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  1. So let me get this straight: we traded Ian Krol for Miguel Cabrera?
  2. That helps a lot. Looking forward to talking with you guys, real Tiger talk. Thanks again!
  3. I'll be in Lakeland in a couple of weeks and need some help. Hopefully several of us can get together the week of March 3. What hotels are near the ballpark? Places to eat? Sportsbars? Other non Tiger things to do? That for your help.
  4. To support this... the Mariners gave him all of one hit support last night. Fister has to get down on his knees every night and thank God he does not have to put up with that EACH time he pitches.
  5. Granderson is such a super guy but I will never forget that day. Estrepe is still my favorite poster and I really felt like I lost a friend that day, even though we never met.
  6. My thoughts were he is a cheaper version of Carl Crawford. More stolen bases, team control for a little while, lower price tag, younger, (don't know about his defense???)has kind of worn out his welcome in Boston... I like the idea of 2 guys that have excellent speed at the top of the lineup...lots of triples and stolen bases... speed does not go into slumps...
  7. This was copied from mlbtraderumors.com: Jacoby Ellsbury's reportedly strained relationship with the Red Sox and his attractiveness to potential suitors make him a strong trade candidate this offseason, according to Paul White of USA Today. Boston GM Theo Epstein has hinted that the Red Sox roster is in need of a "restocking," according to White, and Ellsbury could be a good fit for the Padres, Diamondbacks, Angels, Braves, Mets and Cubs. Is this possible and what would it take to pull it off?
  8. This is really exciting! I REALLY like the idea of Crawford. Bat him second and wouldn't he and Jackson be fun to watch at the top of the lineup? WOW! The outfield defense would be awesome. Left and centerfield are huge at Comerica and those 2 guys will cover at lot of ground. Magglio in RF would be my preference or platoon Raburn/Boesch/Wells. Lineup would be something like this... CF Jackson LF Crawford RF Ordonez 1B Cabrera C Martinez DH Raburn/Boesch/Wells SS Peralta 3B Inge 2B Rhymes/Sizemore Nothing really new here. I just wanted to be a part of the excitement!
  9. I didn't read through the first two pages so if this has been said I apologize. Does this Damon scenario sound EXACTLY like the Pudge scenario a couple years ago? Inflating support when there is none...I have to give it up to Boras, he always seems to increase the market for his clients...but sometimes he fails...
  10. The more I think about this, the more I like it (depending on the $$$$ of course). It would almost guarantee Magglio does not hit the option for next year at $15M. The guy hits with authority and takes walks; he could hopefully teach guys like Jackson how to become more patient. He is a great role model.
  11. Thome is a great player but an even better person! He is not an elite player anymore but if you can get him for 1 year under $5 Million contract, I think you should do it! He would fit perfectly between Cabrera and Ordonez against RH and sit against LH. I like Thome a lot!
  12. This is a no-brainer. Sign him. If for no other reason than his wife would make the games sometimes...sign him... YOWZA!!!!
  13. "Cash considerations" is code for the Tigers will get nothing and like it!
  14. I heard on the radio broadcast yesterday that the WSox play 17(i think) games against Boston and New York (maybe the Rays also). The Tigers have 3 games left against those 2 teams (3 maybe).
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