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  1. chicago is all over these rumors today. talking about trading for greene and castellanos. reportedly addison russell or kyle schwarber both on the block along with assorted minor leaguers. but thats just sports radio hacks. casty/schwarber would make a really nice platoon and a really dangerously bad of corner defense. i do think the cubs might need to get rid of some salary from the mlb roster to avoid paying the tax. not sure russell is 1) any good, and 2) on the tigers' success timeline. caratini might be a possibility, but minor leaguers are more likely. not sure if the cubs have any more than one or two useful prospects at this point.
  2. at first i thought you were talking about tebow...
  3. if you took the pats stickers off their helmets and just looked at the players, you might find they are not really the most talented bunch. they just have a great hc and a great qb and a couple differencemakers. thats it. the lions will come down to whether patricia can implement that here and how well stafford plays. as usual, the national media guys dont really know that much about individual teams. they have to follow everybody and cant really know every team. that said, if ever there was a franchise that didnt deserve the benefit of the doubt, its the lions.
  4. the national guys just look at the lions roster and see if they recognize any of the players. of the ones they recognize, how many had good years last year? since they really only know stafford and he was bad last year, the lions are going to be bad this year. they do it every year.
  5. the only way they go 3-13 is if stafford gets hurt.
  6. as long as you are rewarded for losing it makes sense to root against them on a certain level. if this were college football or soccer it would be different. but in MLB, nfl, nba, and nhl, you get a reward for being the worst. and lets not fool ourselves, this team is going to lose whether we want them to or not.
  7. Or it means he's misreading the market. It never hurts to ask, I guess. Unless your ask is so ridiculous they just go to someone else for help.
  8. Do they have a hard throwing lefty reliever with control issues? Sign us up!
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you, I was just curious.
  10. If you want to use WAR as a measure, there are 17 players taken after Stewart who currently have more or as much WAR as he does. To me that's neither here nor there, but the more concerning thing is that none of those 17 are Tigers.
  11. you have an experienced offensive line for the first time in 15 years. you have an experienced senior qb and a talented backup, and you have all three of your biggest rivalry games at home. barring injuries or flukes, you should win the big ten.
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