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  1. Great pitching beats great hitting, think Schilling and Johnson over the Yanks, that Diamondback team did not exactly mash.
  2. Sorry, I gotta go but I enjoyed the beating
  3. Yes, you're suggesting we only have Lee for 3 months and I'm saying he could get us to the WS, sorry if I misinterpeted your post
  4. With Verlander and Lee, UM Yes!!!!!!!!
  5. And maybe make the WS, isn't that what they play for
  6. Valid arguments indeed
  7. The price for Haren will be much higher given his contract status, thus being part of the debate. For the 100th tim I love to have Haren also
  8. Duh, youz gize is just way smarter than me, I sorry I try to say my opinion
  9. I'm married to the queen of sarcasm, I recognize when I see it, my response was a poor attempt at humor
  10. I knew I' convince you sooner or later, this was fun guys I love a good debate and for the record I'd love to have Haren
  11. Thus making it debateable
  12. So his era would be 4.33 instead of 4.56, I was not far off with that .20.
  13. It's a debateable argument I agree it's not a slam dunk. I'm just saying when you have the opportunity I think you have to go for it, and who's to say if he came here and liked it Lee might not sign here. I just think it's a risk worth taking and I'm old enough to remember the Alexander/Smoltz deal.
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