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  1. i would argue that myers still has some value, especially if san diego eats some salary. i guess i value the prospect more than you. look at me, being all cruzer and ****...
  2. every sport is seeking to expand the playoffs. in 20 years every team will make it and the season will just be an all out attempt not to get hurt.
  3. boston just trades one of the best players in baseball and david price to shed salary. why the **** would they take $30 million of dead weight in cabrera's contract? and they already have better players at his position that make less money. come on man.
  4. a prospect's value is that they become a good player. period. the fact that they would be a good inexpensive player is great, but the "good player" thing is more important. it seems to me as if youre overvaluing the money aspect of acquiring a good prospect. for a team almost devoid of upper echelon potential bats, the chance to acquire another by taking on some salary of a good player coming off a down year seems like a good chance to take.
  5. the orioles: the only mlb team whose broadcast team could beat its major league team.
  6. but this way we get the player we would have gotten in free agency plus a lottery ticket prospect. i dont see why youre opposed to this.
  7. he's had a hard life. as in, he's done some stuff. i know someone who went to college with some of his friends. said iverson paid for all of them to go to college and would come hang out from time to time.
  8. Nothing says mature quite like this. poor belein. this is not a generational thing. player revolts have been going on forever. ask magic johnson. to paraphrase the great chuck daly, its great that these guys let me coach them. the players have the control and have had the control for a long time. only guys with supreme resumes can come in and push players around. even then, guys like phil jackson wouldnt push as much as convince. the players are conglomerates and brands all their own. they use their leverage and exercise it. nothing wrong with that. doing what the cavs players are accused above of doing is not exercising leverage, but merely being petty and immature.
  9. bernier doesnt have any value? he's playing really well.
  10. i would think the tigers would be all over the wil myers trade possibilities.
  11. btw, given that the redskins have three number one picks on their dline already, i wouldnt be surprised if teams targetting tua trade up to #2.
  12. so long reggie! good luck to ya. on to the new era of killian hayes or theo maladon!
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