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Cool post from an Expos fan....

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I was just looking on another message board and this guy posted something to the Tiger fans....thought you guys might enjoy it! (the guys speaks French, so his writing might sound a little odd at times)

Hard time for the Expos, attendance are low ,and they will probably disappear next year…but there is a reason for that…

To do a short story, there how it goes

The problem is that the Expos had done everything and spend all their pennies to win the World Series in 1994...but what happened? A lockout...the worst day of my life when I learn that.

After that the team as to do sales, we trade Pedro, walker, Lansing, Grissom and all the others that I don’t remember for absolutely nothing.

Then, the idea of a new stadium came, we ask the governments for help and we didn't get any answers

With all these bad news everybody was deserting the Olympic stadium, way too big for Montreal franchise. Not only too big because it’s an indoor stadium and nobody is happy to be inside when the sun is shinning outside.

So the team has been sold to an American Jeffrey Loria because everybody was blasting the ex-owner Claude Brochu. We accused him that he was doing everything to move the team.

When Loria enters the game we all and everyone saw him as the saver. We were at his feet. He was controlling everything and things have became worst...No TV game, no promotion, no add, it looks like his goal was to kill the Expos.

And he did it...Now the Expos will probably disappear next year and Loria is again doing #### in Florida with the Marlins and with a lot of Expos’ money in his pocket

The Expos are now controlled by MLB and are not on TV this year again...

Fans were there at the home opener 35 000 that sound like 75 000 Cliff Floyd said. 35 000 people yelling Loria #### during all the game and cheering for their favourite team. The Montreal Expos. Next game, 5000 people were there and what can we expect for the rest of the season...

35 000 cheered their Expos at the Home opener and that was probably their last...

Enjoy the game and don't wait to support your team because maybe that same thing will happen to you someday...

I hope you understand everything I tried to tell you because I’m from Montreal and I speak French...so I did my best

Maybe by signing the petition businessmen in Montreal will see that there is again Expos fans and will buy our team. So please help us

Have a good season and enjoy it, and don’t forget to sign the petition we need your help ( www.petitiononline.com/expos )

Sign the petition


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I have no doubt MLB and Jeffrey Loria were partners in some shady business. It makes absolutely no sense to have a MLB team, but have no broadcasting rights, TV, Radio, french or english. How do you expect to get people to the park when they have no connection to them. Furthermore, the fact that MLB threw around the contraction of the Expos so much last season, there is no wonder the fans are staying away in droves - Why give the MLB money when theyare taking your team? This team was meant to fail.

Now the worst part of it is that MLB is probably going to auction off the franchise to the highest bidder who will move the team to Washington DC or West Virginia. The league bought the team for $125,ooo,ooo and are going to turn it over for $400,ooo,ooo - Not bad for a one year investment :rolleyes:.

Selig is crooked, Loria is crooked, Henry is crooked the whole damn MLB is crooked. If baseball is so damn hard off - Why is the hell are all of these successful billionaire businesmen clamoring and bidding for the worst franchise in baseball?

Something Stinks.

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I can't claim to have ever loved or hated the Expos; but, I really feel for them regarding 1994. If only there was no lock-out...who knows.

The Expos have developed some of the finest MLB talent. It's "not fair"...I guess that's another instance where baseball serves as a parable of life.

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I guess that's another instance where baseball serves as a parable of life.

Ah, the beautiful parabola of life! A long arc, blazing upward into the sky only to turn at its midpoint, tugged down by the inexorable pull of gravity, and falling, falling downward as it plunges into death! What a fitting metaphor, the parabola of life, for our own . . . .

Huh? What's that? Oh! The parable of life. Well, that's very different.

Never mind.

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FYI... there was no lockout in 1994. There was a player strike. A lockout is when the owners implement a labor stoppage.

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The players would of course argue its the same thing, since they feel they were forced to strike due to the owners. It's all semantics.

I don't think Loria worked with MLB to kill the Expos. He just used the worst possibel plan for revenue sharing (one tied soley to team payroll) to make free money. It is really easy to make money in baseball, attendance or no attendance. Just don't spend any money. The less you spend, the more money is given to you. He spent nothing, got lots of revenue sharing dollars back, and then bought another team. The home opener fiasco in Florida makes me doubt he's gonna do anything different there.

What is embarrassing to me is that MLB talks about competitive imbalance, then creates plans that hurt teams that succeed. Cleveland lost money in revenue sharing last year. Philly made money. Which is the bigger market? The "competitive balance draft" that MLB proposed would force Oakland to lose players.

MLB's message is pretty simple. Don't try to succeed as a small market, because that hurts our argument that small markets can't succeed.

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That's a big reason why there will never be labor harmony. The players have a unified front. The owners are split into factions.

I don't know how the current setup is, but I'd like to see the commisioner's office split up into a board. Let each owner have one vote to elect a representative, maybe 3 of them, then require two votes to do anything.

One thing to consider is an owner's true motives. Is it to win or make money? That's what makes the business of sports in general unique. In business, you are, for the mos part, judged by the bottom line. You satisfy your customers, you should make money. The relationship between customer satisfaction and the bottom line is more direct. In sports you are judged by your customers in terms of winning or losing. Winning doesn't necessarily equate to making money. You can have the worst performance in terms of winning, yet still be the most profitable owner. Maybe the owner of the A's doesn't care if he loses talent as long as he makes more money. I don't know if that's true, but I"m just throwing it out there as an example.

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Winning really does equate to making money in baseball, as the more you win the more revenue your team will be able to generate.

Still you raise a good point about the uniqueness of sports. Most owners probably don't care if they win as long as they make money. On the other hand, if all owners were guaranteed to make money, they might care about winning more.

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