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Fun with sortable stats

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Two things real quick....I am blown away by Carlos Pena lately, so I shot over to look for some OPS numbers because I am currently gearing up for the playoffs by re-reading Moneyball (perhaps there should be a Moneyball addendum apologizing to Bonerdman and Miguel Tejada)...ANYWAYS, this link is kind of cool since they now include OPS and sabremetrics stats as searchable categories... I LOVE seeing that Carlos Pena's OPS is .001 lower than Scott Hatteberg's OPS, Carlos is 2 million dollars cheaper than Hatteberg, but he needs to stop striking out!!!!!!!

Anyways, a couple of interesting things I found:

Pena's runs created is right there with Carlos Delgado this year if you're thinking about sinking 10 mil a year into Delgado next year....

His secondary average is better than Konerko, Bagwell, Derek Lee, Sean Casey, and Hatteberg...

He hits less considerably less than one groundball per game which is debateable how good/bad that could be....(probably very bad when your home stadium is Comerica Park)

But the most interesting, positive for next year stat is his BB/Plate Appearance is right behind Pujols, ahead of Texiera, Ortiz, Hatteberg, Konerko, Delgado, Lee and Casey.

He has saved DD and the organization a HUGE headache in the offseason. For what Pena makes he is an absolute steal right now in the first base market and he has that word we all hate, UPSIDE, still...Two outfielders and some pitching and we're in this division race next year

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I thought it would be interesting to look thru these old threads, where we discussed "Munson vs. Pena" ad nauseum.

I think Pena has proven himself in the 2nd half, & I don't think we should overlook the fact that Carlos started to come around shortly after Craig Monroe came back from his re-hab. That's when Monroe turned it up a notch, & the 2 of them are pretty close friends.

Munson vs. Pena 1

Munson vs. Pena 2

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