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  1. For your New York sports coverage especially the Mets: NY Sports Day
  2. http://www.mofosports.net/news/combined/1099210820.html
  3. http://www.mofosports.net/news/chicago/1096363349.html
  4. http://www.mofosportsboston.com/news/combined/1093940550.html I thought you might enjoy this
  5. I interviewed the former Tiger the other day, so I think you may enjoy this: http://www.mofosports.net/news/combined/1088659175.html
  6. And we wish you luck with the rest of the season. Joe MOFO Sports
  7. Why? Well since I am exchanging links with your board, I figured we can discuss the teams we are playing.
  8. I don't think you read my post Mike Piazza is the regular 1B now (and you can complain all about his defense there you want - he's not that good) so put him in the mix. Phillips is behind the plate. Reyes will be playing tomorrow so Zeile will go to the bench where he belongs and Wiggy back to third. So this is a different Met team then you are talking about.
  9. Wrong, Leiter missed four starts this year and is pitching well. He hasn't been shelled since 2001 and has had all of three bad starts all year. And this year he leads the league in ERA and the Mets staff leads the league in ERA Cliff Floyd or did you forget about him? We shall see with Hidalgo. Maybe off Piazza, but he will only be catching tonight. Jason Phillips is an excellent defensive catcher. So if "Piazza is the offense" as you said and he is mainly playing first then how is it the worst offensive IF in baseball. Besides Jose Reyes should be back tomorrow.
  10. Yeah, Piazza ceremony will attempt to get more people to the park. Instead of 20,000 people there may be the Mets may get 35,000 people. No need to do it against the Yankees, Phillies or Braves or teams that will sell well. No offense, but looking at the schedule the Tigers would be a tough sell in their own right.
  11. From your Mets fan opponents at MOFO Sports NY
  12. I was down in Philly on Business and posted these on myt site. Enjoy! http://mofosports.net/photo/thumbnails.php?album=29
  13. I caught for 10 years and my knees and back went. My postition right now DH/1B
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