate Cornejo SP*

46. Bonderman - Humberto Sanchez SP*

47. SenorSmolder - Jair Jurrjens SP*

48. DWPerkins - David Espinosa OF*

49. Spartan Valor

Free-For-All Open

50. lesgoblue02 - Kody Kirkland 3B*

51. BigMM -Marcus Thames OF

52. osurower - Brent Clevlan OF*

53. dt34456884 - Jordan Tata SP*

54. shorts - Gary Knotts RP

55. Lifebythedrop - Deano Palmer 3B

56. AJ167 - Rob Henkel SP*

57. buckeyeguy43545 - Matt Roney SP*

58. Al de Blanc - Vance Wilson C

59. bergy29 - Nate Bumstead SP*

60. mattie - Jason Smith Inf.

61. BringBackBrocail - Eulogio de la Cruz RP*

62. olbiadle - Chris Spurling RP

63. MetroTiger - Ramon Martinez Inf

64. spikesglaring - Dewayne Wise OF*

65. Bondo - Collin Mahoney RP*

66. NATE - Dallas Trahern SP*

67. SacBunt - Steve Young OF*

68. 84 Lives!!! - Jay Sborz SP*

69. IZMickey - Justin Justice OF*

70. Sindey_N_OK - Mike Woods OF*

71. Norm25 - Alexis Gomez OF*

72. hammb - Kelly Hunt 1B*

73. redshark63 - Danny Zell P*

*Note* Registration is closed, however if you signed on and I missed you, I apologize for my mistake and I'll add you in to your deserved spot. After the draft is complete any members who failed to register can play-along, picking from our table scraps. If members no longer want to take part PM me and I'll eliminate you or simply "pass" when it is your turn to select. Please don't just let your time run out as it will stall the process.

Who can be drafted: Any player at any level can be drafted. Unlike previous years, there will be no major league and minor league portion of the draft. Tiger coaches, grounds crew, front office personal CAN be drafted, but I'd rather not see it happen as there is more than enough players to choose from, considering there is only 49 members taking part and the Tigs have a 40-man roster and there are many minor leaguers we are all familiar with.

Along with your selection, I think it would be a good idea to give a little background on your selection and why you selected him. Brief scouting reports for minor league draftees would be nice as well.

Once you draft a player, you've adopted him. what does that mean?? Really nothing. This is just a little thing we've done around here for a few years now in the winter doldrums when Spring training is on th horizon to get us talking baseball again. If your player has a good year, it's because of you and you have bragging rights, and if they stink it up it is your fault. During the seaosn in the game threads and such your affiliations couldbe brought up and you could be called on the carpet if your adopted player screws up. You have to defend them at all costs, against all comers. He is your baby, you have to protect him. Minor league adoptions should look to keep us updated on your selected player throughout the season in the Minor League forum. Keep track of their numbers and let us know when he's on a hot streak or if he's been promoted top a higher league. You can use the teams official websites to find such information, as well we usually have Tiger Organization minor league stats posted in the Minor Leauge forum as well as box scores posted as well. Microline does a good job overthere and not all of us are minor league freaks, so even if you know nothing about the minor leagues and get "stuck" with a minor league player, check it out overthere and learn something about your player and the up and comers in the Tigers Farm.

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Heres a pretty extensive list of I believe every player in the Tiger Organization. There could be some missing or no longer with the organization, but it looks pretty current and up to date.

**Note**- Seeing as though the previous player list was out of date, I've adpoted the list provided by Edman.**

As players are selected, I'll eliminate their names from this list.

