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  1. good point. i suspect its come to light now that fans have been allowed back in. why do you think cuban did it? i think he did it for propaganda reasons, the same reason i think he does most things. do you think he did it for a different reason?
  2. i doubt cuban sells any more tickets because of it. he's just increasing his woke bona fides so he can get some more likes on twitter. remember, this is texas. cant wait until cuban signs colin kapernick! heck, jerry jones will probably down and start playing the anthem after every quarter now!
  3. exactly. they play it in korea, japan, south africa, canada...all sorts of places that dont have donald trump staring them in the face. its been a tradition for a while and sometimes traditions end. so be it. but there's nothing malicious about it and nothing unique to the united states about it. just because half of western europe doesnt do it doesnt mean its somehow better.
  4. yeah, you can pay $12 for a warm watery fosters.
  5. i am not strawmanning anything. your argument is that the anthem has become politicized (which is an assumption on your part, i disagree with you that the anthem and patriotism is any more politicized now than in other times of political turmoil). i dont think playing the anthem was politicized in any way until mark cuban decided not to play it in order to remind everyone how woke he is now and distract from his and his organizations long history of sexual harassment. this was not an issue until 5 minutes ago. i hardly see how that makes it politicized.
  6. and the united states is far from the only country that does this. LOTS of countries play the national anthem before sporting events, and not just national team events either.
  7. and the only person "grandstanding" here is mark cuban. showing everyone how woke he is.
  8. oh come on. so you're going to outlaw all forms of expression of "patriotism" because one side has politicized it? should we take down american flags from sporting venues too because one side has politicized patriotism?
  9. it isnt necessary. but why is it "necessary" to remove it?
  10. because its a tradition. there really isnt any other reason i can think of. t whether you think that's enough of a reason to keep doing it is up to you, i guess. ymmv. personally, i dont care if it stays or goes. i voted "no" in the poll. when i took my daughter to her first sporting events and they played the anthem we would stand up and take off our hats and sing or politely stand and i tell her we do it to honor the country you live in and the people who went before you who lived here. a nice little lesson.
  11. how much money were rosen and bridgewater making? $35 million?
  12. sure, other teams asked if they might want a 6th round pick to take goff off their hands.
  13. i think this is what will happen. if the lions want a qb, they will have to trade up to get one.
  14. the fact that i once owned a pair of those really makes me sad.
  15. i would select "indians", just get rid of chief flipping wahoo.
  16. i think sheehan was saying that the pitchers are so good right now that the live ball is the only way hitters can compete. i dont think thats true.
  17. i really dont know, tbh! i just brought up sheehan's tweet because i thought it was interesting. i think he overstates it a bit (cause that's what he does, as cruzer pointed out, he really is a drama queen), but there will likely be some adjustment. i do think that the real change in the game is going to come from teams like tampa totally changing how the league constructs its pitching staffs. i think the league will continue to move away from the old 5 man rotations with pitchers going at least 6 innings and move more toward a model where they go through the lineup once, maybe twice at most. and then its all one inning guys. they may move to a model where its all one or two innings tops for every pitcher. i think that will really hurt hitters. if the dh comes to the national league and they keep 26 or even 27 man rosters you'll see teams with 13 or 14 pitchers so they can throw so many guys at you. that's the change i see having a much bigger effect than deadening the ball.
  18. i think what's going on with pitching staffs is going to have a really big influence on the game and make it harder on hitters to compete. combine that with deadening the ball and it might actually turn back into the late 60s. i'd like to see what happens though. it will be an interesting experiment. like a lot of you, i get tired of three true outcome baseball.
  19. "something to prove" is just sports talk radio jargon. it means nothing. goff was bad the last two seasons. last year he was really bad. there was an interesting POD podcast yesterday with a rams reporter who basically said the league adjusted to mcveigh's offense, so mcveigh adjusted but goff couldnt adjust with him. so mcveigh got rid of him. that doesnt mean goff is bad, it just sounds like he couldnt do the things mcveigh needed him to do to run the offense. so he was benched and then traded. goff is a solid transition plan after moving on from stafford. the bigger question for this franchise at qb is why the **** are they paying $5.3 million to chase flipping daniels? oh yeah, because bob quinn is bad at his job.
  20. he doesnt know. none of us do.
  21. joe sheehan disagrees with you guys on the dead ball and says it will simply usher in an era of dominant pitchers akin to the late 60s.
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