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  1. calpon

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    But for which teams will they be pitching for?
  2. calpon

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Precursor to a Boyd trade?
  3. Don't get me wrong...We are worlds better off now than just dealing with Average, RBI and HR and saying he looks good or bad on defense. But.... Offensive analysis has been very solid the past several years and this improves on it as it was obvious to me that the older models didn't tell all of the story. The true end all of analytics is when AI can be incorporated into video of all AB. Until then, we should not lean TOO heavily on analytics as being the ONLY thing to evaluate a player. Do get me started on defensive metrics...while useful to a degree, it is still in its infancy. Again, this will not be truly useful until AI and video is combined.
  4. calpon

    The argument for Nick Castellanos

    The only 1 I remember was 1 like many OF have had before.....running leap with arm over head...crash into wall...ball slips out of web over the wall when crash and catch happen almost simultaneously. Nothing like the famous Raburn clunker for a HR. Is there another 1?
  5. calpon

    The argument for Nick Castellanos

    LOL...even though I don't agree he is that bad...that is a funny statement After seeing the likes of Sheffield, Delmon Young and even Ryan Raburn (his legs got em there, but the brick on his hand let him down a lot) Nick C doesn't look too bad.
  6. calpon

    The argument for Nick Castellanos

    My opinion only.....I think that is an overstatement. He is not your ideal ball player in today's MLB, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. He would be useful to many teams. I think if he were a replacement level bat, he would not be in MLB because his defense leaves something to be desired. His offense can be tolerated, but would more tolerable in a smaller OF with 2 above average defensive outfielders around him.
  7. calpon

    The argument for Nick Castellanos

    I am glad some of you all don't run the team lol. The consensus here underrates his offense on a team devoid of offense. He is not a team carrying player, but he is a nice cog in a lineup. In Detroit, for last year and this year, he is being asked to be something that he is not. He is not the middle of the order, carry the team on you back hitter that Cabrera in his prime type hitters can be. He is the type of hitter to be paired with the Cabrera types. He has worth to just about any team not looking to fill the "stud" role. The consensus here overkill's his defense. Sure, he is no Willie Mays out there, but he is serviceable. I get you all love defensive metrics in whatever form you like, but the information that goes into those are not empirical (heck- a player can rate great on 1 and average on another)... It's more like judging a gymnastics event or diving competition instead of refing a wrestling match (Olympic, not WWF). Sure, it's useful info, but in its analytical infancy (compared to offensive analytics) it is more useful as a guidepost than as a concrete metric. At some point in the future, with AI help, we will have truly meaningful defensive metrics that actually indicate real world defensive aptitude. Until then, I think it is folly to rely on this as the basis of true defensive aptitude for a player. Put him in a smaller outfield with 2 good to great other outfielders and you would be good to go. In Comerica park, you would need 2 Willie Mays to hide his limitations lol. Any team with an average or smaller OF that needs a nice offensive piece could use a NC.
  8. calpon

    Now who'll be our slow dog?

    I know VMart had a very pedestrian last couple of years, but I am still glad he was a Tiger for some of his career. Last ever at-bat: Potentially last Baseball card Have a nice retirement on the ranch VMart!
  9. As this is worded....I don't like it initially. Fiers was useful for next year as well as finishing off this year with a major league arm. No problems for me if it is 2 players that have some upside, but if it is strictly cash...stupid move.
  10. Tigers can then pull him back or let him go for nothing other than $$$ savings.
  11. calpon

    Bosio Fired

  12. calpon

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Holy ****...6'10" pitcher...how tall was Randy Johnson?
  13. If the Tigers go for 2 in the rule 5, than it is a 3 for 1 trade. Who knows, maybe they strike gold with that pick? (A guy can dream, right?)
  14. I wouldn't say great deal, but as much as I liked Kinsler, he wasn't gonna be any help to the Tigers going forward so get what you can.