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  1. Ending catastrophic predictions seems like a decent idea given the whole Bondo thing. Actually, wishful thinking... Nate Robertson is caught running a male prostitution ring out of the back of a Little Caesar's. That would be good.
  2. This makes me oh-so-happy. What a wasted season.
  3. This is amazing news. If these guys can come back and pitch close to what we know they're capable of, we will have a rock solid pen. Now I would love to see how Zoom's curve looks, but I won't get too ahead of myself. Oh, and Cruceta is the real deal. He'll still be up here.
  4. I'm not saying he will be a bad hitter. From what it looks like, he will be a solid one. I just don't think he's going to be a star. Maybe like a Rusty Greer type of player.
  5. He looked bad, but he's under an enormous amount of pressure, too. Nobody likes stealing money, and he knows that's what he's doing if he can't perform. He'll rise above it soon enough, he just needs three or four good outings in relief. Plus, relieving is a different mindset than starting. He probably is more comfortable starting.
  6. First base is also a completely different animal than shortstop. I played a lot of first base... just the whole concept of picking the ball out of the dirt contrasts greatly with fielding a ground ball at shortstop. Why has Cabrera learned it so much quicker? I really can't answer that. But it's difficult going from the most on-the-move infielder to a relatively stationary one. That's probably a little nit-picky though. Guillen's batting numbers were terrible at Seattle when he played 3B, and he wasn't a great fielder -- but he has evolved since then. A lot of his poor numbers can also be attributed to his party-hearty attitude with best buddy Freddy Garcia. Splitting those two up help their careers immensely. Guillen is just plain slowing down. He can't get down for those grounders as easily as he used to -- it's a lot of wear and tear on knees. His arm also isn't the strongest, but we knew that (it doesn't help that Renteria's arm is even worse). Let's face it -- Guillen is here for his bat.
  7. Let's take this all slowly, people. Joyce is not Cabrera. He will not be better than Cabrera. It's definitely not an excuse, but Miggy doesn't know these AL pitchers like he knew NL pitchers. I think we're just now starting to see some semblance of consistency out of Cabrera, and I wouldn't be surprised if he eclipsed .300 by the end of June. His power numbers aren't where they should be (well, none of his numbers are), but he's also had to learn how to play first base, so it's not like he's under the same practice regimen as he has been for the past few years. Let's also not forget how this whole team was struggling, and when your whole team is down it tends to be epidemic. The Tigers have been pressing this year, and it's led to a lot of impatience at the plate. This has allowed pitchers to get in rhythm and stay in games longer. That's no secret. But once this team starts hitting consistently (we can only hope to play Seattle 100 more times), Miggy will catch on, too. Now, for Joyce -- he hits the ball hard. I remember I was at the Saturday Yankees game and before his first AB of the game my friend said "Who is this loser?" Joyce was batting .222 at the time, it was his first week with the club. I told my friend "He hasn't had a lot of balls drop in, but when he hits it, he hits it." Lo and behold, he hit a home run on the next pitch. Joyce will likely slow down. Much like Cabrera isn't used to AL pitchers yet, AL pitchers don't really know how to pitch Joyce yet. But they'll figure it out, and ABs will get tougher for Joyce (remember Chris Shelton?). But one thing that Joyce has that will keep him on the roster is his glove and his cannon.
  8. I think my favorite offseason quote from Leyland was that Neifi Perez would have to "play himself out of a roster spot." How did that not happen? And although Joe Table has been God-awful thus far, he does have mid-90s heat. I'm hoping he can turn it around--he's been a decent pitcher throughout his career, and I think this is all just a matter of settling in. Neifi, you are the weakest link (bet you haven't heard that one in a while). Good bye.
  9. I am the hockey beat writer for The State News and had the pleasure of covering this game. Wow, what an experience. This crowd was simply electric. Easily the best day of my life.
  10. Bondo is a good pitcher, I wouldn't trade him for a streaky Teixiera. He just has that fiery mentality and is a terrific power pitcher to complement softer throwers like Rogers and Robertson (granted, we have Verlander and soon Miller to do the same thing).
  11. Heh, good luck Baltimore. I hope to God they realize he is the epitome of gas can if they throw him into the fire against righties. I've never been a Walker fan, I think we could find a lefty who could get the occasional righty out, too. $4 million per year was just way too much. Sorry Jamie, bye bye.
  12. This is a fine deal. No, it's not the power bat we necessarily coveted for the first base position, but we have Sheff, Guillen, Inge and Mags to do that. And yes, Monroe will be back, too...and we all know that he only swings for hte fences. We have power, I think consistent hitting was our biggest issue this postseason and season. In mid-August, Monroe was hitting around .280. Maggs went off the deep-end after the All Star break and only regained his form late in the season. Although he was a rookie, Granderson hit a huge slump and didn't really break out of it until the postseason. Casey is consistent, he gets base hits. It's guys like Polanco and Casey who allow us to score runs by getting on base with consistent base hits.
  13. I think this is the essential argument. I guess the saying goes that you can never have too much pitching, but it sure does suck for those guys who are the weaker part of the surplus. Put him on a staff like Washington, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, or Pittsburgh and he can be anywhere between the 3rd and 5th pitcher in the rotation. I still don't like him a whole lot, I don't think he brings anything really special, but in increasingly smaller ballparks, demand for sinkerballers will be high and there will be a place for them.
  14. Zach Miner...with his 91 mph "heat" and his amazingly linear breaking ball. It's safe to say he sucks. Package him and Crazy Willy in a deal for Adam Laroche. With Bonderman, Verlander, Miller, and Robertson, I think we are solid enough if we can get something decent in return for Miner.
  15. I think the Chi Sox fans are the biggest low lives in baseball. They are plastered by the top of the 2nd and they are foul mouthed and rude. I cringe every time I am near a Chi Sox fan and their sweaty, grimey personas really get to me.
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