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  1. the only time i get an nba free preview and all of the pistons' games are canceled that week.
  2. for his draft class, zadina currently ranks 9th in point shares, behind only 4 huys drafted behind him: hughes, boqvist, farabee, and dobson.
  3. well, i was being harsh on zadina cause i was mad they lost to the flipping blackhawks in a game they dominated for large stretches. i would also like our sniper to score more goals. when zadina has been healthy, he's been very active and that's nice to see.
  4. and the blake griffin era ends not with a bang, but with a whimper. at least tom gores got two home playoff games out of it! i bet he'll raise a banner to himself to commemorate it. hopefully an action shot!
  5. i dont want them to trade for wall or westbrook, i was just trying to think of actual trades that could be accomplished. the pistons would have to take back a salary that was worse than blake's on a longer contract than blake's AND attach a valuable asset in the deal just to get teams to consider it! blake griffin is done. i dont like westbrook's game, but at least he can still play at a high level. blake isnt even close to that. same with wall.
  6. btw, this is bad news for the pistons' tank considering they play so much better without blake.
  7. traded? bwaa haa ha haa. gtfo. blake is one of the most unmovable contracts in the league. who would pay $39 million for a role player? what contract would the pistons have to eat and how many draft picks would they have to attach to get a team to take blake? john wall for blake and a protected first? westbrook for blake and a first?
  8. some stupid team will give it to him. sacramento anyone?
  9. ******* zadina. right on his ******** stick and he ****s it up. i know he's young. i know its probably not the best time to talk about him since he blew it tonight, but he has to be seen as a disappointment so far.
  10. i think he's even developed a change up!
  11. del is such a liar. i bet he cant even remember the last time i made a good post!
  12. so sad. passing on chychrun to take cholowski doesnt look so hot now either. yeah yeah yeah hronek, but they could have drafted hronek without the trade and chychrun is better than hronek. and i have a feeling cholowski will never be a red wing.
  13. no blake. no rose. much better to watch when you let the young players play. mason "worst center in the nba per del" plumlee with the triple double tonight.
  14. what's wrong with vancouver? werent they supposed to be a team on the rise?
  15. in the way too early projected 2021 rankings, the rams move up from 10 to 9 on offense and the lions move down from 16 to 23.
  16. dvoa has the lions ranked 16th last year. smack dab in the middle. 15th in passing and 21st in rushing. fyi, the rams were 10th. 20th in passing and 5th in rushing...
  17. because wentz (and goff) have negative value with their ridiculously large contracts.
  18. i think the team would actually better if they dont play griffin. that's what happened when they got rid of rose.
  19. if he went to michigan he might actually get a degree and then have a better chance of doing something if he doesnt make it in the nba. i get why they go to the new nba league, they get paid and they get to do nothing but play basketball. if that's what you want to do with the rest of your life, i get it. i applaud it for the nba to set something like that. college is not the be all end all and definitely isnt for everyone. that said, if you have the chance to go to stanford or michigan or virginia or duke FOR FREE (and lets be honest, get paid under the table), i find it hard to imagine turning that opportunity down.
  20. seeing zion being unguardable and watching luke kennard playing garbage time minutes makes me happy because del is always wrong. lol.
  21. pistons blown out yet blake plays 33 minutes and sekou/bey play only 15 a piece.
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