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  1. 2017 Michigan Football

    i've seen enough recruiting to know a late season flier when i see one. it usually means you have space in the class because you missed on your targets and youre scrambling late to pick someone up. it also usually means you know that youre not in good shape for the big targets youre waiting for and youre covering your bases. some of these guys work out, you never know. programs like msu are full of them.
  2. 2018 Playoff Race

    cousins with the first 40/20/10 game since wilt chamberlain as the pelicans rally to beat the bulls. jrue holiday makes $25 million a year? he almost single handedly gave the bulls the game last night.
  3. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    were not really disagreeing on anything other than your idea that new york is a draw or that the nets will be a draw. if the nets have money, players will go there to play. if their young pkayers develop, that will help.
  4. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    new york may have a draw, but "the nets" do not. i even question if the knicks still have a draw. players will go 1) for the money; 2) to win; 3) to go "home"; 4) to pay less tax; 5) see #1 and repeat.
  5. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    who was the last big free agent to sign in new york?
  6. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    bulls > nets for this season and moving forward. nets are still hamstrung by the worst trade in nba history. like i said, their management is making good moves and doing all the right things, but they still arent close to a superstar player and are getting just good enough where they probably wont be able to draft one.
  7. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    the nets and pistons both have young players, the difference being the nets young players dont make a lot of money right now. the pistons have young players but theyre expensive. i think the pistons players are better, but they are already getting paid tons of money whereas the nets players are similar but worse but cheap. the nets are doing what they need to do to rebuild. the pistons are floundering and locked into a .500 roster. all that said, the nets still suck this year.
  8. 2018 Playoff Race

    noah offers nothing and no onr is trading for that contract unless its attached with multiple #1 picks. noah has the worst contract in the nba. i doubt anyone would want kanter and his deal either. the knicks were a mirage built on an easy schedule loaded with home games.
  9. 2018 Playoff Race

    the knicks are nothing and are going nowhere.
  10. 2018 Playoff Race

    now that they lost to the "easy" teams on the schedule, they have okc and cleveland back to back. given the way cleveland is playing, they might be thr best chance of winning a game?
  11. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    the nets are ****ty, but so are the pistons right now.
  12. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    i dont see how we can say gores is an absentee owner when his face is on posters all over the building...
  13. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    kennard looked good again too. thats a positive.
  14. Game 45: Nets @ Pistons

    lets not go crazy over stanley having one good game against a bad team. sure, its nice that he scored more in one game than he usually does in a month, but its only one game. hopefully he keeps it up and develops into the ron artest we all thought he might be.
  15. 2017 Michigan Football

    michigan picks up a commit from the #17 player in michigan today at a real position of need: db! /sarcasm