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  1. Rule 5 Draft

    Yes. And since we are likely to have two SSs in the middle IF - Iglesias and Machado - easier to carry Demeritte as UTIL guy. He plays 2nd when Machado needs a break and when Iglesias needs one, Machado slides to SS. Demeritte can also fill in at 3b, as needed.
  2. Rule 5 Draft

    I like Burdi more, but Demeritte would certainly be a welcome addition. I'd love to see them get both players, but that might be wishful thinking.
  3. Rule 5 Draft

    This is from the MLB site: Burdi had surgery in May. He can spend up to 30 days on minor league rehab. If we split his recovery down the middle, and say it takes him 14 months to get back on the mound, that puts him in the minors late July/early August. Then he doesn't have to come up until just around the time rosters expand. He'd still need to be on our active roster for 90 days to become Tiger property, so that would mean he'd need to spend April and most of May 19 on the big club. Seems like a great way to spread out the time. Maybe they can even send him to the fall league next year, to work on things. I think the pick is about getting the most reward, sure, but also about his likelihood of getting there - and getting that from a player you have to keep on roster all year, maybe ruin a year of development. Burdi obviously carries some risk, but in the 17 innings he got in -- at AA last year - he had a .76 WHIP and 10.6/9.
  4. I think he would be much less of a grotesque spectacle at 1b than he is in RF.
  5. Rule 5 Draft

    Yes, I agree with that. I don't think they take more than two players. But since the team is expected to be so bad next year, they can afford to take and hide a high risk guy, particularly if Burdi is taken at one and off the roster for most of the year.
  6. Rule 5 Draft

    Their second pick wouldn't be 31, it'd be more like 16. Teams who expect to contend don't often mess around with trying to carry a rule 5 player. Last year, for example, only 16 teams made a pick in the first round and only 2 in the second and final round. Burdi feels like a guy who will go in the first few picks. If they are interested in him - and I suspect they are, as I believe he was one of the players they were following in that year's amateur draft - they will have to take him at 1.
  7. There are a lot of 2b options out there btwn FA and trade. If Kinsler plays tough with his no trade clause, there's always the risk he's stuck playing on a 100 loss Tiger team. Even a postseason longshot like the Mets will be a lot more fun than that.
  8. Rule 5 Draft

    Yeah, the more I read about available candidates, and realistic expectations for rule v picks, the more I like Burdi.
  9. TBH, I don't expect much for Kinsler. I'd love to see a prospect that fits in on the back end of our top ten, which would be a little better than we got for Upton. Lots of 2b-man available tho, so slightly depressed market. Would hope AA can eat some cash to get a better prospect. Might be our best hope.
  10. No, not nearly that bad. This is from BA: https://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/ask-ba-how-much-does-signing-ohtani-boost-the-angels-farm-rankings/#fqig6oe4GSABmzce.97
  11. Rule 5 Draft

    BA has updated look at the draft. Burdi shot up the list. https://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/2017-rule-5-draft-preview-v-1-1/?utm_content=bufferd447a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#7glkWiPoQfWjttF1.97 Read more at https://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/2017-rule-5-draft-preview-v-1-1/#OQGzzxtfkCsTTOdg.99
  12. Next year, we are going to be very bad. Miami, KC, maybe SD and Cin the only teams realistically competing for #1. And that's before considering a Fulmer move. 2019 is likely to be a very rough year too. Another bottom 5 year. Chance for some surprises with the younger players, but still quite bad. 2020 - feels like the first year where we might have a chance if things go right. By this time, our top tier prospects should be ready. If our #1 pick is a college player, he should be in the mix. Maybe they make a few good FA signings. This is the year where we should at least know how the rebuild is going. Are the crop of prospects we've been developing since the Manning draft contributing? Is the minor system top tier? Then we are on the right track. If answer is no, we're in trouble.
  13. I agree with this. I want Torres + Sheffield or Abreu - The Sale for Moncada+Kopech + lotto tickets deal is comparable here. Sale is a better pitcher than Fulmer, but it was for only three years of control at 38mil. OR Frazier + Florial + Sheffield or Abreu. - The Eaton trade is comparable here. He had five years of control for reasonable price and brought back 3 prospects in the 50-100 range. I think Fulmer is more valuable than Eaton actually. If we have to include Kinsler to make one of those deals work, I wouldn't cry about it. Especially if we got an interesting lotto ticket to top it off.
  14. A couple of things... The Tigers needs some potential impact position players in the system and Fulmer is the one way we have left to do it, outside of draft. I know Cashman wants to hold onto his best prospects, but with 5 years of club control left, and giving the team a front end starter for cheap, which helps them get under luxury tax so they can afford a Machado next year and help them compete for a WS this coming year. Fulmer is unique on the trade market. To get him, Cashman has to give up something precious to him. 3 years of Sale at 38 mil got the White Sox the top prospect in the game, a top 50 guy and some lotto tickets. Fulmer is not Sale, but he's cheaper and under control for two more years. If Cashman insists on keeping Torres, who is comparable to Moncada, then we need a sweet mix of quality and quantity. Frazier is a solid piece, reminds me a bit of Candelario. Should be good, but not a star. But there still are questions surrounding him, and he only has one more year of control than Fulmer. I don't think he's good enough as the headliner. I think you have to get Florial in the deal too (mlb has him ranked 79 in the game) and then another good pitching prospect. It doesn't have to be Adams, but something like Sheffield or Abreu. If you can't get that level of talent in return, then I think you just hold onto him. A couple of injuries/under performance during the season and the Yankees or Dodgers or someone could get a little more desperate.
  15. I thought that was bizarre too. For what purpose? I guess if they think there's an extra gear in his bat, he could be moved to DH/1b next year and be valuable.