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7/27 @7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

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4 hours ago, tiger337 said:

Anesthetics can have a big effect on your mental health especially for the elderly.  The effects are usually negative and short-term such as psychotic episodes but perhaps it can shock your system enough to cause a permanent change in your make-up.   

Last summer I had total knee replacement. The knee was almost beyond repair. Was under for 5 hours when it's typically 2-2.5

Was mildly psychotic for 2-3 days. Typical to stay in hospital one night. I stayed 6

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On 7/28/2020 at 6:44 AM, RandyMarsh said:

Disappointed that Burrows got roughed up,  I always had more of a blind faith in him than others so I was cautiously optimistic that he found something with the fluff pieces about him during camp and just how he looked there but after 1 appearance atleast it looks like he just doesn't have it.

I did a double take when I was going through whip cats in my fantasy league, and noticed that Burrows has a .75 whip!

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