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  1. It's not hypocritical to tell the players they can't gamble on the sport they play while also having a gambling organization sponsor the games. One is about the perceived integrity of the game - not allowing players to throw games or make it seem like the product is a sham. The other is about letting the fans of your product enjoy another aspect of it: wagering on who wins. I don't see how that is hypocritical of baseball in the slightest. Half of the teams in soccer Europe are sponsored by gambling organizations (mostly Asian ones). You can go to the game and gamble in the concourse at halftime if you want.
  2. i couldnt care less if there is a nike symbol on a uniform.
  3. if no one is willing to give up anything but expirings for andre, will that give him the wake up call that the rest of the league thinks he isnt all that valuable?
  4. for trusted baseball news, always turn to scott brosius' kid and carlos beltran's niece. twitter will destroy us all.
  5. i dont know. im in boston and they were talking about it on the radio. i guess we'll find out more this year.
  6. i dont know, its this weird thing i have where i cant tell that people are joking in posts. i fear it might be contagious, but im not sure.
  7. i know were supposed to lose, but i'm in massachusetts tonight and it feels so good to watch the celtics lose to detroit.
  8. take hank greenberg out of the hall of fame!!!!!! he cheated!!!! take down the 1940 pennant!!!!!
  9. https://www.vintagedetroit.com/blog/2014/10/07/sign-stealing-helped-tigers-win-1940-pennant/
  10. before cora came, mookie betta had an 806 ops. the year they were cheating with cora, he had a 1.078 ops. the year they were being investigated he went back down to 915. coincidence?
  11. posthumous congratulations to alex karras on finally making the hall of fame.
  12. git er done AA. lots of reclamation projects out there they should be kicking the tires on.
  13. why? what's the difference? if i'm in the stands with binoculars picking out signs and relaying them to the team - which the tigers have been accused of doing and admitted to doing in the 1940 world series - why is that ok but looking at a video screen isnt? its like the ped argument. why are steroids bad and greenies arent?
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