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  1. would you rather have him or luke kennard?
  2. exactly. give me a guy with the ability to score and create off the dribble over a guy who cant stay healthy and play in the australian league.
  3. mac cancels fall football. says it will try to go in the spring. once the big ten canceled all its non conference games - for safety reasons of course - the mac had no chance.
  4. we "should" be able to recognize that. but we often dont. there are consequences to lawlessness and "defund the police" movements. its nice of the times to do a good article on what happens when the police leave. surprisingly, not everyone sits around and sings kumbayah. and i am not saying you said that they did. i think the current movements in major cities against the police are in danger of going too far away from reform and may cause a lot of harm in the long run.
  5. some of us can. and i didnt know you lived in seattle.
  6. jesus ******* christ columbus, its an empty net. all you had to do was put the puck in an EMPTY NET.
  7. you're going to be so mad when they do a league wide lottery and the top 4 picks are the yankees, red sox, dodgers, and cubs.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/07/us/defund-police-seattle-protests.html#click=https://t.co/jICjV4tinD peaceful protests,unless you live there.
  9. the good news is that the league cant hand the #1 pick to the blackhawks! the bad news is that its either going to be toronto or pittsburgh.
  10. nope. new programs. which could be an issue too as you note.
  11. you dont need a subscription to read it. just x out of it. europe went back to school in the spring and have had no problems in schools. where there have been issues its been in areas where its been hot, with no windows open and they have the ac on and adults arent wearing masks (which sounds like a lot of america in august). i think there are a lot of issues with the article, some of which have been brought up by people on this thread. the main one being money. he talks about placing older teachers on medical leave if theyre uncomfortable, and then talks about federal grant money to hire new ones. that sounds like a great idea in practice, but im not sure they could find enough new teachers to do it. he also focuses on death rates but not infection rates. and glosses over the massive differences in us schools that probably does not exist in europe. but there are a lot of good points too, and i generally agree with him that younger children, like those under 10, can go back without major problems. anything much over that, and especially high school, might be a problem were gonna find out. new york is free to have open schools if they want. and we know what's going on in the south.
  12. ah. i missed that part. i still dont think it will make much of a difference. look at nick foles. newton is thought of as a malcontent and a headcase (after all, he's black and dresses weird) and stafford isnt. as long as he's not injured, i think you'd see him getting a big chunk of change.
  13. https://amp.freep.com/amp/3297123001?__twitter_impression=true meanwhile, in a room in Lansing, governor whitmer opens her phone... "The New York AG is doing what? suing the NRA? That *****! i've got to come up an equally symbolic move that will make liberals feel good about me, make the nytimes call me a progressive leader, while at the same time have no real effect on people! what shall i do?"
  14. newton is a head case whose numbers fell off, stafford is known to be a great teammate and never causes any waves even while being saddled with playing for the worst franchise in sports. newton's effectiveness also comes from his ability to move, which decreases the older you get and the more hit you get. stafford's play improved a lot last year and he's a pocket passer. his arm has shown no signs of getting weaker.
  15. https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-its-mostly-safe-to-reopen-the-schools-11596812466?redirect=amp#click=https://t.co/1HA0pc402o counterpoint.
  16. my nephew had covid earlier this year. now he has to quarantine again because his dad's girlfriend's sons got it because they visited their dad who had it (as the covid world turns...). then they came home with it. because you can get it again even if youve had it before. pure genius on that side of the family.
  17. if they get the #1 pick, be has to be the choice.
  18. Buddha

    MLB to Resume

    yes, but part of this is you have to trust your scouting and development. you drafted him for a reason and you should plan on him reaching what you thought he was going to be. take the white sox. they drafted tim anderson and when he made it to the majors he sucked. they signed him to a long term deal and bought out a couple of arbitration years in the process. now tim anderson is really good and they have him on the cheap through his prime. they did the same with chris sale. now, its possible that the tigers did try to do this with nick and he said no. after all, white sox players are notoriously stupid...
  19. Buddha

    MLB to Resume

    he just needed more time! and possibly a hug.
  20. Buddha

    MLB to Resume

    the dictionary definition of mediocre is "not very good." is that average? lol, i dont know.
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