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  1. Jeimer and Paredes for Wilson and Avila is looking like a very good deal for the Tigers. JV deal still feels pretty good too. We did a helluva lot better for him than the Pirates did for Cole, and JV makes a good deal more than Cole, even with the money the Tigers are eating. Still is a head scratcher for me that no other team thought it was worth upgrading corner OF or DH - even if it wasn't a black hole - by giving more than AZ did for JD.
  2. Was looking at Jake's numbers. He had a well discussed horrible April and May. But then a stellar June, OPS over 1000. He's at .828 in July so far. Encouraging. Feels safe to say he will be starting C for Toledo next year. But yeah, I guess he could get the call to the bigs by next August.
  3. irvink

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    BA has their new top hundred up. It includes all the new draft picks. Four tigers on the list Mize 18 - Perez 43 - Manning 56 - Faedo 89
  4. And there is no chance Rogers would be his replacement. There's no reason to dump McCann tho, but if we were able to get something good, no reason to hold onto him.
  5. Fulmer didn't do much for his trade value today.
  6. Florial maybe? He's looking good in his rehab starts in GCL. Of the big trade pieces the Yankees have - not counting anyone with MLB experience aside from Frazier - I do like Florial the best. If we could get him and Frazier as the headliners, I'd be pretty good with that.
  7. That's not bad, but I'd rather replace Tate with one of their younger, higher upside, but lower in current rankings (via Pipeline) guys.
  8. Wade had one good year in the minors, last year, at AAA. He's played poorly there this year. Not sure why the Tigers would have interest in him, even as the third piece in a deal.
  9. irvink

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Yes, this is correct and yes, they most certainly are glad to have received Cruz as consolation.
  10. I listened to this morning's BBTN/pod. Law was on talking about Sheffield, claims he’s as high on him as anyone, and sees him as a future two starter, feels command/control has been/will continue to improve. Should be mlb ready by next year. So he basically has a decent chance to become another Fulmer, but a lefty. Frazier has performed well this year with the bat. .304 .389 .569 .958 line in AAA. 54 ks to 26 bb. 11 HR, 6 SB in 51 G. Tried to read up a bit on his defense. Sounds like he's a pretty solid OFer, can play both corners pretty well and maybe fake it for a while in CF. MLB Pipeline had him ranked 27 overall last July. Acevado is interesting too, but I'd probably rather have a lower level, higher upside guy at this point. So while this sort of deal isn't as good as what Quintana brought back, it isn't bad, and maybe more appealing than the riskier/higher upside guys we were talking about in a potential Angels deal, Adell and Maitans.
  11. irvink

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    was looking forward to typing that but you beat met to it. congratulations.
  12. From Heyman's latest, ranking starters that may be on market: https://fancredsports.com/articles/inside-baseball-ranking-the-29-starters-on-the-t
  13. Reasonable, yes and we could do worse. But I worry there's not a star/impact player among those three. Frazier should be solid but he'll be 24 in Sept. Sheffield still walks too many guys. The interesting/good part about those two is they are both close. Frazier would slot immediately into a corner and Sheffield enters the 19 rotation at some point. I heard the BA guys say that Dylan Cease - the second prospect, along with Eloy - that the White Sox acquired in the Quintana deal is now one of the best pitching prospects in the minors. He still walks too many guys but has 105ks in 88 ip in hi-a, aa this year and a good WHIP. So that looks like two potential stars for 3.5 years of Quintana. I hope we could do the same for 4.5 of Fulmer.
  14. irvink

    2018 Draft Pick Watch