Octavio Amezquita

Andy Baldwin

Justin Barnes

Kenny Baugh SP - Selected 21st overall by MotownPhilly

Rayner Bautista

Eric Beattie SP - Selected 41st overall by Det6884

Vince Berry - Selected 3?th by Tiger_Fan_For_Life

Randor Bierd

John Birtwell

Vincent Blue

Jeremy Bonderman SP - Selected first overall by Oblong

Mike Bumatay

Nate Bumstead SP - Selected 59th overall by bergy29

Mike Bynum

Jesse Caraballo

Dominic Carmosino

Francisco Castro

Ed Clelland

Brent Clevlen OF - Selected 52nd overall by osurower

Cody Collet

Brooks Colvin

Steve Colyer RP - Selected 20th overall by Brent

Nate Cornejo SP - Selected 45th overall by McGriff4Hall

Pedro Cotto

Doug Creek

Nelson Cruz

Rhinel Cruz

Felix Cuello

Gookie Dawkins

Santo De Leon

Eulogio De la Cruz - Selected 61st overall by BBB

Craig Dingman

Brent Dlugach

Sean Douglass

Nate Doyle

John Ennis

David Espinosa OF - Selected 48th overall by DWPerkins

Kyle Farnsworth RP - Selected 33rd overall by BiggieG

Jordan Foster OF - Selected 3rd overall by Cruzer

Jose Fragoso

Juan Francia SS - Selected 42nd overall by TOM84

Jeff Frazier OF - Selected 38th overall by HankusPankus

Luke French

Frank German RP- Selected 29th overall by MarkTheShark

Byron Gettis

Tony Giarratano SS - Selected 8th overall by Tigers337

Luis Gil

Alexis Gomez OF - Selected 71st overall by Norm25

Matt Ginter P - Awarded to Brent as replacement for Colyer

Andrew Good

Andy Graham

Curtis Granderson OF - Selected 6th overall by Estrepe1

Leo Grullon

Carlos Guillen SS - Selected 13th overall by Tigersfan25

Corey Hamman

Jack Hannahan 3B - Selected 31st overall by rhino

Brandon Harper

Landon Harper

Rob Henkel SP - Selected 55th overall by AJ167

Brian Hensen

Marcos Hernandez

Mike Hessman

Bobby Higginson OF - Selected 36th overall by Ewsieg

Chris Homer

Kevin Hooper

Michael Howell

Kelly Hunt 1B - Selected 72nd overall by hammb

Omar Infante 2B - Selected 10th overall by QSilvr2531

Brandon Inge 3B - Selected 4th overall by MotownRandy

Tyler Jacobson

Jason Johnson SP - Selected 35th by CaliforniaDreaming

Jeremy Johnson

Jair Jurrjens SP - Selected 47th overall by SenorSmolder

Justin Justice - Selected 69th overall by IZMickey

Jason Karnuth

Josh Kauten

Don Kelly

Kody Kirkland 3B - Selected 50th overall by lesgoblue02

Rick Kirsten

Jason Knoedler

Gary Knotts RP - Selected 55th overall by shorts

Mike Kobow

Dan Konecny

Andrew Kown P - Selected 15th overall by Edman

Mickey Kropf

Preston Larrison

Jeramy Laster

Wilfredo Ledezma P - Selected 5th overall by DTroppens

Josh Lee

Colby Lewis P - Selected 37th overall by thewave84

Lavon Lewis

Miguel Linares

Juan Llamas

Nook Logan OF - Selected 39th overall by CannonFodder

Tom Lyons

Collin Mahoney RP - Selected 65th overall by Bondo

Chris Maples

Mike Maroth SP - Selected 12th overall by Ranger

Cristhian Martinez

Ramon Martinez Inf - Selected 63rd overall by MetroTiger

Sandy Martinez

David Mattle

Kevin McDowell

Nick McIntyre

Garth McKinney

Gilberto Mejia

Rafael Mendez

Victor Mendez

Cory Middleton

Cole Miller

Craig Monroe OF - Selected 26th overall by NJJackal

Damien Myers

Derek Nicholson

Matt O'Brien

Magglio Ordonez OF - Selected 28th overall by Los Gatos

Ian Ostlund

Ricky Palma

Dean Palmer 3B - Selected 56th overall by LifebytheDrop

Matt Parris

Matt Parrish

Carlos Pena 1B - Selected 11th overall by DJHutch

Jamaal Peoples

Tony Peralta

Troy Percival CL - Selected 16th overall by MelissaG915

Orlando Perdomo

Ezequiel Perez

Troy Pickford

Mike Rabelo

Ryan Raburn 2B - Selected 23rd voerall by Franks151

Josh Rainwater

Wilken Ramirez 3B - Selected 14th overall by Shaggy

Wilton Reynolds

Matt Righter

Mike Rivera

Joel Roa

Lionel Roberts 1B - Selected 27th overall by CharlesListon

Nate Robertson SP - Selected 17th overall by EastsideBillee

Eric Rodland

Fernando Rodney RP - Selected 24th overall by Hongbit

Lee Rodney

Ivan Rodriguez C - Selected second overall by Shabba

Jermy Rodriguez

Brian Rogers

Matt Roney SP - Selected 57th by buckeyeguy43545

Kenon Ronz

Jody Roughton

Tom Royals

Dusty Ryan

Luis Sabino

Danilo Sanchez

Felix Sanchez RP - Selected 32nd overall by KPKing3032

Humberto Sanchez SP - Selected 46th by Bonderman

Brian Santo

Adriano Santos

Jay Sborz SP - Selected 68th overall by 84 Lives!!!

