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Another letter, The anti-Doc Graham

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For those not familiar with my threads, I collect signatures through the mail of anyone who has ever played at least one game for the Tigers. Sometimes I get nice letters back from the players, and below is the text of one:

Carl McNabb

Major League Debut 4/20/1945

Detroit Tigers 1945

Had one at-bat in his entire career and went 0-1.

Dear Steven

Thank you for wanting my autograph, even if I didn’t get a chance to play. I owe that to Paul Richards and Steve O’Neil (Tigers manager in 1945). I had 2 good seasons at Buffalo of the International League. Hit .279 one year and .287 the next season. I think that was a good record for someone to deserve a chance. One time to pinch hit is not enough to judge a career.

I know many of the names you have heard from, most I played with or against. I’m sure I could have played Major League Baseball, because that International League was pretty good baseball.

Thanks again for wanting my autograph, good luck to you and your collection.



I feel for Mr. McNabb. I really wish the movie Field of Dreams was real. Guys like this could go back in time, and get their fair chance at Major League Baseball, and show us what they could have done. I am sure there are more than a couple diamonds in the rough. Maybe he could have been one.....

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Yes it is. Thanks.

I just looked up Paul Richards on baseball-reference.com. He did not manage until 1951, was he the manager at Buffalo?

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Yes. Upon further review, I see that he was indeed a catcher on the 1945 team.


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Wow. So close yet so far. Doesn't even qualify as a "cup of coffee," I guess.

My father-in-law has a friend who's the Coor's distributor in Southern Idaho. He was a pitcher and his major league batting average is 1.000. One single in one at bat for the Cubs a long time ago. Now maybe that one qualifies as a glass of beer?

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