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  1. what are the odds that tom gores realizes that? what in his sorry decade of owning this team gives you any indication that he will authorize a tear down? when has he ever done that? its always been a playoffs or bust mentality since day one of his ownership its why were here in purgatory.
  2. josh smith is the 7th highest paid player on this team
  3. mack had a huge impact on the bears last year. you say that as 1) someone who didnt watch the bears; and 2) someone who laughed at the idea that the bears were going to be better than the lions last year. remember? how old are you? do you remember the last time the lions won 12 games and the division?
  4. its interesting how you see yourself and what youre arguing. you ALWAYS argue the pro lions position. you never disagree with someone who is arguing the lions are awesome, you only disagree when we say the lions have made a mistake. you may not agree that the lions are awesome, but you never argue with anyone making that point. that said, again, nobody is saying the bears are awesome. the bears suck. but they also just went 12-4 and won the division, which the lions havent done since 1991. you pooh pooh that like its nothing. i disagree. i would gladly sacrifice two first round picks for 12-4 and a division title rather than have the hope of getting another solid but unspectacular guard from the sec at pick 12.
  5. what team is going to trade for an over the hill blake griffin making all the money? what kind of franchise would be that dumb? who i ask you, who?
  6. i like it when people argue the pro lions position. gives us something to talk about.
  7. i would rather have had a 12-4 season with khalil mack and not had two first round picks (but picking up an extra second), then have those first round picks and finished 6-10 and now be 3-6-1. the new lions motto: yeah you may have won the division but we have our first round pick! suckers!
  8. thats not true. the bears were a dominant team in the 80s. the lions havent been a dominant team in our lifetimes. the bears in the mid 2000s had some of the best defenses in the league and won division titles with them. the lions havent won a division title in 30 years.
  9. i dont think the bears are the franchise the lions should aspire to be. i think the bears suck. and having said all that, theyre better than the lions!
  10. theyre so good that the lions are one of the worst teams in the league at running the ball. the lions are 3-6-1 and headed towards another season of nothing and all you do is argue with people who think they might not be awesome. i dont get it.
  11. i think that khalil mack trade worked out well for the bears. it was a major catalyst to winning the division last year. there's definitely a hierarchy in the nfc north, and the lions are on the bottom of it.
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