Chris Shelton C - Selected 19th overall by NotoriousCPC

Jim Skelton

Kyle Sleeth SP - Selected 18th overall by Bonderman38

Jason Smith 3B - Selected 60th overall by mattie

Maximo Soto

Robbie Sovie

Chris Spurling RP - Selected 62nd overall by olbiadle

Maxim St. Pierre

Jordan Tata SP - Selected 53rd overall by dt34456884

Juan Tejeda 1B - Selected 30th overall by TonyJM

Marcus Thames OF - Selected 51st overall by BigMM

Brandon Timm

Tony Tomey RP - Selected 25th overall by Microline133

Scott Tousa

Dallas Trahern SP - Selected 66th overall by NATE

Alex Trezza

Rob Tulk

Ugueth Urbina RP - Selected 40th overall by FickBERG

Brant Ust

Matt Vasquez

Sendy Vasquez

Justin Verlander SP - Selected 22nd overall by WMUDan

Fernando Vina

Jamie Walker RP - Selected 44th overall by ManCity09

Rondell White OF - Selected 43rd overall by BringBackLou

Phil Wilkins

Matt Williams

Vance Wilson C - Selected 58th overall by Al de Blanc

Dewayne Wise OF - Selected 64th overall by spikesglaring

Michael Woods OF - Selected 70th overall by Sidney_N_OK

Mark Woodyard

Dmitri Young 1B - Selected 7th overall by Biff Mayhem

Steve Young OF - Selected 67th overall by SacBunt

Danny Zell P - Selected 73rd overall by redshark63

Joel Zumaya SP - Selected 9th overall by Yoda

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Originally posted by Shaggy Ry

Along with your selection, I think it would be a good idea to give a little background on your selection and why you selected him. Brief scouting reports for minor league draftees would be nice as well.

This draft is getting complicated now. I don't know if I can handle all that.

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Originally posted by OldTimey

Where am I?

You are late so you go on the bottom of the list. You get Kurt Airoso.

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Just a suggestion. It will take a long time for each person to draft in order. What you might do is have everyone in the top 10 submit a top 10 list of who they'd like to adopt...if they are in the top 20, they should formulate a top 20 list...etc. Then, set up a day for Adopt-a-Tiger drafting to be closed...and take the #1 player from Oblong...then if Shabba drafts #2 and has chosen the same player at #1...take his #2 choice...and so on. I've done this before and it has been very successful...plus, no one will be upset because their turn was missed.

What do you think?

BTW, thanks for all your work on this Shaggy...I'm almost surprised I am on the edge of the top 20. I might actually get someone I want!

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That isn't the entire list either. You can pick managers, coaches and even mascots if you want. It's not like this really means much. It's just fun.

I'm seriously thinking about picking Lance Parrish.

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I'd like to add one rule. No one can adopt Kenon Ronz. He is reserved solely for the selection of "The Ronz", our resident alien.

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Even though I didn't sign up I should automatically be assigned Brandon Inge. . . or Nook Logan.

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That isn't the entire list either. You can pick managers, coaches and even mascots if you want. It's not like this really means much. It's just fun.

Last year I adopted Jason Johnson's insulin pump. I should have adopted his blister.

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Originally posted by DTroppens

I'm seriously thinking about picking Lance Parrish.

There goes my hope of having him back again this year. He was a great adoption for me last year! If you take him from me do I have to pay some kind of child support or something?

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California Dreaming,

He was my adopted Tiger for a few years so you took him from me.

Seriously Parrish was my favorite Tiger when I was a kid and I really have never picked another "favorite" Tiger. So when I select I guess he has to be my "favorite" Tiger. But then again it would be fun to pick someone who could do something on the field well or screw up.

If I do that I probably won't pick one of the better players. What fun is that. You want to pick someone who can give you great days or bad days. It's easy to say Pudge is your Tiger. It's harder to say (thumping your chest) Shane Loux is your Tiger.:classic:

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Originally posted by DTroppens

It's harder to say (thumping your chest) Shane Loux is your Tiger.:classic:

Especially since Loux is no longer in the organization.

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Okay how about Shane Hal...


Or how about Skeeter Barn...


Or how about Jim Walew....

All the good guys are gone.

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Before this all gets started I'd just like to say thanks for the hardwork to get this up and going Shaggy....While I can't imagine ever having the motivation to do so, I appreciate you for it

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I would like to trade up in the draft. I will give any takers my first round pick this year (33rd pick) and my second and third rounders next year. Any takers?

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im taking brandon inge....(as a protest)

just because i dont like the way the "number of posts" idea alienates the rest of us who tend to "lurk" here more then post.

quantity doesnt always mean quality.

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Yeah, this is probably my fault. I included Oblong becasue he posted a remark in the sign-up thread. The remark didn't actually say he wanted to take part, actually it didn't say anything. I just assumed that since he took the time to post in the thread and didn't say it was a stupid idea or an unfair idea that he wanted to take part. He's been around the boards today and hasn't made a choice, so he probably had no desire to play. I've PM'd him but he hasn't gotten back to me yet one way or the other. Hopefully Shabba and the rest who signed up show better interest and kick this thing off right tomorrow.

If any here are no longer interested PM me and I'll take you off the list.

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Jeremy Bonderman, selected first overall by Oblong. Great things are expected from the 22 yr old right hander, if not this season definitely in 2006. Bonderman had a roller coaster 2004 campaign, though showed flashes of dominance and closed out the year strong after the coaching staff dumbed it down for him posting a 2.53 ERA in his final 6 starts, striking out 42 and walking only 14 in 42 innings. He is expected to round into a true rotation ace the likes we haven't seen in Detroit in many years.

Shabba4Detroit is now on the clock.

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