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  1. Buddha

    Tommy Amaker

    I thought they had Crawford, Horford and Coleman committed at the same time but two of them dropped out?
  2. Buddha

    Tommy Amaker

    I heard he was visiting Michigan. If he commits, then it's a great year for UM. Who isn't properly defining tradition?
  3. The Yankees have never relied on the sac bunt. The main characteristic of those teams has been their ability to get on base and not make outs. They rarely sacrifice. I'm not saying that station-to-station is the only way to play (although it seemed to work for earl Weaver), but to say that "Moneyball" teams don't win is to ignore history. Suffice to say, teams that play station to station win and teams that play "smallball" win too. It depends on the type of personnel you have.
  4. What all this "proves" is, there is more than one way to win a baseball game.
  5. The New York Yankees are a classic "moneyball" team. They rarely sacrifice bunt and have a lot of "station to station" players who walk a lot and hit a lot of home runs. They seem to do just fine.
  6. What a bunch of malarkey. That's like Phil Rogers and his brilliant 30/190 argument from a couple years ago. People who don't know anything about statistics, shouldn't be allowed to make them up and then try to say they mean anything.
  7. WTF? Not that Connolly is anything much but, why for this guy?
  8. Yeah, but he told everyone he was staying. He told Joe D he was staying. I remember the look on Joe's face when he talked to the press about it. he was stunned. he looked really shaken. Of course, because he's a genius, he went and turned damaged goods into Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins. But I will never forgive that back stabber Grant Hill.
  9. I think Holmes isn't very good at all. And the Lions need depth, if they can afford it.
  10. Yup. Our old Mike Rivera. Who, since we traded him, has been dumped by the Padres and the White Sox. Oh well. I guess one good season at double a doesn't mean much after all...
  11. Lots of negativity on the old Buckeyes on this site. Personally, as a die hard Michigan fan, I root for Ohio State to win every game but the one against Michigan. It's good for the Big Ten when OSU and UM are strong. Krenzel is from utica.
  12. Or Troy Glaus. Biggest mistake of the Tigers? That's easy. Randy. Smith.
  13. Krenzel's a pretty smart dude. Either the NFL or medical school. Nice to see UM, MSU and OSU down near the bottom on those NFL players with degrees lists...
  14. What's Guillen supposed to say? Of course he's going to say he wants to be here. Doesn't mean anything. When did Easley sign that deal? After 97?
  15. Anybody taken a look at BPs minor league statistical analysis section? http://www.baseball-analysis.com/current/eqamin.html#toprarp It has Tony G as the second best RARP in the Midwest League and Espinosa in the top 10 in the Eastern league.
  16. There should be a choice for "hate them both." The Red Sox are little whiny bi*ches who act like the "suffer so much" more than anyone else. Ever town has fans who suffer! Try being a Lions fan! And the best was when the Yankees got Arod and the Red Sox fans acted like it was some big conspiracy against them. Or that there now MUST be a salary cap. A salary cap? At what level? Oh, at the level so that the Yankees can't spend any more than the Red Sox, but the Red Sox can still spend more than the rest of the League. Whiny spoiled brats. Yankees fans act like the championship is their birthright. Equally annoying, but at least they don't make any excuses up about themselves.
  17. Besides, anyone who says OSU is a better academic institution than U of M is asking for criticism... What college has the most players in the NFL now? Seems like it would be OSU or Miami. Maybe FSU.
  18. That's nice and all, since they couldn't beat them on the field.
  19. The Astros have a legitimate shot to get to the World Series this year. Adding a fireballing middle reliver might help them do it. The Tigers have no shot to make it to the World Series this year. Adding a fireballing middle reliever will not likely change that. (Especially when he isn't really that good *cough* Steve Coyler *cough*)
  20. Buddha

    Tommy Amaker

    The Judge now works for Ford I think.
  21. I could see trying to get Guillen to a three year deal, by that time, Tony G should be ready for his cup of coffee. I don't have a lot of hope for Omar. Maybe they could move him if the time is right to pick up another team's salary problem? I'd love to see them pick up Kris Benson for this season.
  22. Moore and Clevlen got a couple hits apiece too. And Nook Logan got on base! Miracle of miracles...
  23. Buddha

    Spring Game

    Such a sensitive Buckeye... Whose gonna be their QB? Zwick?
  24. You're probably right on the salary thingee. But I think they could get more for Griffey elsewhere. The White Sox have been rumored to want him.
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