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  1. I have an idea for a quick turnaround. Maybe we can get everybodys favorite commisioner to threaten to move the team. Hey, it worked for the TWINS.
  2. OK, let's face it. Money is driving this woman at the moment, and if I were her, I can't say I'd do it any differently. I just wish the courts had something in place where any amount of financial support to a minor over a certain amount, went into a trust fund. Like in this case say half went to a fund for the kid and the other half to the mother. There you have it. PS, get the operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I was trying to be nice. Bottom line is we have too many injuries on a team that could not afford any.
  4. Lima increases the team ERA about 1.23 points.
  5. Good idea! Rolen is unhappy with the Phils and he's 1) good, 2) young 3) we could use a good 3rd baseman.
  6. I still think Hampton is not a wise choice. I happen to be a Mets fan too and remember all to well how Hampton was B plus A minus pitcher in nice weather, but when it got cold his game brought him to a D grade. He went to NY from Houston, cause he did not want the short outfield, so the Motown City looks good from that perspective, but the cold Springs and early falls in Detroit don't look good. I will bet you anything but my Mark F. Rookie Card that he does not go to a cold weather team nor a short outfield. (OK I'm kidding - No Rookie Card of the Bird)
  7. Hampton stinks when it gets below 50 degrees.
  8. Rivera does let the ball get past him, but his bat has looked good and his throwing out runners is good. The funny thing about Meluskey is we are all concerned about his shoulder and he goes and plays great D. Throwing out about what 60 percent of the runners and blocking the plate well. Now he's out and it has nothing to do with his shoulder. I guess he'll be back sometime in May and that'll be good.
  9. Rivera will have to hit over 300 to be in the top 3.
  10. I did not take it as a rip into Meluskey. Hey, I think most of us are fans of both. Looks like Rivera will be getting most of the chances for a least this week. If they go with Mike at C then I really feel Mitch should get some solid DH work. My guess is they are both ment to be in the big show, so why not play both and trade one for some pitching or a 3rd baseman.
  11. I don't think it is so much as the Tigers not having faith in Rivera, but look at the numbers. They have both crushed the ball in the minors, not just Rivera Meluskey hit over .350 in both AA and AAA, and also has a full season in the majors with great numbers. The team traded for him and it was his job last year until he got injured. I personaly think that they should both bat everyday.
  12. Shoot, the way the season has been going it's nice we have the problem of having 2 catchers that seem to be good enough to play.
  13. I hate that both Meluskey and Rivera are not playing every day. Rivera is young, but his bat is speaking, Meluskey has a history of being a solid hitter, with a great OBP and super clutch hitting. I liked the earlier mention of Catch one and DH the other and alternate weeks. Hey, If your concerned about Meluskey's shoulder than Make it 3 days and build it up to a week. Bottom line is switching back and forth., day to day is not good for finding a groove.
  14. Sad thing is, I bet the players wouldn't mind being traded. How'd you like to go from the Tigers to the Indians?
  15. If money were no issue, I'd bench Palmer and Lima. Odds are, they will still get there chances 'cause they cost us so much. Hopefully they can show us something and then I'd dump them. If it were just about winning? I'd dump Palmer and Lima, Bench Halter and give him utility work for now. I'd bring up some talent from the farm, trade for a decent starter and veteran replacement to play third. Someone like a Ventura. I believe the team has 60 to 75 percent of a good squad. I think we are unfortunatly 2 starting pitchers, a bullpen worker and 2 everyday players away from being a threat to win a title. This won't happen 'cause it is a lot to do and I don't think there is talent like that for sale out there. For now though there needs to be a little shake-up to get the engine moving.
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