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  1. huge storms blew through here an hour ago. moving fast toward detroit. not sure if they'll get the whole game in without a delay.
  2. ortiz is a lock. he's luvable big papi! he would never cheat!
  3. this should all be done by a complicated alhorithm that will properly incentivize all teams to win! its the only way we can truly have a competitive league.
  4. fortunately the white sox dont have too many of those! the sox can hit the crap out of the ball but have had some big injuries to the pitching staff. and if you think christin stewart is bad in the field, wait until you see eloy jimenez! he played a routine fly ball into an inside the park home run the other night. and thats in addition to hurting himself multiple times trying to make plays in the outfield. in less funny news, luis robert looks like the real deal.
  5. but but but tanking!!!!! we cant have tanking!
  6. https://cwbchicago.com/2020/08/watch-twitter-videos-document-overnight-looting-and-riots-in-chicago.html look at all those protestors just trying to feed their families by....squints....stealing teslas and televisions.
  7. reports that big ten ADs voted 12-2 to move football to the spring. the only dissenters were iowa and nebraska.
  8. reports that the big ten will announce its canceling fall football and will try to move it to the spring.
  9. would you rather have him or luke kennard?
  10. exactly. give me a guy with the ability to score and create off the dribble over a guy who cant stay healthy and play in the australian league.
  11. mac cancels fall football. says it will try to go in the spring. once the big ten canceled all its non conference games - for safety reasons of course - the mac had no chance.
  12. we "should" be able to recognize that. but we often dont. there are consequences to lawlessness and "defund the police" movements. its nice of the times to do a good article on what happens when the police leave. surprisingly, not everyone sits around and sings kumbayah. and i am not saying you said that they did. i think the current movements in major cities against the police are in danger of going too far away from reform and may cause a lot of harm in the long run.
  13. some of us can. and i didnt know you lived in seattle.
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