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  1. sacks are overrated. flowers was one of the best in the league at putting pressure on the qb. and unlike ziggy, he did it against all levels of competition and not just the giants or packers in week 17. this may sound silly, but im more worried about cb1 than cb2. the lions have a variety of guys who can compete for cb2, melvin, agnew, even teez. but if slay plays like he did for much of last year - either through injury or age - the lions have no shut down corner and that could be a problem.
  2. running backs like zenner are a dime a dozen. you can find a zach zenner on someone else's practice squad any time you want. zenner is on the team if someone gets hurt. if not, he's not on the team and wont be.
  3. well...he wasnt drafted and then when he was cut no one else picked him up. so when i say they can cut him and no one else is going to pick him up, history says im right. has nothing to do with his sparq score.
  4. i dont get the allure of "college guys try harder" thing. first of all, do they? i see plenty of games where college guys arent busting their *** on defense all the time. secondly, i like to watch skill, not a bunch of mugs running around like chickens with their heads cut off. college basketball offense is so boring and bad to watch. i get that some nba teams are terrible to watch (houston, hello!), but i love watching the warriors or bucks pass and move and shoot. i swear to god college basketball is just one missed shot after another. i dont get the appeal of watching guys miss who might be really trying to get the rebound of those many many misses. i mean, if trying hard is all that matters then i'll hang out at the Y for a while. but, to each their own.
  5. college basketball is a joke compared to the nba. the standard of play in the nba is world's better than college. college basketball is fun because 1) basketball can be fun to watch, and 2) people have emotional attachments to certain teams. and the tournament is always fun. but the level of play? omg, college basketball is horrible.
  6. magic quit so he could tweet about stuff again and then complains that people dared to say he wasnt serious in his "job." magic is great at public relations. he's got a really outgoing and infectious personality. but as a gm? that takes work.
  7. all this talk of global warming is bunk. if you look closely enough, you'll find that **** has just frozen over.
  8. can we hire david ortiz's personal "trainer" to work with miggy?
  9. i think the outside looks at the lions roster and sees very few difference makers on either side of the ball. they look at last year's results and dont see anything special. they look at the rest of the division having the bears and vikings' defenses and aaron rogers. and they know the lions have traditionally been a bad team who have never won anything. i think its a combination of that as well as the rest of the teams in the division being more glamourous teams. personally i think the lions are being woefully underrated. i think theyre a real sleeper to win the division.
  10. early betting line has the lions as favorites for only 2 games next season. that combined with an o/u of 6 1/2 should let us all know how outside observers feel about the lions next season. they are not impressed.
  11. Well, he could come out and shoot someone tomorrow, that would preclude him from being a "first ballot" HOF. But on stats alone, he has done more than enough in his career already to be considered one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time. Miggy is a first ballot hall of famer and will go in as a Tiger. No doubt.
  12. i'd be a little worried about recruiting too for the same reasons. but he might have those connections and we just dont know about them. and if the 18 year olds of the world today dont remember the fab five in all their glory, their parents sure do. that might play well in living rooms. that said, michigan has specifically NOT gone after those types of one and done recruits that come with sneaker company connections and all the payments that go with them. will they suddenly change back if howard comes along? is he capable of taking 3 and 4 star kids and turning them into first round picks like beilein? dont know. otoh, i saw juwan howard at soho house here in chicago a couple years ago. was the highlight of my week. was too scared and polite to say hello.
  13. that's the other thing about green bay, rogers isnt that good anymore. not that he's bad or anything, not that he cant pull a rabbit out of his a$s on occasion, but he isnt the game in game out death machine at qb that he was before. he's been injured for a significant amount of time every year now and its starting to show.
  14. terry "i gotta get mine" rozier would be awesome on the bulls. between him and lavine going one on five every other trip down the floor while markkanen sits and watches and coach pushup yells at them and then subs the whole starting five because someone missed a switch will be GLORIOUS!
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