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  1. i think they might win 60 if some things break their way. but thats probably the best case scenario. of course, they could surprise me and make some savvy offseason signings. that could help them win a few more.
  2. why do you think they'll be better?
  3. i wouldnt trust my opinion on hockey. i dont really know.
  4. thoughts on the first two preseason games? seider looks big, but nowhere near ready to play. zadina zooms around a lot. veleno looked bigger than i thought he would.
  5. i feel like ferris bueller at the end of the movie when he comes out in a towel and asks "you're still here? go home already." this season just needs to mercifully end. next season can mercifully end any time soon too.
  6. the lions are the least successful franchise in nfl history with no discernible star players. they went 6-10 last year and are predicted by just about everyone in the mainstream press to be as bad or worse (heck, espn's computers predicted them to start the year 0-11). why is it a surprise that they are underdogs to the eagles on the road? i dont see why anyone is surprised.
  7. its pretty obvious that vegas does not think much of the lions' roster. they were underdogs at home to a beat up chargers team and they are big underdogs on the road to a beat up philly team. outside of detroit, no one expects anything from this team. if stafford is upright and playing well, the lions can beat almost any team. of course, because they dont have a ton of game changing talent around him, they can lose to just about anyone too.
  8. because they recently won the super bowl and they play on the east coast.
  9. or because they know they dont need another day of practice to beat detroit at home. lol.
  10. zach zenner is available! cant believe no one has picked him up...
  11. earlier this year you argued to me that the tigers wouldnt be drafting in the top 10 in 2021. you still believe that?
  12. the steelers obviously think he's going to be a star player. if youre the steelers with a long history of success at drafting and developing talent, giving up a first rounder isnt the end of the world. of course....if its a top 3 pick and you need to replace rothlisberger... they must assume he's coming back next year.
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