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  1. If MSU played Ohio State, MSU would be 10-2 right now and would still be waiting for a Big Ten championship. Enjoy your co-championship. Why would a BCS bowl want a team that lost by 30 points to an un-ranked team? Iowa went conservative too or it would have been a worse loss. You mention the PSU in which Ohio State was down 14-3 going into the half... well Ohio State had the game won by the 3rd quarter. That's a testament to how good they are - they shook off the rust after a bye week to put away a team in 1 quarter. You also bring up the blocked PAT by Wisky to win over ASU... if MSU doesn't block that punt by Purdue, they're looking at a 10-2 season. You know that same team Ohio State beat 49-0. While you're talking about schedules... I don't see you bringing up the FCS team Sparty beat. Scheduling even the biggest cupcake FBS team would have been an improvement.
  2. Here's why Michigan State won't get the at-large over Ohio State - Ohio State lost on the road to Wisconsin, the number 5 team in the country in a night game by a margin of 13 points whereas MSU lost on the road to Iowa, an unranked team, where Iowa dominated every part of the game and MSU lost by 31! - Ohio State pretty much dominated everyone else they played except Iowa/Illinois - Ohio State stands at number 2 in Total Defense... in the country. MSU comes in at #31 - Ohio State comes in at #3 in Scoring Defense where MSU comes in at #24 - Ohio State comes in at #10 in Scoring Offense.... MSU is #39 - Ohio State is #17 in Total Offense... MSU is #34 - Ohio State is #14 in Rushing Offense... MSU is #41 - Ohio State is #6 in Rushing Defense... MSU is #20 - Ohio State is #6 in Passing Defense... MSU is #49 - Ohio State came in as Pre-season number 2 after dominating Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State and Oregon virtually returned the same teams with a few losses. This is the same Oregon team who will most likely be playing in the National Championship. - MSU pre-season ranking wasn't great after losing in their bowl game from last season. - While Eastern Michigan and Marshall certainly aren't teams to brag about beating, they're better than any FCS team. Here's MSU argument: - We beat Wisconsin - Iowa never happened - North Colorado State or whatever FCS team that was never happened - MSU beats Ohio State in passing offense. MSU is #45, Ohio State is #55. - We beat Wisconsin Sparty - this is going to be arrogant but I'll say it anyways. Be happy about the Capital One Bowl and having a share of the Big Ten Championship. If you played Ohio State, you probably wouldn't be able to claim a share of your guy's first Big Ten Championship since 1990. This is MSU's 7th overall Big Ten Championship for Football... Jim Tressel has won 7 Big Ten Championships in the last decade. MSU was the last team to control their own destiny and crapped the bed at Iowa.
  3. Congrats Sparty. I'm truly happy for Dantonio - he's a great coach.
  4. Another thought... You gotta feel great for Justin Boren. Michigan fans rip him apart but he's been a great player, a great leader, and overall a positive addition to the team. Apparently he's too lazy for Rich Rod's system but was a perfect fit for Tressel's system. Or he left because RR didn't offer Zach Boren because he wasn't good enough for Michigan but he is good enough to play (and start) for the Buckeyes. Since leaving Michigan, he was a part of 3 Big Ten champion teams (counting 2008 as a scout team participant), beat his former team 2 times, and won a Rose Bowl. I'm also pretty glad Zach Boren is a Buckeye. He's probably the best fullback in the NCAA. Eh I'll stop by every now and then. I have some free time due to the holiday but I have a lot going on in my life right now that I don't get much down time to surf the internet between my job, fiancée, and other activities. Who'd knew that once you get engaged, wedding planning takes a large chunk of your time and savings... I wish we just would elope.
  5. Awesome game. Beating Michigan never gets old. I've been to 6 of the last 7 in a row wins and 7 of Tressel's 9 wins. It's amazing for these seniors - Big Ten champs every year they've been here along with wins over Michigan. I didn't think Michigan's FG game was that bad - they left too many points on the board. I was expecting more offense out of Michigan too. I think Ohio State has built their defense to beat the spread offense and now the traditional power football like Wisconsin gives them problems. The officiating in this game absolutely terrible. The holding called on Sanzenbacher on Boom Herron 98 yard run was terrible. The un-sportsman like calls after the TDs were total crap too. Go Bucks!
  6. By the way - Gee isn't saying Boise/TCU aren't good teams but when your yearly schedule consists of New Mexico State, San Jose State, Louisiana Tech, Hawai'i, Idaho, Frenso, Nevada, and Utah State - a good team like Boise/TCU gets the benefit of if they have an off day, they still are very likely to win. Purdue, Penn State, Iowa, Northwestern, etc - they have the talent to pull off an upset if Ohio State has an off day. They also have better physical talent and the players absorb the physical punishment.
  7. So if they're for real, go to Columbus, Tuscaloosa, State College, Knoxville, etc. Play powerhouse programs and get a large pay day. You actually strengthen the arguments of the historical powerhouse teams with this - they can't afford to go play non-conference games at small schools because their facilities can't seat enough people for what these teams draw. They would lose too much money. TCU had their chance to play the Buckeyes - they backed out. See my link. TCU is all talk.
  8. Ohio State funds their ENTIRE athletic program from the revenue they make from football. They need the home games or take road games that make financial sense - USC, Texas, Miami, etc. Programs that have stadiums with capacities that exceed 40k seating capacity. If Boise St had a facility that fit more than 33k people, maybe they'd go to Boise. But when Ohio State draws triple the seating capacity of what Boise St stadium can hold just for a spring game - there is no point to go play Boise at their pathetic stadium. By the way - Ohio State wanted to play TCU but TCU backed away http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2009/11/in_chasing_bcs_glory_did_tcu_m.html And Boise State thinks the same thing about small stadiums... Petersen sees no reason to play rivalry game in Moscow | Arbiter Online You want respect from BCS conferences? Come play here. Don't cry about not getting a return visit until you have the necessary facilities to accommodate them.
  9. By the way - any visitors coming to Columbus for The Game? Stop by Section 28AA row 2 and come find me.
  10. Did you guys miss me? I know Buddha did. Anyways I don't know the last time I came around but it's that time of year when I think about all of my "friends" here. I don't really have any trash talking to add other than Go Bucks! And while we're on subject of the 2006 teams.... The National Championship and Rose Bowl of 2007 would be two totally different games if it wasn't for the 50 day layover Ohio State and Michigan faced. If those games were played at the end of November after both teams were hitting on all cylinders, I think both team would have won their respective games. That just leads to the phrase "if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas". Players like Troy Smith enjoyed the Award Ceremony Circuit a little too much and ate a little too much In-N-Out Burger and showed up out of shape against Florida.
  11. So here's the thread to say it. How many wins will Michigan need next season to have a successful season and if Rich Rod doesn't get his team to that point, do you want him fired?
  12. Nice win over UCONN but seriously rushing the court?
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