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This Team is Going Places!

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After watching the Pistons in the last two games, I truly believe this is a team on a mission.

I believe, based on their record agains the east, that they are the BEST team in the east.

They have focus, and are a true TEAM.

Most impressively...

When given an opportunity to vanquish a playoff foe in ONE FELL SWOOP, they took care of it. Had the Bucks won, they would have met Detroit in round one. Say what you want, I didn't relish that thought. Why not make it moot? NICE JOB.

They took three of four from Jersey...

3 of four from Toronto..

Either Boston or Philly is out after round one...

Either Charlotte or Orlando is out after round one...

If we take care of business in round one...this could be a long run!

ps...Hey Sam Cassell...how's that crow taste?


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It is too cool to see the Pistons back on top!! They look more like a NBA Finals team than anyone in the east looks right now!!

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Pistons match up well against Toronto, New Jersey, & Indiana, however Boston, Charlotte and Orlando could pose problems and Philadelphia is a wildcard. With that being said, I believe we could beat Boston is a seven game series, and we have to many scoring options for Philadelphia and our bench is too deep for Charlotte and Orlando. We do have a solid shot at the East, but I wouldn't be shocked if we get knocked out early either - by in large the east is very close in terms of talent level.

It depends on if there is another level that the Pistons can step up to. They have been playing"playoff" basketball all season with tremendous success. But what happend when other teams turn it up a level or two and the Pistons are the same old Pistons?

The reason I like our chances is that we have proven we can win without Stackhouse. Philly tanks without Iverson, McGrady is the beginning and the end of the offense in Orlando. New Jersey can't win when Kidd has a bad game, and Boston will not win if the 3's aren't falling. Toronto is a team much like Detroit, especially ever since VC went down - they are winning games by outworking their opponents.

JYD vs Big Ben, Robinson vs Davis, Mo Pete vs Michael Curry, Chucky vs Alvin Williams are all very solid matchups, but Stack and our bench will put us over in the first round.

The key in the long run is probably going to be Chucky Atkins. As long as we face teams with a small starting PG Chucky will be very effective - but the big guards eat him up.

Now only if the West absolutely kills each other will we even have the remote chance if we do come out of the East.

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