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  1. Preach!
  2. Nothing stands in the way of me being wrong!
  3. And reggie would have lost the game.
  4. Del is being his usual contrarian self. Reggie sucks and people like ish? Bash ish. People like reggie and ish sucks? Bash reggie. Biggs' point is well taken, if reggie is at pg then kcp doesnt get those shots. Instead he's watching reggie dribble the ball for 20 seconds and then running a pr with drummond or jacking up a shot. The ball moves better with ish. Period. Ish isnt the be all end of all of point guards. In fact, i dont think he's that good at all because he cant shoot. And he isnt as good one on one as reggie. But i think the team has played better with ish than it has with reggie. Im sure del will go find some obscure stat to show thats not true.
  5. Ish with 16 assists. That's more than reggie has in a month.
  6. Funny how they came back without them... It seems drummond's pattern to get mad and actually try hard for a game or two after he gets benched so he should be good in their next game.
  7. Pay the man his money!
  8. Ish +8 Reggie -14
  9. In a league dominated by spacing and three point shooting, svg doubled down on players who cant shoot. And then watches them take 18 footer after 18 footer after 18 footer.
  10. If boston wasnt giving up the nets #1 and portland wasnt giving up mccollum or lillard, then you might as well keep drummond. My worry is that they dont re-sign kcp because it would make them a luxury tax team.
  11. Much ado about nothing.
  12. Youre confusing realism with hate. Its like the difference between 43 wins and 50 wins.
  13. So will the 3rd seed in the east...
  14. Plan: overvalue your core, overpay them, then wonder why you finish 8th in the east every year.
  15. Can you and del get a room?