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  1. ummm...i dont see stanley johnson anywhere on that list. isnt there a drew league all star game somewhere?
  2. i've informed my employer that i want a $1 million raise.
  3. i know....but all that time he was a strident anti-doping spokesman, there was evidence that he was doping. he failed a test and got it covered up. his american teammate testified that he was doping and armstrong called him a liar. he did this for years even though there was lots of evidence against him. people just didnt report it (in america) and nobody talked about it.
  4. but he's not only come back to what he was before, he has SURPASSED what he was in his prime. that's what is suspicious. that he's better at 35 than he was in his late 20s. compare him to clemens. its similar. clemens was thought to be in a serious decline at age 32-33. then at 34 he's the best pitcher in baseball again and doing better than ever in his career. with clemens he got even BETTER in his 40s. we'll see if verlander has the same type of career. again, nothing but suspicions. unfortunately thats what the steroid era has done. that said, it would not shock me if verlander were on something.
  5. true, but with lance armstrong there was a mountain if evidence that he was doping all along, including failed tests and another rider saying he did it with him. nothing like that for verlander.
  6. i do not think it makes it evident that he is using. i think its merely a suspicion on some people's parts given the history of the game and verlander's career arc. i mean, do you think jeff bagwell was using peds? or pudge rodriguez? i do. but there's no evidence that they were. and, for the record, i dont care if they were or not. although i really really really hope verlander isnt because he's my favorite player of all time (non trammell division).
  7. i think verlander's late career surge into otherwordly territory is circumstantial evidence that he may be taking some substances that enhance his performance. i have zero real evidence to support that suspicion. but his career is starting to resemble the same narrative arc as roger clemens' career. or, he could be nolan ryan 2.0.
  8. In fairness to Del, he is fat. And was obviously out of shape and gassed. But still, 17 straight points!
  9. zion with 22 in 18 minutes. scored 17 straight at one point. i'm sure del is sitting around somewhere saying "yeah but he's fat."
  10. Wait a minute...you mean the Pistons won the rebounding battle even without Andre on the floor? And outscored the other team by over 20 points? Well I'll be...
  11. not exactly great timing by AA or Mantha to be injured so much this year. might save the wings some money though.
  12. saracens, one of the top english rugby clubs, just got relegated for violating the leagues salary cap rules. italian soccer once relegated juventus to the third division for openly cheating. why not have mlb tell the astros they cant make the playoffs next year? or for two years? if theyre really serious about stopping sign stealing, that might be a way to do it...
  13. more like they do just enough to not make anyone happy.
  14. lets change that last part to read: "our focus is on getting him and us - not necessarily in that order - as much money as possible." but seriously, sounds like a terrible accident and i hope parsons is ok.
  15. they do for now. but the athletic will eventually need to make a profit when they run out of seed money. then they'll all be out of work again.
  16. how has bowey been? is he getting any better? does he have potential?
  17. i think mike vrabel without derrick henry, without conklin/lewan, without his athletic defense, without a competent backup qb, looks A LOT like matt patricia. i mean, tennessee went 9-7. its not like they set the world on fire or anything. they rode henry and tannehill's scott mitchell-esque run to a playoff spot and then had two great games. it will be interesting to see where these two franchises are next year. that said, i think vrabel did a great job in the playoffs for sure.
  18. if the raiders cut derek carr, what would they have to give up to get all the way to #3?
  19. Patricia's defenses in New England ranked by DVOA: 15th 20th 12th 12th 16th 31st Never top 10 (or even the top third), but did finish his career there with the second worst defense in football. Let's not pretend he was setting the world on fire in New England. In case you were wondering, they finished 16th and 1st in the two years since he left. That said, I think Patricia was perfectly qualified to be a head coach. He had a resume of working with the greatest coach in NFL history for a long time. While the results were mixed (at best), he was in management on a multiple Super Bowl winning franchise. That should make one qualified at least. And Quinn knew him and was comfortable with him and they believed in the same organizational philosophy. That's important too. I think the Lions bigger problem is in talent acquisition. Or, more appropriately, the lack thereof. I'm sure the Lions goal is to play the way Tennessee played at the end of the year. But they had two quality tackles, an athletic set of linebackers and pass rushers, and Derrick Henry. We have one good tackle and one meh tackle, the worst set of linebackers in football coupled with the worst pass rush in football, and Kerryon Johnson. Add in some bad luck and you get the difference between Tennessee this year and Detroit this year.
  20. sportz or triple 7 or tyrus? or mattingly? or one man's fool? so many memories... whatever happened to cioe and his amazing mustache?
  21. you would be lucky to get a first for stafford. brady isnt good anymore. there is no reason to replace your good qb with a worse qb.
  22. Come on now, he's averaging a point AND A HALF a game!
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