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  1. I wish baseball would implement euro-style relegation and promotion. Theres no shortage of independent or semi-pro teams that could form their own league. Teams can't just bank on TV money, they have to compete or lose their spot.
  2. Give me Tork or give me death.
  3. Definitely a stretch. I can't think of any other Tiger at this moment after Tram and Whitaker who should get a number retired that isn't JV or Cabrera. I think the "HOF only" unspoken rule for retirement the Tigers have is quite harsh.
  4. Lou Whitaker is on another level though. It seems disrespectful that he and Tram's numbers weren't retired much sooner, HOF or not.
  5. So he's going to lose embarrassingly and get swept at the end of it all? ? I was referring to your comments on Labour and current left-leaning candidates. There are many conservatives and Republicans who don't like Donald Trump. I just don't see how anti-imperialism is a bad thing?
  6. Is it really a fluke when it could happen again? Solid economy, for who, pensioners and retirees? Not for millennials or Gen Z. Again, it is this out of touch rhetoric that keeps Democrats out of power. Your depiction of progressive policies as "anti-American" and the implication of "anti-Imperialism" as a negative thing makes me wonder why you just don't register as a Republican.
  7. We heard this in 2016 and Democrats still lost. Kinda over this "we need a moderate fiscally conservative Dem!" argument. Corbyn was a leaver at heart and listened to the Blairites in his party. Maybe Dems shouldn't turn impeachment into their own Brexit drama debacle and actually present a clear economic alternative to Trump. If not, they'll be routed no matter who gets nominated.
  8. If you guys knew how to work a smart phone, you could just uber everywhere and its not your problem. ?
  9. I mean, that's a big part of it. We came out of school during the recession, and had zero job opportunities with all the debt of university. Then we see tons of articles written on WSJ or MarketWatch or mainstream publications that chide Millennials for not buying houses, "killing" certain industries, and as you said in another post, we also get attributed for things Gen Z does lol. You wouldn't see Millennials or even Gen Z kids act "radical" if our jobs would just give us decent benefits and pensions and regulate some of the obscene class disparity. Going back to my original post in this thread, social media has been made much worse by (1) monetizing and harvesting of data (which is another topic for another day) and (2) older generations struggling to adapt and adjust to the changing media landscape. I think the rate of technological change is so rapid that older individuals just really struggle adapting. Think of your parents or older family members trying to learn smart phones, make Facebook profiles, etc. It doesn't come easy to them, because it's such a different world. They are victims of misinformation, and their trust in traditional media is being exploited. Cronkite is gone and in his place are clickbait fake news all over Facebook or the internet, and it's typically the baby boomers who buy into it and believe it. Much of it are opinion pieces being passed off as news, and you see this on major networks as well. If this is what constitutes keeping up, I'd rather tune out. I'll make my own decisions based on policy and debate observations and turn off when they cut to their "expert analysts".
  10. "ok boomer". I just wanted to see the justification. Still warrants the same response.
  11. Lol I didn't know reading Facebook debates with Minion memes and being lied to on all sorts of media outlets constituted "engaging in civics".
  12. What is lazy? Trump? Outrage culture? The Media? Me?
  13. Will the Tigers ever develop *any* positional player? ?
  14. I have news fatigue, tbh. It is a combination of Trump and outrage politics. Trump on his own is awful enough, but the #RESIST culture of being outraged, and then outraging even more at something entirely predictable is exhausting and I really see the 2020 cycle just absolutely burning a lot of people out.
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