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  1. btw, martin mayhew has been a senior personnel guy with the 49ers for the last three years.
  2. hooray. the pistons have a few guys who could contribute off the bench....and no starters who are solid nba all star players. what does that get us? and like you said, most nba teams have players like that. the nba is full of them. i like that they took a shot on sekou. even better news is that hollinger didnt like him! that means he's got a real shot to be great.
  3. you know theyre going to get another year. stafford getting hurt sunk them this year but ultimately saved their jobs.
  4. quinn wont take young and instead will take a safety with a top 5 pick. or a guard. some other low ceiling player who will a good character fit.
  5. for every Lamar jackson there is a sam darnold. for every russell wilson a josh rosen.
  6. i share your disappointment, but i dont think any of the options youve listed will be any better.
  7. Why would you not include the year he went 15-1 and went to the super bowl in his record? ****, he also went 12-4 and 11-5. The Lions have won 12 games in a season once in 85 years. At this rate, it will take Patricia about 3 more years to win 15 games in his career...
  8. On the one hand, it sucks to see the Spurs win because they're boring af. On the other hand, it is ALWAYS fun to see Houston lose. Especially on that whiny cry baby Harden getting called for an offensive foul. Even more poetic would be if they called him for a travel.
  9. i dont think patterson was solid. i think he was a huge disappointment. like you said, next year you get milton/mccaffery which are harbaugh recruits. as was pointed out in a nice michigan daily article, harbaugh has returned michigan to the pre richrod/hoke/bill martin disaster days. they win about 9 or 10 games a year. they compete with the big boys again. theyre a top 10-15 program. the difference is ohio state has recruited on a different level since tressell got there and it turned up another notch when urban brought his circus to town. while michigan recruited with ohio state through the late 90s and even the early 00s, they havent kept up. this current osu crew loses games in the big ten only with weather related flukes, turnovers, or when they dont care to try. and they will always try against michigan. their hope is that the ncaa punishes ohio state or michigan gets a fluky game or player who can win a game all by themselves.
  10. luke fickell...the guy who lost to brady hoke. i remember your love affair with chris petersen the last time around. how did that work out in washington? a pac ten title during usc's nadir? congrats. harbaugh was better at stanford than petersen was at udub. now washington is 7-4 and he quits. you want everyone fired the minute they dont win a championship. let me remind you that the grass is not always greener. ask connor cook.
  11. What are you going to get that's better? Don't give me Chris Peterson cause that's not going to happen. Who else?
  12. Yes, then they can start supplementing at third base, middle infield, catcher, center fielder, and left field...
  13. Only 1 1/2 games away from the promised the land! The 8th seed.
  14. Could this really be the worst Red Wings team of all time? Having lived through the 70s and early 80s, that seems hard to believe. Worse than 85-86 or 76-77? Where are Rick Zombo and Kelly Kisio when you need them? Help us Johnny O, you're our only hope...
  15. Cause he yelled at him during a playoff game? Is everyone going to have a problem with any coach like that now? Bo? Lombardi? Any of those coaches from the 60s and 70s? Honest question, but do we have an issue we coaches at the top level yelling at players in the heat of a high level competition?
  16. Good Lord you know things are bad at Michigan when Bonghit is the voice of reason. Benke must be rolling over in his maize and blue online grave. <----- who's this guy?
  17. G2, Justin Fields came out and said he's never actually been to a class at OSU. Just takes online courses. As someone who has had relatives teach at UM and have had close friends go to UM, I realize the athletes are treated differently, but they do at least go to class (if sometimes only occasionally). OSU is different in the Big Ten, and they don't give a **** about it. Michigan at least puts up the veneer that they care about the "student athlete" when it comes to admissions and classes.
  18. Tater and MCS gonna Tater and MCS. I realize the frustration at losing to OSU, but Harbaugh has brought Michigan back to respectability. It hasn't met the expectations of the fan base, but it's still pretty good. They haven't been able to beat otherworldy OSU teams, but it's been pretty damn good other than that. It's pretty much back to the way things were under Bo: winning 9-10 games a year, losing an upset here and there. The difference is OSU is on another plane with their recruiting that they never were before and Penn State is in the conference. I mean, MSU is back to getting beat down every other year and beaten every year. They're done. Occasionally you lose to an Iowa on the road or Wisconsin on the road but that will happen. I'm as frustrated as anyone at the way they've lost to Ohio State, but until Michigan makes the conscious decision to compete in recruiting in the same fashion as OSU or the SEC, they're not going to be those teams. OSU sold its soul to (whatever soul it had left) Urban Meyer, Michigan hasn't done that. Harbaugh has been a bit of a disappointment for me, but when I look at the big picture, he's restored Michigan back to being a top 10 program that hasn't been able to get over that final hump. Hopefully they can do it in the near future. One day the NCAA will have the balls to stop OSU from being OSU. Until that happens, Michigan will always be behind the 8 ball.
  19. Come on! We needed to sign Trey Flowers to a monster contract. Who needs an exceptional pass rusher when you can have an average pass rusher who is solid against the run! Because you know how important it is in 2019 NFL to have your right defensive end defend the run with all the teams running the ball all the time!
  20. Russell never developed with the Cubs. He might be worth taking a flyer on for an organization devoid of talent like the Tigers. See if he can turn it around. As for the DV ****, well, I think your private life is your own business and one accusation - cause that's all it was, an accusation - should not preclude you from working in your profession. But I'm sure the woker than thou crowd will want to make Russell be a homeless vagrant because of it.
  21. If Franzen was that damaged that Babcock yelling at him was that traumatizing, he should have retired right there. Look, I'm sympathetic to Franzen's plight in being injured, but this is the NHL, if you can't hack it anymore you need to leave. And as for the effects of climbing the ladder, I've found that the higher you get, the expectations on you get higher and higher. Even when **** isn't your fault, if something goes wrong or the optimal outcome is not achieved, its your fault. And certain individuals will hold you accountable for it even if it wasn't your fault. Because at that level, the only thing that matters is winning and profit. I'm sure the same thing happens at the very top level of pro sports. If anyone can't handle it, then the coach loses his job. If you can't handle being yelled at, it's time to hang it up and go coach kids hockey. No offense to Franzen, but this is the big boy league, you're going to get berated from time to time.
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