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  1. I'm not exactly happy for this extension, but what is the benchmark we are using to determine whether or not Avila is ultimately a failure? How many years?
  2. Can't help but feel the Cabrera-to-DH move is a couple years overdue?
  3. Probably the healthiest approach to any rebuild tbh
  4. I'm actually going to sunday's game, going to kick back and relax and watch some very poor baseball. Whether on TV or in person, I can't seem to escape it. 😰
  5. Hope Wolves win the FA semi tomorrow. Been a rollercoaster following them the last ten years!
  6. Agreed. I view this Presidency as a much needed stress test of our political system and the Constitution. It has passed and failed in certain aspects imo. Congress has slowly capitulated to the Executive going back to the Cold War, and it is time for Congress to take back the role the Founders envisioned. Would also be nice for a serious look at amendments dealing with gerrymandering, and removing the influence of money and lobbyists from government.
  7. That sentiment was always there though, MCS. The only difference now is that it is once again socially acceptable to be openly racist and xenophobic now because such viewpoints are openly endorsed by Trump.
  8. Thank you Bert, I don't believe I am worthy of such an honor but I appreciate the sentiment I'm almost 30 now, hard to believe too. You guys are great people and it is nice to know MTS is still alive and well.
  9. No one expects things to come to blows, but the animosity between them is no surprise. They were always awkward with the "what did you do last night, partnuh" as if they didn't talk to each other outside of the game commentary.
  10. This is the least surprising story of the year. We've all speculated for years how they didn't like each other.
  11. Baseball does not cost very little to watch in person in most markets. Ticket and parking prices aren't particularly cheap across the sport, at least in my experience. I've only been to eight or so ballparks though.
  12. How much of this is just a baseball problem rather than a Tigers problem? I don't follow MLB outside of the Tigers these days. Baseball spent years not appealing to the younger generation, doesn't promote its stars, costs a lot to follow + watch. Ratings and attendance reflect a problem that is beyond MTS and the Tigers.
  13. Sadly, you KNOW those who will be harmed the most, usually the lower, working class voters who thought he would help them, would still find a different group of people to blame. Probably more immigrants and "liberal elites getting in his way".
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