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I have found a bright spot

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Other teams that are almost as bad as us in this early start to a long season.we are 2-12 8.5 games back

Baltimore 4-11 6 games back

Texas 4-11 8.5 games back

Milwaukee 4-12 6 games back

Colorado 5-11 5.5 games back

So hey it could be worse. We could have Baltimores Owner, Or Texas's Payroll, Or The Brewers's Daughters Father in our Orginization, Or Play at Coors.

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You're right Jonesy, I would rather be a 2002 Tiger fan than 2002 fan of those clubs.

To be a Texas fan would REALLY be disappointing. Expectations would have been high at the beginning of the year because of their payroll.

And, I don't like Coors-type baseball.

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...Magee and Fick are lighting it up at the plate :-)

Meluskey & Rivera are doing well defensively at catcher, and throwing runners out (I really shouldn't jinx them before a Sparks game).

Lima pitched 6 shutout innings his last start (we need to start him only when the temp is over 80)

Paquette is hitting it nicely after a slow start.

anyone else?

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