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Hey everyone. Don't take this as me throwing in the towel for this season completely, but I got to thinking about what we could do this off season. I put together a very tentative/ sort of knee-jerk list of who seemed to be the most worthy targets for the Tigers this winter. I tried to take into account the players' ages and how much it will likely cost to get them and, of course, our needs. Let me know what you think. Who'd I miss?

(I didn't include Carlos Beltran in this because, as much as I hate to say it, I'd bet on the Evil Empire seducing him into disgusting pinstripes.Otherwise he's an easy #1 for me. Same goes for Magglio. They both won't be Yanks, but that's an awful lot of money for one player.)

1. Brad Penny (26) SP

2. Adrian Beltre (25) 3B

3. Carl Pavano (28) SP

4. Troy Glaus (28) 3B

5. Scott Williamson (28) RP

6. Odalis Perez (27) SP

7. Matt Clement (30) SP

8. Chris Carpenter (29) SP

9. Richard Hidalgo (29) OF

10. Russ Ortiz (30) SP

11. JD Drew (29) OF

12. Eric Milton (29) SP

13. Matt Morris (30) SP

14. Kris Benson (30) SP

15. Billy Koch (30) RP

16. Kevin Millwood (30) SP

17. Cliff Politte (30) RP

18. Felix Rodriguez (32) RP

19. Derek Lowe (31) SP

20. Shawn Estes (31) SP

* If Pena is traded - which I doubt will happen - Richie Sexson (30 year old 1B) becomes a very interesting possibility.

** Part of me wants to make Scott Williamson #1 because of our bullpen woes. He'd be a wonderful remedy. And affordable-ish.

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Hello Travis,

Early riser? Nice post, got me thinking of possibilities for our Tigers. Of the players you mentioned I see the front office targeting possibly 5 which include,

1. Scott Williamson- Probably the top reliever on the market, might cost some, but definitely worth it with our bullpen strugles. Nice set-up man that could close some games for the Tigs.

2. Brad Penny- He's become an Ace-type pitcher this season for the Fish. His price tag will be high but he could worth it. A nice veteran to anchor a young stuff. Only 26.

3. Troy Glaus- Might get overlooked for two reasons, 1. Possible future injury problems, 2. Adrian Beltre having a monster season. Also with the emergence of Dallas McPherson the Angels will not pursue Troy.

4. Matt Clement- A lot of teams will bring out the money for this guy. He has been the best pitcher for the Cubbies this year in my mind and I wouldn't be surprised to see a power house team(Oh, I don't know Yanks, Red Sox) break the bank for Clement. Longshot for Tigers.

5. Felix Rodriguez- If Williamson goes elsewhere, we have to target this guy. He's been solid for the Giants for awhile with that great fastball that he featues. Definitely worth a try.

All and all, I see DD making two or three big moves to improve the team on both a pitching and hitting standpoint. The bullpen will be improved.

:classic: :classic: :classic: :classic:

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Originally posted by motownphilly

The two guys off your list I like.

So you're saying you'd take those two over Clement, Penny, Pavano, Perez.....?

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There are some pretty impressive pitchers there. Where did you find the complete list ?

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I like the guys Micro said plus Beltre. Since it's not my money I also think they should go after Beltran. I didn't realize Clement was 30 (or will be next year). I thought he was much younger than that, like 27. That could actually help the Tigers chances, though - be lessening the demand.

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Originally posted by thewave84

I like the guys Micro said plus Beltre. Since it's not my money I also think they should go after Beltran.

I think the Tigers will go after Beltran. I don't think they'll get him but that's going to be the case with any big free agent. There is no harm in trying if the player is good enough and young enough which he is.

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Originally posted by Starflyer

Beltre @ 3rd. Absolute huge need.

the fact that he is doing all this in a contract years scares me away from Beltre though a little bit...

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If anyone wants a full list of Free Agents, I found this by way of Google. I typed in MLB Free Agents 2005 (or something like that) and it directed me to a page on which an administrator answered a question with a link to a fan's site. So, this is not official info by any means, but it looks pretty accurate from what I can tell:


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ODALIS PEREZ is a guy I would love to have. He is young and a hard throwing lefty (DD likes that).

Matt Clement was brought through the Marlins organization by DD, so maybe that will help...

We will bid on Mr. Beltran, and lose (ala Tejada).

Beltre is great, but he may be the second most coveted free agent out there.

Sexson is a good player, hell I would even stick him in RF and see what he can do (he played there with the Tribe, who he is supposedly going to sign with in the offseason).

Pavano is an excellent pitcher, another DD guy if I am not mistaken. He is a strikeout pitcher with a good sinker, he is a guy who can win for a long time.

Williamson, Felix Rodriguez, Ron Villone, Steve Reed, and Cliff Pollitte are relievers I would take a look at. Villone is a necessity IMO, he is one of the best lefty specialists in baseball. Williamson or the original F-Rod could be our closer, but I wouldn't sign both. Williamson is younger, but has had a lot of arm problems, so I would like to steer a little clear of him if we have a chance at F-Rod.

Penny is another DD guy who just throws hard...and power pitchers are very effective in the postseason and don't get hurt too often at CoPa. I think it will take a lucrative offer to get him, but I also don't see the Marlins pursuing him so at least he will be out there.

Matt Morris is a proven winner, and he is not too old. With a lot of good pitchers out there, he could be the 6th to 7th best, so his asking price may be lower. I would give him an offer, but only if we fail to get Penny, Perez, Pavano, Clement, Milton, and Ortiz.

Guys I would never touch with a 10 foot pole are JD Drew, Chris Carpenter, Troy Glaus, Derek Lowe, and Shawn Estes. Drew, Carpenter, and Glaus have histories of injuries (enough to make a book), and Lowe is a headcase and Estes is just plain lucky that his offense can put up runs in that joke of a ballpark in Colorado.

Benson and Millwood are iffy to me. Benson is a sub-.500 pitcher who is having a career year. On the flipside, Millwood is a historically good pitcher who is having an awful year. Both can possibly return to their true forms next year, but they may not...I am unsure if I would go after them.

My wishlist (if we were to only get 1):

1. Beltran

2. Beltre

3. Perez

4. Penny

5. Pavano

6. Clement

7. Milton

8. Morris

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