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  1. He went off on Jeff Riger from 97.1 It was another innocent question being asked.
  2. they debuted the new song yesterday on Squizz (xm48) It was lackluster at best.
  3. Yeah it used to be. Used to go there all the time as soon as I got my license. I miss it.
  4. Any godsmack, Rob Zombies live album, and Prodigy.
  5. I have all of those on my truck already. It would just be tacky to have them on the bike too.
  6. I was thinking those would be good places to get them, I want to find some on-line resources in case I don't catch one in a state.
  7. Hey guys I need help finding some bumper stickers. I am riding my motorcycle from Metro Nashville to Higgins Lake to go camping with some friends, and then to see my brother in Conn. I made some saddle bags out of some ammo cans, and want to put state bumperstickers on them as I pass through the state. i have googled state bumper stickers and all I get are sites with political stickers. Anyone know any good sticker sites? Thanks in advance!
  8. ...you don't just walk into Mordor
  9. Just regurgitating what the psych prof taught us.
  10. retarded is the clinical term. special is the pc term
  11. I saw a picture where she was younger, and imho smokin' hot. previous statement no my caption, but a statement.
  12. I would say that it is back to normal, everyone is happy with the current ownership group. We are all excited and there is a lot of Preds gear out. I'm glad the Preds made the Playoffs with the stripped down team, hopefully that shows some free agents that we have a good core, and are a playoff worthy team. I can't wait to see what we get this off season...not that I want it to come too soon.
  13. Yeah they were saying on the radio down here that Leggie and Gelinas will be in the D, but will probably not play. We took Sullivan up there too for some reason not that he will see the ice. What the hell is a back spasm, and why does it take years to recover from it? As far as sucking it up the last game of the season to play the wings...I'm glad it turned out this way, seems every game I have been too along with the last 2 post seasons we have played the Sharks, I just want to see a different jersey at this point. Go Preds!
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