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  1. false. land of the free and home of the brave is a great way to end that song.
  2. i went to catholic school, we did the lord's prayer. lol.
  3. i think i would notice at a baseball game but not at any other game. maybe a blackhawks game because they all yell and scream during it.
  4. feel pride that half of us voted him out! lol.
  5. canada, france, and the US are the gold standards for national anthems. with france being the best, of course.
  6. they also do in south africa and i think korea too. they do not in england. i think canada does too, but im not sure if they do it in games that dont involve us teams.
  7. lol. good catch. like i said before, the anthem has been "politicized" many many times. this particular time it was politicized by kaepernick before trump. and as for this particular incident here, it was by cuban.
  8. read the article???? that's what i have you for! lol.
  9. ok. that's why i asked. nobody is playing gotcha posts, im just asking. because i can see the argument that the media created the controversy by pointing out what kaepernick was doing. i dont think that would be totally accurate, as kaepernick's actions were what raised the questions, and his response is what set some people off. but it wasnt trump who started this particular round of anthem politicizations, it was kaepernick. trump did what he always does and escalates it ridiculously. so did his republican colleagues. its a pretty good issue for them to get their base riled up about.
  10. is your point that the media started it by asking him about it? do you think his response to those questions might have had something to do with the controversy? this is what he said after the game when asked about it: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," Kaepernick tells NFL Media after the game. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."
  11. whether he was sitting or kneeling is not the point. he started protesting the anthem and was questioned about it by reporters and that's when the "controversy", if you want to call it that, began. it didnt begin with trump. all of which is just a tangent imo.
  12. i dont even know what "8chun memery lingo" is.
  13. that's a distinction without a difference. kaepernick's actions began the "controversy", not trump's.
  14. yeah, he's definitely not worried about his woke bona fides. lol.
  15. i'll be interested in seeing the players' response to this decision.
  16. and if the controversy is "politicizing" the anthem, well, the anthem is naturally political in nature because it is a song built to honor the united states, which is a political creation. and its not the anthem that is politicized here but the actions of people during the anthem. do people forget the 1960s? wither tommy smith and john carlos? jose feliciano? or even mahmoud abdul raouf in the nba? this has happened plenty of times before and will happen again. you dont ban the anthem because of one bad actor (trump).
  17. im not defending trump, but he didnt start using the anthem as some sort of cause of division, every republican said the same thing. the issue was an issue before trump got involved. trump did not create the issue. and to take the anthem away because a former president "politicized" it is a grave overreaction, imo. trump will pass.
  18. or, you could say that playing the anthem gave a forum for players like kapernick to publicly protest and raise awareness of issues in a way that would not have been available without the anthem. and i would argue with your point that it was a harmless tradition until "trump" decided to use it to cause division, i think trump was using kapernick's actions to paint liberals as democrats as anti-american. kapernick started politicizing the anthem by kneeling during it. im not criticizing kapernick, but if there was any politicizing, it started with him. then EVERY REPUBLICAN, as well as many democrats, criticized him and made it an issue.
  19. well, all traditions come to an end at some point, lol.
  20. my kids go to chicago public schools, no pledge allowed.
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