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  1. I don't think he's a "top hitting prospect", I think he's the TIGERS' top hitting prospect. Paredes looks like he could be an average major league player. That's nothing to shake a stick at. The fact that he's probably the best hitting prospect in the whole system (other than the guy they just took 4th overall who BETTER be a better prospect) says a lot about the lack of talent in the system. Basically, I agree with you, I'm just saying Paredes could be a decent player if he can find a position in the majors.
  2. I don't think he'll ever have JD's power, but I think his peak will be JD lite. 290/350/520 is a good corner outfielder. And players develop on different paths. He's been pretty consistent for most of his career and you figure he'll get better as he enters what is traditionally player's peak years.
  3. Paredes' second half bounceback has been nice to see. You figure he's in Triple A next year and sucks for half the season, then starts the season there in 2021 and comes up sometime in July.
  4. He's getting real close to JD Martinez's age 27 season numbers. But he complained here so he sucks.
  5. HOLDING!!!!!!! God, these refs are TERRIBLE! Obviously cheating.
  6. and who didnt strike a lot of people out.
  7. why did they have to move jd if they werent rebuilding?
  8. would you rather have JD or heyward in 2016?
  9. I said JD light, I didn't say he was JD. I think the WAR era has led teams to overvalue what they consider to be statistical measures of defense and baserunning and underrate offense, especially at positions where defense is less of a premium. For example, I'll take JD in right field over Jason Heyward any day of the week, despite what Heyward supposedly brings on defense. In 2016, JD hit 307/353/535 and Heyward hit 230/306/325. And their WAR was basically the same. I would have taken JD over Heyward 7 days from Sunday, but WAR says they're basically the same player because Heyward is supposedly a right fielding field god. No thanks. I predict that soon GMs will get back to realizing that defense in certain positions is much less valuable than hitting, and right field is one of those positions.
  10. again, war is a stupid stat to judge players on. that said castellanos could always hit. we knew that. and he is entering his prime, so one would assume his next few years will be better than his last couple. if you can live with the subpar defense (in probably the least important defensive position in the game) then youre getting a bargain in a player who can rake who is entering their prime. he's jd martinez light.
  11. and you think that player - who wasnt good enough to make another team's roster - will be better than joe average rick wagner? i mean, maybe? but i doubt it. unless there is a surprise out there i doubt it happens. but next year i expect wagner to be cut.
  12. its not like skubal is the finished product. plenty of time to get a better breaking ball if he needs one.
  13. yeah. theyre going to suck next year probably worse than this year.
  14. they are going to be so so so bad next year.
  15. if stafford is hurt, misses significant time, and the lions win only 4 or 5 games, does that buy quinn amd patricia another year? i think it would buy patricia another year, but i think quinn might get axed if that happens. 9, 9, 6, 5 gets your fired nowadays. especially with all the money they spent this offseason.
  16. wagner has never looked more than average in his entire time here, but what's the alternative?
  17. fulgham made a couple nice catches. reeves maybin looked real good. might have saved his job because he looked a lot better than killebrew. i didnt see tavai do anything. harris gave up a td and him getting the td was just about being in the right place at the right time. but on the other hand, he looked good in run support. all in all, this seemed like a really nothing game. they didnt play any of the dline starters, none of the top receivers started, and stafford didnt play. how can you take anything away from the game under those conditions. on an individual level, the backup oline continues to look terrible. the backup cornerbacks continue to look terrible also. why was josh johnson available? oh yeah, thats why. okwara looked good on defense. oruwariye continues to look bad. i thought rhe first team oline was ok and hockenson looked fine, he even got his first welcome to being a lion with a phantom 15 yard penalty called on him. but again, a big nothingburger of a game. i wonder if stafford plays the third preseason game? more worrying are the reports that the lions got worked in practice with the titans all week...
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