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  1. Hopefully Topps uses this as an image for a Topps Now baseball card today.
  2. Care to expand? You being the in house scout....would certainly be helpful
  3. Probably overstating it a bit, but it leads to the same thing....not a quality MLB pitcher. Funkhouser just comes in and throws so many balls and it is unbearable to watch and Mize seems to be this way too. Am I missing something or does he have the ability to locate and command? I have watched him pitch at least 3 games in each of these formats...college, minors, Spring Training and MLB....and he has looked the same at each level. He has great movement and nice velocity, but he just cannot locate in the strike zone.(Movement does not seem to be as good this spring even) He depends on the batter getting themselves out by chasing out of the zone. If they don't, it seems the only pitch he can throw in the strike zone is a grooved pitch down the middle. Even in his no-hitter at Erie it was the same thing, but most of the hitters swung and missed out of the zone or were not good enough (minors for a reason) to hit the ball with enough authority for a base hit (I think there might have been a couple defensive gems by Erie in that game too). It may just be small sample size and I might have just seen him off in the games I watched. Even in the no hitter, I wondered why the other team was swinging at so many balls out of the zone (if you looked at the #'s, he had a great ratio I bet, but a good portion of the pitches were balls). In the big leagues, hitters aren't gonna fall for that too long. With all the video...they never did fall for it. So educate me....Broken or Funkhouser 2.0?
  4. Stewie and Bonafacio should be relegated to the bench for a while and let Hill get some ABs....he couldn't be worse than these other 2.
  5. I think it would be effective for ALL people. I see a lot of people wearing the mask only covering just the mouth or just the nose. I see people wearing gloves and touching everything including themselves and never changing their gloves (forget the gloves and just wash your hands frequently/use hand sanitizer frequently) . I see people crowding next to strangers. The disease is real. The disease is real contagious. The disease can be deadly (but not usually). Just use common sense. If basketball and football players are "in the bubble" and already confirmed disease free and stay "in the bubble"., why should they get it? Only by being outside "the bubble" or letting others in "the bubble". Now is it possible to actually achieve a bubble lifestyle for a season? I don't know.
  6. Sorry, wrong.....Wear mask, social distance AND wash hands very frequently and you cut your chances of exposure considerably. Myself and my wife work in the medical field. Each of us have been around hundreds to a thousand non-family member people. We and the people we work with have not been infected so far (think millions of interactions with all of these people). If the players and staff were following proper protocols to the letter, there would be virtually no infections for players. These organizations have much better care/testing than just about anybody on the face of the planet. Poor decisions by the players and staff members have led to these couple of teams being hit by this.
  7. Where are the "so called" Tigers Beat Writers....I have not read a single article talking about 2020 MLB Draft undrafted Free agent signings and why the Tigers have either not announced any or they have not signed any. I would think this would be an article that would be on the top of any sports journalists list.
  8. I was at the 1984 game against the Blue Jays where Dave Bergman had the long at-bat in extra innings...like 15 pitches...most foul balls I have ever seen in 1 at-bat...hits a game winning 2 out HR to right field. Epic AB.
  9. Like the Crow-Armstrong pick---Jimi Hendrix shirt...must be a wise dude, lol
  10. Is Matt Millen now in charge of the Tigers draft?
  11. Since the picks after the 5th round are all $20K max, players will want to sign with the big market teams and the teams that are viewed as ones with better player development systems...the Tigers are neither. The Yankees, Dodgers, etc will have the pick of the litter when it comes to post 5th round signers.
  12. Bad year for our Tigers to have the #1 pick.
  13. These 2 are the kind of guys AA needs to pick up to see what they have....probably better than at least 2 of the guys just traded for.
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