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  1. Sorry about the typo. It's hard to type when you have a 8 month old crying.
  2. The run game will mean nothing when there playing from behind like all of last year and if they do get a lead. What do you think the chances they hold onto it?
  3. I thought Schwartz said, "Running the ball and defense were the number one concerns." I see we really addressed that. I think it's safe to say a top 3 pick next year.
  4. This is what’s funny to me. Was Stratford the best QB in college this year? My answer is no, but everybody else has there own feelings. Was Jason Smith the best LT in college this year? From what I heard, Andre Smith was the best LT, until the end of the year, when he screwed up. Was Curry the best LB all year? Yes, so why take a number 2 LT or QB, when you can have the number 1 LB?
  5. People kept on saying Reggie Bush was the number one pick, but Houston went with Williams and it worked out better for Houston. The problem with top 5 picks is offensive players get more credit. Is it deserved, I'm not sure. The same situation happen on this board in 2003 when I mentioned taking Terrell Suggs. I was told he was undersized and wasn't worth the number 2 overall pick. Instead we took Charles Rogers. People love to put stock in the Best player availble, but it seems defenses win championships and offenses win games. The fact are defense was so terrible showed we couldn't even win one game. If Batimore can win a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer and the Colts finally win a Super Bowl after improving there defense drastically tells me one thing. The number one quaterback overall doesn't mean success. You have to have a solid defense if you want success in this league.
  6. I'm suprised nobody ever mentions Curry as the first pick, because if you take Curry and the best rated LB with the second pick in the first. I believe you've helped the team the most. I could care less about taking the best player available scenario. I understand that's how normal teams do it, but the Lions aren't normal. Strengthing the LB postion in the first round, would be my top priority. Curry, Sims, another first round LB, Dizon isn't the greatest LB crew out there, but can be solid and has potential. Also the 2nd and 2 third round picks should be on secondary help. More geared toward CBS. I'm not sure what the D-Line contracts are, but since we had a ton of them at the start. We would probably lose more cap room, by drafting a D-line men withing the first 3 rounds and cutting any of the rest. Also you can call me nuts, but if the present D-line core had a solid secondary. The D-Line stats would improve and all though they never will be great. They should be decent.
  7. How will Darko fit in the whole mix? We're not just going to let him walk away for nothing.
  8. emj742

    No firing...

    I agree with Cruzer that firing Mooch right now is a mistake. As for firing him after the season. I don't think Mooch is the problem. The bottom line is the players make the plays. It's not Mooch's fault on what happen in the 1st half yesterday. Coaches don't tell there players to turnover the ball. Mooch didn't tell Williams to fall or Bryson to fumble. Everybody seems to want Mooch's head and act like he's the whole reason the Lions are having a terrible season. How about trying these reasons dropped balls, injuries to defensive starters, bad play by Harrington before the benching, lack of leadership on the field, penalties the last few games, and so on. None of which can be blamed on Mooch. Even Hanson missing that FG in the first half against Chicago was a factor in the ose against Chicago. Before this season started I don't remmber anyone saying this team would only win 4 games and if you did. Then congrats, you saw something everybody else didn't see.
  9. I like Dave's response also. The one kid who has intrigued me is Painter from Vandy.
  10. If we cut Acker I doubt anybody would pick him up. If we cut Dupree, You know he would be picked up. My vote is for Dupree, because he's the better basketball player.
  11. For a big man, I think Darko handles the ball very well. I can't remember who was guarding him last night, but he did a spin move on a guy, which to me was very impressive. He was just so fast around the guy. I haven't really posted that much in a long time, but I just though this was a good what if question and thankfully. The responses have been very intelligent and insightful..
  12. Bogut was the first overall draft pick in 2005 Darko was the second overall draft pick in 2003 behind Lebron Both men are seven footers. Darko was drafted when he was 18 and both are basically the same age now. Bogut was basically an unknown until last year when he had a great season in college. So based on one year, Bogut was the first overall pick. Personally I feel Bogut is a Chris Kaman type. Has a great year and moves high up on the draft board, because of size. When you watch Darko now compared to two years ago, he looks like he belongs and is something special. The spin move, the blocks, the form on the jump shot, and his physical makeup are all NBA caliber. I do feel Darko will be a better player then Bogut.
  13. If Darko was in this years draft, who would you have drafted first overall? From what I've seen from the first two preseason games, Darko is a different man out there. I also believe he will be a much better player then Bogut.
  14. Cruzer this is the type of info I'm looking for. Thank you. I know he signed a 6 year contract with a $14.4 Million signing bonus. Does the $8 Million you speak of Cruzer only count towards the base salary or does any of it affect the signing bonus? To cut him after this year would it cost the Lions $7.2 million ($14.4/6*3 years left)?
  15. OK guys back to business, does anybody know the terms of Rogers contract? Is there a voidable clause after 3 years? What would the salary cap hit be?
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