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  1. I'd be sick too, if I were managing the team over the last few weeks.
  2. This is from espn.com Peter Gammons..from Saturday. Detroit's home attendance is up almost 50 percent from 2003, and the Tigers are within hailing distance of finishing second. "We know that we are far from a perfect team," says manager Alan Trammell. "But we have made a lot of progress, and the players have never stopped playing hard." There has been a lot of speculation that the Tigers will go after both a front-line starting pitcher (Derek Lowe?) and a big bat (Carlos Delgado or Richie Sexson), but their young rotation of Jeremy Bonderman, Wilfredo Ledezma, Nate Robertson and Mike Maroth has not only shown tremendous potential, but has three left-handers in what is a predominantly right-handed pitching league. "Bonderman has the best swing-and-miss slider in the league.," says one AL scout. And the last three weeks Carlos Pena -- whose inconsistencies are defined by following a 6-for-6 day with an 0-for-18 skid -- has started to be more patient and handle the ball in. So, September is important to the Tigers, whether they finish ahead of the Indians and White Sox, or not.
  3. BOSTON -- Red Sox right-hander Derek Lowe makes his final start of the season against the Tigers tonight. The next time he pitches in a Tigers game, it theoretically could be for the Tigers. Lowe can be a free agent after this season. Even though he hasn't had his best season this year, he could interest the Tigers if they decide to pursue a veteran starting pitcher in the off-season. Lowe might not take much as much persuading to come to Detroit as some other pitchers. He's a native of Dearborn, went to Dearborn Edsel Ford, and still has family and friends in the metro Detroit area. It's unfair to expect Lowe to handicap where he'll pitch next season; his main focus now is trying to help the Red Sox reach the post-season. But on Thursday, when it was mentioned to him that people are starting to wonder if the Tigers will pursue him, Lowe said nothing that ruled out Detroit as a possible destination. "One thing about being a free agent is that teams that pursue you are ones that you thought might not pursue you," he said. "That's the beauty of it. "There are a lot of teams this year that have gotten competitive, and Detroit is one of them. You look at their team, and the hitting is phenomenal. They have a great young pitching staff. If you could add a starter and some pieces, you've got yourself a very good team. "The beauty of our team is that you have absolutely bona-fide true aces," Lowe continued, referring to Boston starters Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez. "Everyone gets pushed down in the lineup. If you get a front-line starter for the Tigers, and let those kids go down a slot in the rotation, you take a lot of pressure off them, and they could be even better, I think." In evaluating whether Lowe is a top-of-the-rotation starter, consider this: Although he's only 8-for-25 in quality starts this season, he won 38 games combined in the two seasons before this one. The only big-league pitcher to win more games over that span was Toronto's Roy Halladay. Lowe had those strong seasons in a home park known for hitting, Fenway Park. On Thursday, Lowe added a final thought about Detroit and Comerica Park: "A pitcher's park, too, by the way." Derek seems extremly high on Detroit and right now I would say he is the front-runner to come here after this year. We will see how good he is tonight.
  4. Just think we could have had the 2004 N.L M.V.P, hmmmmmmm
  5. booing Gary Knotts is certainly understandable and deserved, im going to have a party when they release his him. Anyways, I think that fans can boo who they want, they do pay good money and if players are not producing to their capabilities then the crowd should boo, that's just my feeling. I wouldn't boo Higgy though he is a Detroit supporter and has done quite well of late and his done alot for the Tigers in his career and the city of Detroit as well.
  6. Best starting pitcher: I'd say Maroth slighly ahead of Johnson, if Ledezma was up all year, if would have been him by far. Best Reliver: Walker
  7. is Dmitri hurt???? he hasn't played the last few games and is out of the lineup again tonight.
  8. lol, all the people in the bar were singing along, classic stuff, good one Bert, one of my favs was the first episode when he was going through different police situations in Phili, it's a must see. I would never be able to keep a straight face when he gives those interviews, he does it so perfectly which makes it belivable. P.S: I would like to have an entire forum for ALI G discussion.
  9. Hogbit, i love your avatar, Ali G is the funniest show going right now, Borat is my favourite character, i just picked up season 1 on DVD, non stop laughs.
  10. Knotts??? how he is still on the team boggles the mind.
  11. I would hope we would keep Dmitri, he is a fan favourite of mine and a great player to have in the clubhouse. Our lineup would take a impact hit with him gone, I can only see him on the move if we get a top level prospect or to from a contending team. That being said I hope he stays.
  12. We can only pray that Knotts isnt going back, worst major in the the bigs.
  13. to Toledo and John Ennis has been called up. John Ennis: 9-5, 3.56 E.R.A, 32 walks, 70 K's,91 hits in 93.2 Innings, 10 Saves. Great Move.
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