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  1. atlanta is the mirror image of detroit. bad defense and a talented offense. except they actually get to super bowls...
  2. Good to get a win, but that defense is going to get roasted by OSU. If they don't put at least 60 on Michigan it will be a good day for the secondary. They've got a really young team out there. Oh, and Daxton Hill might be hurt. Milton looked good for his first start. The oline blocked really well in the run game. Mason was great as a fullback. I think this game says more about Minnesota than Michigan. Last year was a fluke, fleck. Welcome back to reality.
  3. let us never again mention james franklin as a potential nfl coach, much less a potential detroit lions coach.
  4. economist study showing 56% of rejected mail in ballots are from minority voters. in states where there are close elections, small margins such as these may help republicans tip the elections in their favor given democrats' reliance on minority votes.
  5. true, but its not like he was lighting it up for his national team or for grand rapids before that. look, all players develop differently and he could turn out to be a really good goal scorer when paired with better linemates. but for the 6th pick in the draft who was talked about as someone being in play as early as #3, its disappointing to see that he hasnt dominated yet at any level, much less the nhl.
  6. toobin is different than, say, a minister caught doing something untoward or "immoral." toobin, while an insufferable ***, is paid to give political opinions about legal issues. that's much different than being a moral leader for a church (or even a president or important politician) who should theoretically be above reproach and someone whose behavior people should try to emulate. should toobin be allowed back in the public sphere? not according to the standards toobin set when talking about brett kavanaugh when toobin was on his high horse about republicans and allegations of sexual misconduct. he said his life should be ruined. so jeffrey, by your own standards you shouldnt be able to work again and your life should be ruined. got it.
  7. zadina is a disappointment so far, but its still early.
  8. that's a pretty good ratio considering how many schools there are. one can expect a few kids and staff to get it, but it sounds like any outbreaks are being contained and dealt with.
  9. both sports ruined by analytics.
  10. the district is still over 80% white. i dont trust it! scott frost probably lives (or visits) there. another reason not to trust it!
  11. maybe. obama barely won it once and got beaten pretty badly there by romney the second time. trump won it by 2 and a vast vast majority of the people who live there are white nebraskans. i dont trust white nebraskans.
  12. my bare minimum has him losing florida, arizona, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. trump's bare minimum has him losing all the states above plus texas, ohio, north carolina, georgia, iowa, nebraska 2 and all of maine. which is not out of the realm of possibility at this point, however unlikely. so biden definitely has a higher floor and a higher ceiling.
  13. another schism is coming. there is such a huge split on this issue between the old world/us and africa/asia/latin america. and the old world is becoming less religious while africa/asia are booming with converts. hopefully they move the pope to avignon again!
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