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  1. i always look forward to bob's preseason prediction thread. its pretty fun.
  2. aubrey soloman? he went to tennessee and had a grand total of 6 unassisted tackles and 0 sacks. sounds like michigan isnt the problem.
  3. poor thomas greiss. wait, do we need to protect svech in the expansion draft now?
  4. I think Wagner is as good as gone. Does Livers have another season if he wants it? If Dickinson can get a reliable outside shot, or even a mid range shot, he could play in the NBA as at least a bench center. Not sure it behooves him to come out after his freshman year, though.
  5. Harbaugh has always kind of been like that. (Cause I don't think he's particularly smart...)
  6. 5* corner will johnson commits to michigan. huge get for them. i'm sure tater will find a way to **** on it.
  7. that's better! always good to beat the hawks.
  8. its funny to look at the box scores from those days. they just never shot three pointers. if they did it was an event. isiah made two consecutive three pointers in that game and it was like, "oh my god he made TWO!"
  9. there is always another side to the story. and sometimes people grow up. (of course, sometimes they dont...)
  10. https://theundefeated.com/features/pistons-isiah-thomas-dropped-16-points-in-94-seconds-1984-nba-playoffs-against-knicks/ 16 points in 94 seconds
  11. was that the game where isiah scored 19 points in a minute or so to force overtime only to see bernard king light up earl cureton in ot and the pistons lose?
  12. what's your fascination with dylan moses?
  13. good win. even though the results arent there yet, they look much better than last year.
  14. okafor cant get minutes on the worst team in the league and he's getting older. he'll be in europe soon or out of basketball entirely.
  15. why would any team want mcgruder or okafor? better yet, why would any team give up anything for either one? the only way they get dealt is if its part of a larger deal and they need to make the salaries work. sekou is much more likely to get traded than either one of those, but there's little point in trading him now because his value will be low, but he is still very young and did very well in the g league despite his age. macgruder and okafor are what they are. and okafor plays a position that is becoming extinct in the nba and plays it poorly.
  16. if russ is mad that he has no offensive line in seattle, wait until he gets a look at chicago...
  17. according to schefter, wilson says the only teams he will accept a trade to are the cowboys, saints, raiders, and bears. bears would totally spend three first round picks for wilson.
  18. blake is bought out before the end of the year and then is picked up by a team in the west. ellington gets dealt for a pair of second round picks. wright stays sekou stays mcgruder is released at the end of the year and is out of the league next season. okafor is out at the end of the year and is out of the league next season.
  19. and corey davis was pretty good last year too.
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