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  1. zadina looked good. mantha looks like ****.
  2. One man's "half assed" is another man's reasonable response to an overblown incident. Nowadays I imagine the President would have to walk barefoot across town through the mud in a hair shirt and bow before the monks of Canterbury Cathedral who would then whip him for a day as he lay, prostrate on the ground begging forgiveness....
  3. They could not have "just as easily gotten it from a kid/spouse at home." Most of these guys aren't married, first of all. And like I said, if they stayed at home, it wouldn't likely be an issue. These are rich, entitled young men who are out doing things they shouldn't do. I will bet you Lou Williams' wing allowance that is what happens 90% of the time with these guys. Remember when all the kids went back to college and then covid flared up again because they were all going out and partying? Now imagine that with all the kids making at least $500,000 per year. That's the NBA. This isn't mom coming over or the kid picking it up on the playground, this is NBA players living the NBA lifestyle. Why do you think the NBA suddenly banned them going out on the road? Because mom was coming over and bringing dinner along? Come on Casimir....
  4. going out to a party or strip club and dancing around without a mask is a high risk activity, dont you think? these dudes are rich. even the ones on a minimum deal dont even have to go to the grocery store. they have one job: go to work and go home. they can have home gyms or buy whatever materials they need online. but they dont. do they? if a pro athlete gets covid, im willing to bet that 90% of them do so from unsafe behavior.
  5. the red wings arent very talented. i dont see blashill doing anything to help with that or make them a better team. he's probably still here just because theyre ok with losing right now and will make the change after this season.
  6. why is franz neilsen playing? how long until coach larianov comes on board?
  7. its almost like mike valenti is full of **** and says things just to get a rise out of people?
  8. my parents can remember 18% in the 70s in the wonderful world of jimmy carter. all these documentaries on carter as a great guy and reagan as a scumbag seem to forget that... (my parents still voted for carter, lol).
  9. by the late 90s we were getting 6.5. early 2000s we were down to 6. we just refied for 3.25. should have held out a little longer to get it under 3.
  10. lol. my company does all sorts of things like that. i want to say, "if you want to help black people so much, you could give them raises, better health care coverage, pensions, and a means for advancement." but hey, instead you can make the company watch videos on mlk every february and attend seminars on allyship, i'm sure that's just as meaningful.
  11. the growth in administration at universities in all fields seems ridiculous to me, not just D & I. believe me, d & I is everywhere. my bosses have to include their pronouns on their emails and have company meetings talking about working to be "allies." its all quite funny when you actually work with them. lipservice.
  12. sure, but the players are low risk to have any complications. and they are not catching covid because they are working an essential job helping others, they are getting it because they are out partying and cant keep their dicks in their pants for five minutes, let along five months. again, if you want to make sure the players follow the rules, start making every player on the team miss a game check if one of them gets covid from something stupid. see how long the nets players keep going out then. of course that's the nets. kyrie doesnt give a **** if his teammates hate him, they already hate him.
  13. pioli and dimitroff are friends and dimitroff hired him to work with/for him. if holmes wants to bring someone else in to help him, that should be his call. if the lions want to bring someone they interviewed for HIS JOB to "help him" then that's undercutting him and would set up a two tiered top management system.
  14. international kids. and they pay more! prestigious schools like michigan will be fine. its the directional schools and the smaller, less prestigious schools that will feel (and are feeling) the pinch. but dont worry, the endless supply of administrators will continue to expand as they make professors teach more classes with TAs. after all, every schools needs an assistant to the assistant vice provost in charge of diversity and inclusion.
  15. a 4 year college degree is not for everyone, nor should it be required to be. unfortunately, a lot of jobs now require a college degree when they really have no business doing so. do you need a college degree to be a secretary? or a claims adjuster? no, but they will oftentimes require you to have one. and they'll get them. why? too many people have college degrees for the amount of available jobs in the market for them. to digress a little more, there is a popular theory now that the downfall of civilizations comes when your educated elites run out of opportunities. and the combination of AI and the abundance of college degrees producing more "elites" or people who think themselves to be elite thanks to their degree, will produce a revolution in america/the west soon. it wont be trumpism, it will be a revolt of the elites when they can no longer "move up the ladder." just as an anecdotal piece to that, we've hired lawyers fresh out of school as claims people. because there arent enough legal jobs to go around and the supply of lawyers is so high. counterpoint: the milennial generation is so large that it has flooded the market with college grads, and the smaller upcoming generations will reduce the supply significantly.
  16. the point with urban is that he has won wherever he's been with whatever he has had. he's a really good football coach. he is a lot older now and scandal seems to follow him everywhere (because he's a slimeball cheater), but those things dont matter in the nfl. we'll see who he can get to be his assistants, that will be the key.
  17. i am rooting for lynn cheney, i just dont think she's going to win. and i doubt she wins re-election although i would prefer her to a right wing trump nut alternative.
  18. urban has won multiple places, oftentimes - like utah and bowling green - with lesser recruits. urban can coach. he cheats his *** off, but that's not a big deal in the nfl. they expect you to win. will he be a success in the nfl? dunno. but he can coach his *** off. we'll see if that translates to grown men. but ryan day? what's he done besides inherit urban's team and ohio state's inherent recruiting advantages? nothing. and he just got WORKED by alabama, the only real competition ohio state has (besides clemson). ryan day. come on.
  19. there's plenty of crazy in the democratic party too, but those people have not hijacked the party and are just a lunatic fringe that gets elected in a very small number of races. i mean, i cant stand ilhan omar but she's not crazy. rashida talib might be wrong about everything but she's not nuts.
  20. because people believe it! republicans believe it! blaming all of this crap on "the russians" is to fail to take responsibility for the crazy people who apparently make up a majority of republican primary voters in a large number of states.
  21. "americans" meaning the americans who vote in the republican primary elections. that's who returns these people to power over and over again all across the country.
  22. you can celebrate while also realizing what is happening to the gop. the russians have not caused this, the american people voting for republicans have causes this. trump is who the americans want.
  23. you've held this pipe dream for a long time about the good ol days of the "responsible" gop. what has happened since then? a whole ten out of 210 voted to impeach a guy whose supporters stormed the capitol and tried to kill them. ten. not sure why you still have this idea that the sensible gop is just around the corner.
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