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  1. I'd enjoy it if he sold the team.
  2. this is a big game for the lions. a win here sets them up for the next few brutal weeks. a loss and they might be looking at 2-6. with bradford out, the bears already decimated by injury on an already bad team, and the packers starting a makeshift oline, the lions are in good position within the division.
  3. are they splitting them up? its always tirico and gruden other than the second mnf game the first week, isnt it?
  4. obj gets the two point conversion?
  5. i think purdue v tennessee is tennessee -10. and then i think im going to make some good money on that game.
  6. i think youre placing a lot if stock in rankings. florida and tennessee are talented, bad teams that are disorganized and poorly coached. it was fully on display saturday. both those coaches will likely be fired at the end of the year. michigan was bad offensively against cincinnati and bad offensively against air force. they need to pick it up for conference play.
  7. tarik black is out for the season, i believe he broke his foot.
  8. really dude? i did not know that. come on. the point was that martha fired the lot of them after the kc game except for caldwell, who was directly involved in that awful start to the season. she cleaned house of management except for one guy. and then the new guy gets hired and he keeps him. the one guy who he keeps is caldwell. scouts gone. long time employees gone. but caldwell remains. it is not out of the realm of possibility to suggest that martha and her well known admiration for caldwell may have played a part in that. sheesh. dude.
  9. were almost there! keep on losing!
  10. careful now, that sounds like criticism of michigan. mickey wont let that slide. also, rumors are that tarik black hurt his ankle and will be out a while. but yeah, i agree that they kept the playbook in their pocket. michigan's tight ends are their best offensive weapons and we barely saw them against cincy and air force. i expect them to feature pretty heavily in conference play.
  11. florida is terrible. so is tennessee. theyre "ranked" because of name recognition. nothing else.
  12. all im saying is purdue is a good team. they took louisville to the wire. and this is michigan's first time playing a tru road game in the other team's home stadium. for a young team like this one, it will be a challenge. i'd bet that purdue would beat florida. florida sucks.
  13. you just made fun of purdue's 3 * recruits at receiver and then you jock AIR FORCE? lol. ok mickey.
  14. i expect michigan to open the playbook next week. that should help the offense.
  15. florida is a 5.5 point favorite. im sure harbaugh isnt "scared" of any team. so what? theyre not going to win because harbaugh isnt scared. purdue is a legit offensive team. it will be interesting to see how michigan plays against them. purdue went toe to toe with louisville and has blown out their next two opponents. michigan beat florida and then scraped by against two bad teams. it will be an interesting game.