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  1. theyve lost four games in a row, blown out by three of the worst teams in the league, if theyre not tanking theyre doing a really good impersonation of a tanking team.
  2. drummond has value? not on a max deal. his value is "you want something of value for him? then include stanley and a first rounder and i might get interested." jackson has no value. harris has value because he can score. morria has value because he is a decent player on a good contract. the real question is whether gores wants to max kcp and pay tax for this weak team
  3. 2013-14: 29-53 (21-29 with Cheeks) 14-15: 32-50 15-16: 44-38 16-17: 34-40 Hooray for mediocrity! Maybe someday if we work really hard we can finish 7th in the Eastern Conference? Ah, dare to dream...
  4. He'll fire the trainer.
  6. gores has to fire someone after this mess, right?
  7. if they lose out will they fire svg? i think if they lose out he'll quit.
  8. hilarious.
  9. lions are signing a lot of dts lately. i dont know if theyd draft another one too high. or they could be planning on cutting ngata. i suspect they take a lb or edge rusher #1. brantley will likely be gone by the time they pick in round 2.
  10. YOU agree with that article? youve been arguing the merits of jackson and drummond all year long. that article basically regurgitates everything sydney and betrayer and myself and others have been saying all year.
  11. So he sucks AND he's becoming a malcontent. Great job drafting there, SVG. Makes me confident for your next lottery pick.
  12. good thing they signed him to that big extension. somewhere john wall is still shaking his head.
  13. youre on double secret probation for that. SEVENTY!!!!! i'm upset.
  14. SEVENTY!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. wilt chamberlain, kobe bryant, david thompson, david robinson, elgin baylor, and DEVIN BOOKER have scored 70 in a game. but stanley gave a great interview and has a great backstory. #firesvg