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  1. Usually the reason for the knuckle curve is the size of the hands (small). It helps the pitcher get on top of the curve in their motion. I havent seen him pitch yet but are his hands that small or is he lazy with his motion?
  2. I always liked Leyland. Although I was disappointed when he lost his focus and retired. I guess its harder then it looks trying to keep focused with a positive attitude when the rest of the organization is going crazy
  3. C - Bill Freehan 1B - Greenberg 2B - Gehringer SS - Trammell 3B - Kell OF - Kaline CF - Cobb OF - Crawford SP - Hal Newhouser SP - Denny McClain RP - Hiller Team of Favorites (only players I have seen play) C - Lance Parrish/Dick Brown 1B - Norm Cash 2B - Jake Wood SS - Chico Fernandez 3B - Steve Boros OF - Al Kaline OF - Rocky Colovito OF - Bill Bruton SP - Frank Lary SP - Hank Aguirre RP - Ed Rakow RP - Terry Fox
  4. Does anybody remember a 2nd baseman named Ike Brown. He was such a showboat I think he was nicknamed Showboat. With all that concidered man could he ever hit.
  5. Thank you for starting another of my favorite threads Biggie. Here goes. Not the best team but some of my favorite players from the team I've followed for much of my brief life. 1st base. Has to be Norm Cash. He could have been one of the greastest ever to play the game. Instead he chose to party his way to just being good. He proved one of the things my Dad used to tell me all the time "You cant play this game at that level and drink like you do" to be false. He was right in my case but watching Norm proved him wrong. 2nd base. Jake Wood. He could light up the whole stadium when he started to run the bases. He also could hit some to, but his fielding kept him out of the lineup most days. SS. Has to be Alan Trammel. He was like watching a machine out there. Man could he hit. So much better the Ripken it hurts not to have him elected to the Hall. 3rd base. Bubba Phillips. He wasn't the best but he was fun to watch play that position. LF. Goes to the Rock. Rocky Colovito. After watching him pick a ball up at the wall in leftfield and throw it into the stands along the firstbase line, priceless. Also could hit the heck out of the ball, not always when you needed it but still enough to excite the crowd. CF Bill Bruton. Maybe the best fielding centerfielder we've ever had. I know Chet was great to but Bill used to do things no one else could do and he made it look easy. RF Al Kaline. Enough said. Starting pitching Frank Lary. Always gave his best. One tough nut to crack, especialy for the Yankees (Yankee Killer was his nickname). Paul Foytack. Had maybe the best arm this organization has ever seen but no one knew which Paul would show up, not even Paul knew. One of his best games came after he stayed out all night and was hung over so bad he wasn't sure he could make it to the mound with out barfing. LOL! You have to add Micky Lolich to this group. Great arm but couldn't figure out how to win. Thank God for John Sain, he turned Micky into one of the best. To bad team couldn't match his ability he would have added alot more wins. Relief Pitcher. Terry Fox. Had one of the best curveballs ever. To bad his arm was so sensitive, never lived up to his ability due to injuries. Ed Rakow. I love this guys name and he wasn't to bad a pitcher if I remember correctly. John Hiller. Man did I love watching this Canadian get people out. (I think He was from Canada). He was one of the better pitchers on a team that had great pitching. Well theres my list. I hope I reminded some of us what a great and storied team we've fielded in just my brief time watching them. PS: Jerry Lumpe was a good one Biggie. We got him and Dave Wickersham and Ed Rakow in a trade I think.
  6. isnt it a shame we had to break the bank and bust are rearends on the field to achieve the distinction of being as bad as the Indians in the 80's. LOL
  7. YES! And I cant tell you how hard it is to accept this reality.
  8. Sad but true. You raised a really good point on the state of our minor league system. As far as the ML roster, deal the ones with value that have no future here.
  9. I afraid your right on Monroe. The Tigers know Granderson cant play CF but there cant be anyone else even close to being a CF in the minors or Granderson wouldnt be out there. If he doesnt hit for more power he wont be a corner outfielder either.
  10. Agreed. He used to be a great RF with his arm an all but the knee has limited his range to zilch. If he comes around he plays the position as well as anybody, (geez I hope his knee comes around). As far as the others there is no one else who can even defend the ground their standing on. Logan may become a good to great CF, only experience will bring the skill out of him. To bad we have to endure the growth period. As far as the rest, they should have to donate to the pitchers fund to pay for the psychiatrist they need after a game.
  11. richardrose


    Iv'e finally gotten a chance to watch this Tiger team and see for myself if they can break the .500 mark or not. After watching them in the Seattle series the results are in. Its the fielding thats going to keep them at .500 or below. No amount of good pitching can overcome a bad fielding team. There is no amount of clutch hitting that can make up for poor fielding. No matter how good you hit and pitch the poor fielding will always find a way to through the game the other way.
  12. Wrong! Ichiro has by far the worst swing in the history of the game. LOL But Vlad is trying for second
  13. Heres another unforgetable we had. Dave Wickersham.
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