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  1. My Prediction (Michigan Fan who hasn't been around much in the past few years): MSU wins by a touchdown due to a completely avoidable turnover. A really dumb interception when Gardner is trying to throw the ball away. I think JayVee's prediction of MSU 20 - UM 14 is pretty accurate.
  2. If anyone has a stream to this, I'd really appreciate a PM. Thanks
  3. No of course not. It's the only example I remember because it was an idiotic decision then and it's an idiotic decision now.
  4. Lloyd Carr Michigan Daily Link However, he was told it may not be renewed. I have no idea if it was renewed or not. Edit/Note - I am a Michigan fan.
  5. Good enough reasoning for me. Thanks.
  6. Just curious, how come you didn't feel this way about the Big Ten Championship from last year? Is it because you actually beat Wisconsin (a valid reason) or because the three way tie makes sharing it better? MSU lost the tie-breaker, just like Michigan would this year. By the way, I don't think Michigan should get a trophy if it comes down to it, but I didn't think Michigan State should last year either.
  7. Sure. There are some of us who root for Michigan State as long as they aren't playing Michigan.
  8. The way this game has played out so far, I don't think there are many people who would be upset if this was a preview of the Big Ten Championship Game. MSU's defense is playing even better than last week.
  9. Good lord, there are Michigan fans on MGoBlog seriously advocating for calling Jim Delaney to complain about Vernon Gholston. Call Jim Delany - Promote Safety not Victory | mgoblog (The website has been having issues since the game ended)
  10. Many, many MGoIdiots tend to forget that Brian Cook has never played a down of football in his life. (I can make fun of my own team's fans in the MSU thread, can't I?) Now I haven't either, but I don't pretend like I know how to break down a football game. You can only learn so much reading SmartFootball blogs each week.
  11. Any guesses on if Gholston will be suspended for the punch? Traditionally the Big Ten gives a 1 game suspension for that sort of stuff. I think you've got a shot next week, your defense is pretty nasty.
  12. I know you didn't watch but I just wanted to point out, Michigan only gave up 68 yards in non-garbage time in the second half. (Not counting NW's last drive of 78 yards when Michigan was up by 22 points with 2.5 minutes to go.
  13. Isn't that Kitna2Furrey or whatever that crazy dude's name was?
  14. In the post-game press conference, Hoke said he could have gone back in if the game started again.
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