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Blake Griffin remains marketable despite small market

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New Pistons blog post from Bob Heyrman posted today...  Article talks about Blake Griffin remaining a marketable star despite playing in Detroit, which is not consider an NBA hotspot.  Perhaps this will show other players and future NBA free agents that you can still play in cities like Detroit, yet have marketability outside of the NBA? What do you think?

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With the advent of the internet and all the nationally broadcasted games nowadays as long as your team wins you can be marketable anywhere in the league.   Lebron James is arguably the most famous athlete in the world and he got there by playing the vast majority of his career in Cleveland.    In football Patrick Mahomes is probably the most marketable player and he plays in Kansas City.  As long as your team wins you will get a ton of national exposure and in turn endorsements regardless of city.  


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It depends.

If you are an out of this world talent, then it does not matter where you play.  LeBron became the biggest name in sports mostly in Cleveland.  Giannis is now doing it in Milwaukee.

If you are a really good player than being in a larger market has an advantage.   Jayson Tatum had the fourth best selling jersey in the entire league last season.  That is a direct result of playing for the Celtics, an extremely popular team in a big market.  He wouldn’t sell that many jerseys playing in Detroit, Charlotte, or Milwaukee. 

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