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  1. Kiley has his first mock up on FG. And this is the first bit of informed speculation I think I've seen that has the Tigers tied to a specific player. Riley Greene looks good. I've read in FG and Pipeline that he's the consensus best HS hitter. I'd love to see them snag one of the big 4 prospects if one should fall. If not, then I hope JJ Bleday makes a better case for why he should be taken at 5, as I'd much rather have them take a worthy college bat. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/mock-draft-1-0-the-top-ten/
  2. The only hit on Mize just was a bunt towards 3rd base, when the infield was shifted for a lefty. I never thought they'd promote him before May 1, so that puts him in line for at least one more A-ball start.
  3. All those guys are from poorer backgrounds in Latin American countries too, and didn't get top of draft bonus money. I don't see Mize giving us FA years, even as options. A 7 year deal starting next year would take him through his age 29 season. Good for him. If it's a reasonable deal and Mize is at least a good 2 starter, that also adds to his trade value if the rebuild goes bad.
  4. For most pitchers, I agree. If they seem ready for the bigs, get them in there. Mize feels like a special one though. The extra year for him could prove quite valuable. If this were 2013-2014, a year where we had a good chance of competing for playoffs and beyond, then I think it would be different. His next start would be AA and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the big leagues for good by August, maybe even with a few spot starts along the way. But the team is in tank mode and no reason to rush things. side note, if he continues to blow through minors, get to AAA by August, I wonder if the Tigers try to sign him to a 7 year deal that assures him a spot on the opening day roster. Assuming health/performance, it makes sense for the Tigers - it even makes him a more valuable trade chip if his rebuild collapses. Could make a lot of sense for Mize too since pitchers are always one big injury away from oblivion.
  5. I think May. Early May even.
  6. Excellent post. Love dreaming on Boyd.
  7. I agree for the most part. The only way a higher end guy is coming back is if Boyd continues at or near his current pace for the next 3 months.
  8. Agree. I would not deal Boyd for depth prospects, which is why I thought he'd be a hard one to trade. You typically don't get high end prospects for back of the rotation guys. If he continues to look like more than that, Avila could do well flipping him at the deadline. Greene has the chance to bring back something good too if he continues at anything near his current pace. 1.5 seasons of Justin Wilson (+ a couple months of Alex Avila) brought back the best trade return of the Avila regime so far.
  9. The system is quite light on potential impact offensive players. If Boyd keeps this up, and can net them one at the deadline, they have to do it.
  10. Yeah, he just seems more polished than JV out of the gate. HI-A feels strictly warmup for him. If his next 2 starts are as good as his first two, it starts to feel pointless. We'll see soon enough.
  11. Mize gets 2 more starts in Lakeland I think. I feel Manning will be in Erie through May, tho not if he keeps having starts like today's.
  12. In addition to Span (and of course Harper) Adam Jones and Carlos Gonzalez are two interesting FAs.
  13. Yes, Cle could really use him, a couple OFers really.
  14. Thought the same thing. And it must be an open secret or else he doesn't end up w minor league deal for 2.5 with Cin on Feb 23. Also, don't know how serious this is and I suspect he ends up on a better team but interesting to see Tigers kicking tires on Denard... from heyman Outfield market has been a beast but market is picking up for Denard Span. 2 win player last year, 112 OPS plus. Possible teams include: Det Mets Mia Clev CWS
  15. I don't know, it kind of rolls off the tongue and makes me feel good about being a Tiger fan again. It even brings to mind warm, fuzzy memories of Jo-Ba.
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