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  1. alex pressly and nick castellanos both make good plays in the same inning. the world is about to end.
  2. maybe. but to be so dominated by ryan vogelsong and barry zito was ridiculously bad.
  3. i think this club could use a clubhousr outburst. they play like a bunch of old guys just playing the string out. that game on sunday was an embarassment.
  4. the fact that they lost the world series to inferior teams and lost them so badly will always hurt. And game 2 in 2013 will forever sting. but dd did give the tigers their best run since the 34-45 era. i also think he waa going to leave if he hadnt been fired. just a hunch. dd can be blamed for failing to create a talent pipeline. the tigers system has been a disaster since he got here. yes, he traded away the talent they had, but almost none of that talent has panned out elsewhere. there is no reason a team with the resources detroit had couldnt have a better minor league system. i think illitch is to blame for the team's current state. i think upton is on him (but not zimm). the big contract to cabrera is on him. fielder was on him. and i doubt he would let avila start to rebuild after last year. now that he's gone, we'll see how good of a gm avila really is.
  5. ugh. had to sit through that game and got poured on to boot. i started rooting for the perfect game after a while. at least one team was trying to win.
  6. the point of giving someone the green light on 3-0 is to swing if its a pitch in his zone that he can hit. mlb hitters have .353 babip on 3-0 pitches, better than .300. if its not in the zone, dont swing at it. even if it is from the amazing mike pelfrey.
  7. were now in 4th place. here we come royals! watch out!
  8. because were the phillies. we have been for a couple years.
  9. traded for don demeter and jack hamilton. ugh.
  10. given his age, he should be dominating low a ball. /debbie downer