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  1. Player criticism is not "hating." Learn to make the distinction.
  2. Boozer is smart, and I give him credit. Anyone here would do the same. There is no such thing as corporate loyalty. You have to take care of yourself.
  3. Good young player, but not even close.
  4. Jose Valentin. Consistently good pop for a SS.
  5. I've been impressed by Omar Infante. Smart hitter and disciplined at the plate. Vina's injury was a blessing in disguise.
  6. Yes. It's called Chuck Knoblauch syndrome.
  7. It's not "hating." It's called pointing out a glaring team deficiency. We need to obtain a lead off hitter. Sanchez is a stop gap.
  8. Not really. 6 walks in 300 at bats by your lead off hitter is abysmal. Detroit hasn't had a skilled #1 hitter that knew how to work a pitch count since Tony Phillips.
  9. Flip that around. Hunter's base running savvy in his first season with Detroit (74 SBs in '97; 18 CS) was far superior to Sanchez's (54 SBs in '03; 24 CS). Don't be fooled by that .300+ batting average either. Take away the bunts -- where Sanchez is truly skilled -- and you have a poor man's Gary Pettis at best. If those hammy's continue to act up, he's of no value to this team.
  10. One trick pony -- speed -- with absolutely no plate discipline. He'll be gone next year.
  11. It also isn't bad. Weaver's a solid pitcher, just not an ace -- like a Walt Terrell or Milt Wilcox...
  12. Tear it down. I could sell chunks of it on ebay. I'd make a fortune!
  13. No way in hell in Turkey. Female models do not earn top dollar in Muslim societies.
  14. Ranked 31st out of 36 umpires by a USA Today player survey in 1999: http://www.spudart.org/blogs/angel_hernandez.php
  15. 1987 Twins broke my heart as a kid. Tigers need to take 3 of 4.
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