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  1. Buddha

    2018 - Red Wings Offseason

    so this year is the bottom and then we start to see some progress with the young guys? just in time for yzerman to come back and save us.
  2. a couple thoughts having read some stuff and watched some highlights and the last 2 minutes in a bar full of drunk broncos fans. i dont think the niners are that good. our #2 cb appears to be a very large problem. this is playing out like a year when the lions finish thr year with a couple meaningless wins that take them from picking in the top 5 to picking 15th.
  3. sounds like they played better up front and got some pressure. thats a good sign. just need to get stafford back to himself again and the offense should be ok. i read they benched lawson but teez was so bad they had to bring him back. #quindraftpicks how did the rookie safety look? maybe quin should trade all his second round picks for third round picks?
  4. i dont think there was enough to overturn it. dammit riddick. catch the ball. i missed the whole game. how did everyone other than stafford look? anybody look good?
  5. i dont understand why johnson isnt the feature back, riddick the 3rd down back, and blount the short yardage guy. it makes so much sense.
  6. i have no idea what to expect from this game. hopefully stafford gets his shiz together and that whoever is playing for lang can block. o/u on snaps where ansah is on the field? 20?
  7. i dont think ive ever seen you this down on the lions.
  8. Buddha

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    sheesh, the mts hall of fame is easier to get into than arizona state...
  9. Buddha

    Thank you Henrik Zetterberg

    you'll get luke glendenning and like it!
  10. Buddha

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    lang out for the niners game. now we get to see all that great depth we accumulated over the offseason. ansah and blount questionable. hopefully now they'll actually play johnson for most of the game.
  11. Buddha

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    butler was too expensive. suh would have been fine and you font know he wasnt coming back. sheldon richardson would have been perfect. jimmy graham? i dont think there were no good free agents on the market, there were plenty. we went dumpster diving for guys who arent any better than practice squad filler. but as randy points out (and i talked about before), the more pressing issue seems to be his drafts and the lack of development of a new core of young players. theyre still young so there is still time, but boy do davis, robinson, tabor, et al look really bad. and let us never forget that we drafted a ******* long snapper.
  12. Buddha

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    of all the free agents the lions signed this offseason, do you think any of them are any good? kennard maybe? maybe i guess.
  13. Buddha

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    jonathan hankins?
  14. Buddha

    Steve Yzerman Leaving Tampa

    nothing says exciting hockey more than Nelson Mandela.