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  1. this thread needs more shane halter.
  2. so you think he will regress next year.
  3. nyah, i just disagree with you.
  4. if upton turns into caberera, thats great. im not holding my breath and neither are you.
  5. he was complete **** for april, may, and most of june. ok for a couple weeks in july, **** in august, and great in september. if he had been average - or even below average and not complete **** - in the first part of the year and not horrific, they are a playoff team. and he's making $22 million for the next three years? i doubt he opts out. but you never know with these guys and their agents.
  6. "hey salley, since were talking about colonics, can you speak for a minute about that **** call they made on laimbeer in game 6 against the lakers?"
  7. in the couple minutes i watched he was talking about colonics...so i went back upstairs. i was tempted to ask him about guarding mchale but thought that the time wasnt right.
  8. im skeptical of that.
  9. he's good in a year where he can opt out of his contract and possibly make more money? hmmm....never saw that coming.
  10. speaking of 80s super teams, john salley is at my company today giving a speech on living a healthy lifestyle.
  11. a few more home runs in non-clutch situations and they win a few more games. he was the worst hitter in baseball for 2/3 of the season.
  12. because he was so terrible for almost all of last year and his terribleness probably cost them a playoff spot.
  13. i refuse to live in a world where james mccann has a higher slugging percentage than miguel cabrera. these truly are the times that try men's souls.
  14. possibly. i'm not sure he has a position unless he gets stronger. he gets pushed around inside and isnt quick enough to guard anyone outside. if he becomes a dead eye shooter then he could be ryan anderson or robert horry. other than that, i think he might just be too slow to play nowadays.
  15. i agree that the 80s has super teams. the difference being they were put together organically through trades and drafts and not through players in their primes leaving to play with each other and chase rings. is that a big deal? i dont think so. i look forward to the western conference playoffs this year.