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1 minute ago, Deleterious said:

Sort of why the Denver coming back from 3-1 thing isn't that impressive.  I mean it is, but it isn't.  


Exactly.  This IS the playoffs, but it really isn't.  You don't have to win a game on the road with the refs and fans against you.

It's a fun little exhibition.

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I don't know many people at the top of their field who hasn't had a bump or two in the road.  I see it the same as the Leonard situation.  Deserves criticism but one misstep doesn't erase everything he has done in the past.

Outside of Pop and Spo who else would you want?

Kerr?  Probably

Nurse?  Maybe.  I would like a few more years out of him before making any claims.

Carlisle?  Probably

Snyder?  No

Rivers?  Nope

Malone?  Yeah, maybe


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Yeah, I'd probably go Pop, Carlisle, Spo, Stevens, Nurse.

I'm not buying Kerr until I see what he can do without a team full of superstars and MVPs.

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