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  1. Where are the "so called" Tigers Beat Writers....I have not read a single article talking about 2020 MLB Draft undrafted Free agent signings and why the Tigers have either not announced any or they have not signed any. I would think this would be an article that would be on the top of any sports journalists list.
  2. I was at the 1984 game against the Blue Jays where Dave Bergman had the long at-bat in extra innings...like 15 pitches...most foul balls I have ever seen in 1 at-bat...hits a game winning 2 out HR to right field. Epic AB.
  3. Like the Crow-Armstrong pick---Jimi Hendrix shirt...must be a wise dude, lol
  4. Is Matt Millen now in charge of the Tigers draft?
  5. Since the picks after the 5th round are all $20K max, players will want to sign with the big market teams and the teams that are viewed as ones with better player development systems...the Tigers are neither. The Yankees, Dodgers, etc will have the pick of the litter when it comes to post 5th round signers.
  6. Bad year for our Tigers to have the #1 pick.
  7. These 2 are the kind of guys AA needs to pick up to see what they have....probably better than at least 2 of the guys just traded for.
  8. AA got more for NC than I thought he would. A decent amount less for Greene than I thought he would.
  9. Tigers need offense.....being the Tigers, they acquired mostly pitching. Surprised? Not me:(
  10. WOW...Geinke to Astros....is that true!!!
  11. Greene trade....Not a great return, but not as bad as I feared it would be.
  12. NC gone too...not in on deck circle?
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