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  1. Yes it is. You had a chance to get a top 5 prospect in the game and a fireball top 50 pitching prospect for a guy who doesn't miss bats. The fact that the Cubs will trade any of their tops prospects for a bag of balls is something we exploited once and unfortunately weren't able to do with Fulmer.
  2. i think fulmer's finished. he had a fluke great season where he did well without missing bats. it was a fluke. ever since then he's either been hurt or average-at-best. and now he's having major arm surgery? yeah, he's done. move on.
  3. if that was true and we didnt take it, its a disgrace.
  4. jimenez is a better prospect than all three of those guys. and then you just wait and deal verlander the next year.
  5. so we agree. phew. and tbh, i added the line about drummond shooting threes because it sounded good, lol.
  6. do you think there's a risk that drummond plays out of control against embiid?
  7. the point was drummond will start to do stupid stuff. but instead you have to focus in like a laser on the one thing you think is wrong and then comment on it, ignoring the general point. because that's what you do. all the time. every time.
  8. worst loss of the season. inexplicable.
  9. well thats the point. in a 7 game series where teams will game plan and adjust, they might not be able to space the floor effectively. that said, they may have enough individual offensive talent to overcome that. it will be interesting to see how much of their offense bogs down with butler or embiid going one on one, and what they do when the double comes from simmons' man. and how much does jimmy butler sulk when he isnt the focal point of the offense? or will he be? fascinating stuff!
  10. i knew when i posted that bit about drummond shooting 3s that 313 would have a big long post that focuses on that and nothing else i said. the point was that drummond does stupid **** against embiid because he's got this thing with him on twitter. sorry to have to clarify.
  11. the worry against philly isnt that embiid will shoot threes, its that drummond will. as soon as embiid makes one and starts talking smack, drummond will start doing all the stupid crap that has killed us over the years: the post ups, the threes, the ridiculous drives. if drummond focuses on what he's good at, he can drive embiid crazy. beat him down the floor, box out, dive like a mad man on the pnr. do that and you can match embiid. be stupid macho dre who thinks he olajuwon and youre going to get embarrassed. regardless, philly - while dumb - is very talented. talented enough to beat detroit. that said, i dont think they have enough outside shooting to work in the playoffs. we'll see.
  12. but every time andre plays embiid, andre doubles down on stupid. i dont want any part of philly. indiana or bust. they can beat indiana.
  13. i think indiana is the only team the pistons could take more than one game off in any series.
  14. the lakers have been run horribly for at least a decade.
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