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  1. Sounds like the perfect club to package Greene and Castellanos. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/06/rays-trade-rumors-relievers-bullpen-right-handed-bat.html
  2. https://www.mlb.com/tigers/news/matthew-boyd-strikes-out-11-in-loss
  3. Leyland says he's not a SS. Maybe a 2b.
  4. He also had 4 years left on his deal at a hefty salary, which tanked his value. The Tigers also got very little in return for Upton, so I don't think it is an unreasonable comp. All it takes is one team.
  5. Thought same, re: swing. Beautiful.
  6. Turang is rising tho, on the FG board after a nice start to the season. The pop has not come, but he is 19, doesn't turn 20 until late Nov. and he's hitting 296/395/374 in the MWL w/ 43bb/48k. 16 SB. Plus it sounds like he's a for sure SS. I like him best on Brewer list after Hiura.
  7. I think we're setting our sights too high if it's a Hiura type or bust. Again, Brewers managed to hold onto him when dealing for Yelich. It feels like top 10-20 prospects at AA or higher never get dealt anymore. Even Eloy was in Hi-A when he was traded. A Turang-Lutz package feels more realistic. Those guys would probably be 4 and 5 in the Tiger system. I hope Avila can do a bit better than that, get a headliner that's more like a top 50 guy, but I'd probably rather take that Brewer package than hold onto Boyd and risk him looking more like a backend guy or getting hurt and losing all his value. Boyd feels like the last best shot the Tigers have to add top 100 level guys (outside the top of the draft) to a system that still desperately needs them.
  8. I believe was hard after Whitley and was forced to settle for Perez.
  9. Need to get a good hitting prospect in return but this is where I'm at. There is a lot of risk in not trading Boyd soon. Also, he's not a young guy, by the time the Tigers might be ready to compete, say 2022, he's in his last year before FA.
  10. I forgot about the Meadows/Glasnow/Shane Baz (currently a back of the top 100 guy having a real nice year in the MWL) deal for 3.5 years of Archer. Heists can still happen. All you have to do is believe.
  11. ListenEd to the most recent BA podcast. One of the hosts was raving about Mize (sounds like he's ranked 5 or 6) and Manning (top 30). he said Manning is underrated bc of Mize, but has an even higher upside as a legit ace. He said that when Manning's best stuff is working, it's literally unhittable.
  12. Brewers managed to hang onto Hiura when they traded for 5 years of Christian Yelich. He was their top prospect then and has only gotten better. He is mlb ready and better than what they are running out there. I'd bet the house Boyd doesn't bring him back. Turang and Lutz I'd be okay with. Maybe they can do better, but that's the sort of return I expected. A prospect on back half of the top 100 and a 2nd prospect a tick or two behind. A Quintana-like return (top 10 prospect and a 75-100 prospect) required a perfect storm for the White Sox. 1. Quintana had a longer track record of high performance than Boyd. 2. You had a team, in the Cubs, that wanted a cost controlled pitcher badly, and were willing to pay a premium to make it happen fast. Theo was unusual in 16-17, trading top prospects like Eloy, Gleybor, Cease and even Paredes like they were an easily renewable resource. Trying to build a dynasty. That was out of character with most of the league then, even more-so now.
  13. Brewers blog breaks down the Athletic piece https://www.brewcrewball.com/2019/6/21/18701328/matthew-boyd-milwaukee-brewers-detroit-tigers-mlb-trade-rumors
  14. I do think the Brewers are a nice fit for Boyd. They may need a front end starter more than any other contender and as a smaller market team, the years of cost control are even more important. No chance we get their top prospect, Hiura, a top 10 talent in the game and one who has already had success at MLB level. Tristan Lutz could be an interesting centerpiece. FG has him as a 50 FV and ranked 90th overall in the game. He's in Hi-A now and not having a great year. From FG Brice Turang is the other player who could potentially headline a deal. FG has him as a 45+ and moving up. He did not ran in the top 120 but he's having a nice year, his first full one in the pros. He was considered a potential 1/1 candidate early last year but fell to Brewers, later in 1st round. He's a slick fielding shortstop. Midwest League numbers: 298/401/376/776 - Again, solid for a kid who will play the whole year as a 19 yr old. He does not turn 20 until Nov.
  15. Yeah, I'm not in the camp that believes we'll get an Eloy/Cease like package for Boyd, but if they are going to move him, they have to do better than Dubon as a centerpiece. Maybe a decent 2nd player. FG has him ranked 4th in the Brewers system, with a 45 grade. His numbers are not particularly impressive for a 24.9 year old in the PCL. Avila got better return for Leonys Martin.
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