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  1. These 2 are the kind of guys AA needs to pick up to see what they have....probably better than at least 2 of the guys just traded for.
  2. AA got more for NC than I thought he would. A decent amount less for Greene than I thought he would.
  3. Tigers need offense.....being the Tigers, they acquired mostly pitching. Surprised? Not me:(
  4. WOW...Geinke to Astros....is that true!!!
  5. Greene trade....Not a great return, but not as bad as I feared it would be.
  6. NC gone too...not in on deck circle?
  7. Wentz and Demeritte to Tigers
  8. Melacon trade not Greene trade
  9. I'd love that, but don't see AA pulling that off
  10. Braves are just as bad - beat writers
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