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  1. seeing what's happening in china now has made me go from relatively positive that we would have some sort of season to relatively pessimistic. i dont see any way that anything get started until at least august at the earliest. the only real hope is that july humidity kills this thing. but the idea that theyre going to start up in june is fanciful. toronto is in lockdown until july. are you just going to have a season without the blue jays? as funny as that might be for tigers fans, i dont think the league will do that. america is now the epicenter of this. look at italy, they are just starting to level off and its been a month and a half since the first death. IF new york could be on the same track, it wont start to level off until late april. and "level off" just means 700 deaths per day. thats late april/early may. wuhan leveled off months ago and still has 50 deaths per day. at this rate, just pray it doesnt come back stronger next year like the 1918 flu did. cause if it does we might not see sports until 2022.
  2. Theyre not coming back this year. As Ferris Bueller once said..."you're still here? It's over. Go home already."
  3. you knew jordan would win. if they had put lebron or kobe in the bracket, they would have finished in the final four...
  4. was that after indiana beat jordan's heavily favored north carolina team in the tournament?
  5. i think kareem lost 3 games in his entire college career. they literally changed the rules of the game to stop him (no dunks). he was player of the year they let him play (couldnt play as a freshman). he won three straight championships. averaged like 30 points a game. jordan won once. was on a loaded team full of nba players and got beat early in the tournament in his next two years. averaged maybe 16 points a game. i mean, how about bill walton? won 88 straight games and 2 championships. multiple player of the year awards. ****, christian laettner had a better college career than jordan. or bird for that matter. but look, they put SHAQ in the final four. again, people are stupid.
  6. bringing in a lefty to throw one punch and then leave the brawl.
  7. im not sure if you know this, but the jackson family is a bit eccentric.
  8. ummm...its jermajesty.
  9. 10 part series? talk about overkill. how many episodes does it take to say "won a bunch of championships with 2 great players against a watered down league"? i like how people voted michael jordan as the greatest college basketball player of all time. people are stupid.
  10. i think its definitely different because of social media. that said, the playgrounds are closed here in chicago. but its moderately nice out today so there are tons of people at the playground and the soccer fields outside my house. people are stupid. they wont do what theyre told until you put some penalty on them. not even the chances of contracting a potentially deadly disease are enough for these people to stay off a swing set for a few weeks.
  11. the quick test results thing that turned out to be a fraud?
  12. true, but all it takes is one person to get it and you would have to shut everything down. say stafford comes down with it. the lions cant play anyone for two weeks and he has to go into isolation and everyone on the lions and all the teams theyve played in the previous two weeks are going into isolation too. that would play havoc with any schedule. but they played baseball in 1918 during the last big pandemic, so ya never know.
  13. there are not going to be vaccines available for a long time, certainly not in two weeks. these things require trials and testings that take a long time. as for "treatments" if youre talking about using already available drugs that lessen the severity of symptoms in some patients, sure i guess. maybe. but those are not cures and they do not stop the spread of the virus. until there is a cure, this is going to be an issue for sports teams because their business is to bring large gatherings of people together and that facilitates the spread of viruses. i wouldnt get my hopes up.
  14. sure, but imagine when one player tests positive during the season. or when one player has a fever and other symptoms. they would have to shut down the whole league and test everyone. its just not going to work until if and when the virus is completely gone or they have a vaccine. which means they likely arent playing baseball this year.
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