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  1. so did mayfield. its only one game. in defense of randy, he's not the only one in on slater. ive seen lots of people say he's a top ten pick and that he's better than sewell. sewell may only be able to play left tackle while slater can play either tackle and guard. i think slater is definitely in play for the lions at 7 even if i wouldnt do it myself.
  2. well, ted has the built in advantage of having a "r" after his name. that means a lot in texas.
  3. i wish the minor leagues would get started so i can start following the prospects. other than mize and skubal there is no reason to watch the major league team.
  4. i think the national attention also exposed him as a phony. robert o'rourke the mexican, lol. he should have stayed in the house.
  5. depends how long they want to get free pizza! i have no idea, i think the chicago cop trial jury was out for a day? not much longer than that.
  6. i dont think it does, but i understand your point and think the jury could easily agree with you.
  7. ive always seen beto as a tease. he did well against cruz because everyone hates ted cruz, not because texans love beto. northern virginians and chicagoans and brooklynites love beto. not texans. at least that's my impression from talking to texans. do the democrats have anyone to run against cruz next time? is cruz up for relection in a presidential year? i wonder if he'll run for senate again if he is.
  8. i think the standard sentence guideline for second degree manslaughter is 2-6 years. especially for a guy with no priors and a history as a public servant. if he gets felony murder he's going away for a long time. i thought the defense did a nice job with a bad case. gave them something to think about for sure.
  9. i dont disagree with you and the judge denied the motion. but the appellate court might not agree, especially if something comes out afterwards about the jurors feeling intimidated. defense would bring another motion before the court as part of a motion for a new trial.
  10. if i had to guess the chances of a jury verdict: guilty of manslaughter: 90% guilty of second or third degree: 50-60% not guilty on all counts: 10%
  11. its manslaughter because he didnt intend to kill him (which you dont have to have for it to be manslaughter) but was a substantial cause of his death. its not second or third degree murder because he was not in the process of committing another felony at the time floyd died (which you need for second and third degree murder).
  12. maxine waters just handed the defense another point on appeal. the judge rejected the mistrial motion, but the appellate court make take issue with it, especially if any juror comes out and says they felt pressured to give a guilty verdict because there would be riots if they didnt.
  13. and chauvin's case is off to the jury. now we wait and see if we get another spring full of riots.
  14. i suspect abbott would clean the clocks of beto or either castro.
  15. casey yanked him around so much he gave him two concussions...
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