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Tom Seaver died. 😕

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Good ol #41. I always remember one baseball card of him with his leg really high as he was about to throw the ball.

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22 hours ago, smr-nj said:

Complications from dementia. He was only 75.


On my list of the half-dozen greatest pitchers of my baseball life (generally excluding guys who are still playing and whose overall career greatness is yet to be determined, with the exception of Kershaw).

In alphabetical order:

Roger Clemens

Randy Johnson

Clayton Kershaw

Greg Maddux

Pedro Martinez

Tom Seaver

Of those, Clemens was the greatest overall, Pedro the best over a very significant  stretch of seasons (the seven years 1997-2003).

Honorable Mention for being awesome to watch and doing stuff like leading the National League  in strikeouts in his Age 40 and 41 seasons, then leading the American League in strikeouts in his Age 42 and 43 seasons:  Nolan Ryan

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