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  1. Yeah, that was a moment in the column where I thought... Passan is totally off OR AA really does not want to trade JV.
  2. I thought the same thing. That said, for a while I have felt that Upton's decision could be a factor in how AA approaches the offseason... If they are on the hook for him, maybe they keep the band together, hope for a couple of bounce-backs on the SP staff, Miggy getting healthy and another down year in the AL... But I think Upton has reached a point -- assuming he finishes these last six weeks pretty strong -- where even if he does not opt out, he could be tradable... Maybe the Tigers would have to eat a few bucks, but could dump 80 percent or so of that deal and get a prospect or two in return.
  3. If JV is traded -- I'm prepared to be disappointed. Even if AA eats 20 mil or more on his contract, I don't know that we do all that well.
  4. Olney has a new column about possible futures of the trade candidates that did not give moved, and discusses Upton - also JV and Kinsler. On Upton, he says that his contract is big enough that it will "probably scare some clubs" but speculates a team like the Phillies - looking to move to that next level - "could be an interesting fit." He never even mentions that Upton's opt out clause tho, so not the most thoughtful piece.
  6. If AA felt his deal was an albatross (it's not), he would have let the claiming team have him.
  7. Neil Walker traded to Brewers. Mets really cleared out their vets on expiring contracts.
  8. That Yankees report seems dubious. Could be them, but seems more like speculation.
  9. Buzz on twitter, apparently from Heyman, is that the Yankees put the claim on Ian.
  10. Rays? Angels? Yankees?
  11. Gotta be the Brewers, right?
  12. He's said the opposite and on multiple occasions... That he's under no pressure to deal away salary
  13. Two years ago, John Lackey got a 2/32 deal. I think JV does 2/40 at minimum. Even more if he finishes strong.