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  1. the one thing that worries me about campbell is that chris spielman just hired chris spielman. sometimes people in management see themselves in candidates and hire them for that reason, not because they're actually going to be good at what they're tasked to do. is campbell that kind of hire? dunno. i think the gm hire is much more important. campbell seems like a hands off coach and lets his coordinators run the show. works fine for other teams so it could work here. its all about the jimmys and joes!
  2. are you under the mistaken impression that i think avila is doing a good job? cause i dont that he is. i think he was dealt a bad hand and proceeded to play it poorly. the only good thing he's done has been hinch, imo (and he got hinch because no one else would touch him). everything else has been paint by numbers stuff that any gm could do ("oh, everyone has mize rated as the best prospect? i'll take him!"). i hope this supposed change in management and player development results in some improvement. what prospect do you give him real credit for? skubal? well, given his track record that seems more luck than anything else. i have always argued that the tigers were a poor organization who had an extremely talented general manager in identifying major league players in dave dombrowski and a motivated owner willing to pay big money for players. now they lost dombrowski and the owner is dead and you see where their inferior player development has really left them. there is no reason the tigers cant be the a's, rays, dodgers, cardinals, or any other team that finds talent and develops talent. but they dont. and they continue to not be able to do it. which is a long winded way of agreeing with you and wondering why you seem to think i dont.
  3. "do the things the twins did." what was that? i think we're all on the same page when we say that the tigers need to do a seriously better job at developing their own talent and identifying talented players. and i suspect we agree that avila has so far not shown that he has improved upon that aspect of the organization. which shouldnt come as a surprise considering he was a part of the last organization that also had so much trouble with that part of the game. thats why i think the recent moves with the major league management structure are the most promising. get some new blood and new ideas in the organization. at the end of the day sabre, you and i likely agree that avila should have been let go already.
  4. if they're not around .500 by 2022 or over 500 by 2023 he should be fired. hey, i thought he should have been fired a while ago. but i think he has made some good organizational moves since then. hinch was a really good hire and he seems to be putting together a good staff. i think avila is likely to be fired before the tigers get good again because i'm not sure all the pitching talent he acquired in the draft is going to turn out to be good quick enough to save his job (burrows flaming out and faedo not being good and then getting hurt really hurt).
  5. when the cubs brought in theo, he gutted the organization and established a development plan for prospects. the cubs tanked for 4 years and hit on all their top picks. but they were also able to sign and trade fringe veterans for useful pieces. that's the thing the tigers have not done yet. its still too early to write them all off. i think we can all now agree that the jd martinez trade was trash. the verlander trade doesnt look promising but its still too early to write those guys off. as noted above, paredes/candelario might be useful. they should start to be competitive in 2022. if not, then avila will likely be fired.
  6. with the tigers' terrible farm system and aging core of players, what did you want them to do? who did you want them to sign to stay competitive?
  7. they blew a 17 point 4th quarter lead tonight. that's pretty amazing tank action right there.
  8. i dont know, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of tanking, lol. well, that's what a lot of us were scratching our heads about during free agency. grant has been a good player for sure. plumlee has been decent too. but for what end? i still ask why trade brown for musa if youre just going to cut musa? why sign macgruder? why trade for dedmon just to stretch him? what was the point? you had cap space, but instead of using it to take other team's bad contracts to obtain draft assets, you used it to sign two vets in grant in plumlee. then you traded away your own assets to get two bigs in this year's draft who will sit and watch blake griffin hobble around for 33 minutes a night for two years and wont play much. if they can deal rose and ellington for some second rounders at least that will seem like a rebuilding success.
  9. Exactly. By picking in the top 5 for the last 5 years they actually now have top level prospects to look forward to. If there is any criticism of Avila it's that that's ALL they have (other than Skubal) and that none of their other picks appear to be panning out and the prospects from trades don't appear to be very good. But the top 5 picks are still well regarded, which is a lot better position than they were in a few years ago.
  10. its must be because they didnt "earn" their minutes. right del?
  11. nice loss. blake: 39 minutes. rose: 27 minutes. grant: 41 minutes. bey, sekou: 8 minutes. but i'm sure it's because sekou and bey didnt practice hard enough this week...
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