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  1. Sounds like it's a minor league deal tho. He has to make the team.
  2. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I see Pipeline has him 24 still on the Indians prospect list. His age 21 season was rough. I suppose there's still a chance he becomes something, but I think for a 1-1, pretty safe to say he's a bust.
  3. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Agree. The most important thing is that a fairly consensus 1-1 guy emerges, or at least a top 2. When the field becomes five or six guys, I think teams just tend to sign the player who will sign cheapest, so they can spread that money around. While that has some appeal, it can also lead a team to take Mickey Moniak with the top pick. Looking at some recent drafts. In 2011, it seemed the consensus guy was Cole, maybe in a group with Bauer and Rendon. That worked out for Pitt. In 2012, Buxton was the top guy. Houston went with Correa instead and that worked out great. In 2013, Appel, Bryant and Gray were seen in the top tier. Unfortunately for Houston, they went with the worst guy. In 2014, Aiken was seen as head of the class, which turned out bad, though Houston was able to rebound in 2015 - when they got one from a top tier of three Swanson, Bregman and Rogers. So I guess, "who knows?" The most clear cut number 1, from prospect rankings, in recent years was Brady Aiken and he was a bust. There likely will be a legit star or two among the top five players taken, just have to hope the Tigers get one.
  4. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Love to hear it. Is there a college bat out there who you could see enter the 1-1 conversation?
  5. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    If Singer or another pitcher is the top guy, it wouldn't bother me either, but I'm hoping a guy like Gorman emerges as a clear alternative because, as Lee said, the Tigers desperately need impact position player prospects. I like what they say about Gorman's polish too. He could be a guy ready to contribute in three years. I've read that the strength of this draft is high school pitchers, I'd rather see the Tigers collect those at the top of later rounds.
  6. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Fangraphs has its draft rankings up. They have Singer at the top, as do most publications at this point. Interestingly enough, they do have a position player ranked 2nd, Nolan Gorman, a HS 3b-man. He sounds enticing. Nick Madrigal, the tiny college 2b, is the next hitter up at 6. Then, Brice Turang at 9. Jason Kelenic, a HS CFer at 10. 4 more bats in the 11-14 slots. They said the first 10-15 players on this list are tightly packed. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/mlb-draft-rankings-2018-2019-and-2020/
  7. Please don't forget about Jose King.
  8. Kris Bryant is another, more recent example. Number 3 pick in 2013, he was up in early 2015 and led the Cubs to the NLCS and the WS, with an MVP season, the following year. Probably the best thing that could happen to the Tigers this year is that a college bat takes a great leap forward, becomes the obvious number 1 pick and leads to us being good by 2020. If not that, a college arm like Singer becomes the obvious guy who could have a JV-like impact by 2020.
  9. Jerry DiPoto recently said that there are more teams competing for first draft pick than the World Series.
  10. This was the most shocking thing to me in the new CBA, from 189 to 196 (210 million by the end of the deal in 2021). And it had been around 189 for a while too. If the Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Angels, etc aren't worried about getting under that tax this year, I think. There's a bidding war for Darvish... Instead of sending what few prospects they have, SF is probably outbidding the competition for Cain and JD or another corner OFer and signing Moustakas. We know at least one team is willing to go somewhere btwn 5/100 and 5/125, depending on the source. Going into the offseason, I thought JD would get/was worth a little more than Upton, who got 5/106. Now, Upon is looking pretty savvy for making that move quick. If Boston gets antsy and say, signs LoMo or Moustakas for a small fraction of what they are offering JD, then he's in real trouble.
  11. Manning and Stewart and Burrows were among the twenty or so names "considered" below the top hundred.
  12. BA had their Tigers prospects podcast up this week and despite the ranking, they describe the system as "much improved." They were lauding their recent drafts and the returns on all of the deals, including JD and Kinsler. They described Lugo and Alcantara as "future big leaguers. not stars, but not up and down/fringy guys either." One of the guys was high on Wilkel Hernandez - from the Kinsler deal - and heard him described as "the sleeper of the Angels' system."
  13. Just saw that. Makes a lot more sense.
  14. MLB Pipeline has their list of prospects who just missed the top hundred. Jim Callis has Jake Rogers on his list. So from BA, Pipeline and Law, that's 7 Tigers prospects who made the top hundred or just missed. Perez - Top 100 on BA, Law, Pipeline Faedo -Top 100 on BA, Pipeline Manning - Top 100 on BA, Pipeline Burrows - Top 100 on Pipeline, on the BA podcast the guys said he just missed. Daz - Top 100 on Law Hill - just missed on Law Rogers - just missed on Pipeline https://www.mlb.com/news/12-prospects-who-just-missed-the-top-100-list/c-265553816?tid=151437456