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  1. Does anyone know if Calvin Johnson even had "Johnson Jr." On the back of his jersey ? Either in college or with Detroit ? If so, details please
  2. I love Ilitch as much as the next guy. He's been ideal for the Wings and the Tigers, but let's not forget his "Cuppy, Cuppy, Cuppy" when Modano signed in Detroit last summer.
  3. Max Scherzer for Brandon Phillips ? It makes sense to me, for both sides. yes or no ?
  4. I may have missed this, but I haven't seen a post or a discussion about who will be on the roster for the first round of the playoffs. who do you think will be on the roster and left off. The Locks 23 Verlander Fister Max Porcello Velverde Benoit Alburquerque Coke Pauley Schlereth Avila V-Mart Cabrera Santiago Raburn Peralta Betimet Inge Maggs Jackson Young Kelly Dirks The Decisions 2 Guillen or Santos Penny or Perry Guillen's pretty limited in what he can do, but he's a veteran with some pop off the bench. The team played the whole season with one catcher, logic would dictate, they could do the same in the playoffs. If, errr when, they make the World Series they can re-set their roster and a 2nd catcher might be more important in the late innings of games played in NL parks. I'm still not sure if I trust Perry in late innings, tho he has been much more effective as of late it seems. Penny has post season experience, but if he comes out of the bullpen, he'll be asked to assume a role he is not accustom to, having only relieve 4 times, in 320 games in the bigs. Could be a mop up man ? Did I miss anyone, make any glaring ommissions ?
  5. I just got an old BB, prior to that I never thought I'd be one of these guys, but, now, I am. Are there any Apps for the local teams ? I can only really find one for the Free Press. I was kind of hoping to find a U or M one, but I searched GoBlue, U or M, Wolverines, but nothing. Thanks for any help you may have to offer.
  6. I remember a few years ago when Logan played for the other Lions, in the CFL. He was a one year wonder. He was more of an RB then a receiver. If I'm not mistaken he started out pretty well as a returner in Pittsburgh last year. So, he's versatile, I suppose, which may help if Detroit sticks with only 4 WRs.
  7. For real ? I dated a woman once w/ eyes that were different colours....it was a chore to look into her eyes and to let on that it wasn't a distraction.
  8. Maybe Carlos taking balls at second last night answeres the question of who will go down when Guillen comes up. Sizemore. Does anyone think that Raburn has any trade value what-so-ever ?
  9. I didn't see a post on this yet ... it looks like it was posted at rotoworld a few hours ago. Apologies if this has already been put somewhere. Rotoworld : National Football Post:
  10. Tom Brookens is all for Tom Brookens to be the next Tigers field boss.
  11. Schefter tweeted (twitted ?) that Flo and Ken Hamiltin have been /will be released by the Boys. Should the Lions be intereted in either/both ?? "well, kiss my grits"
  12. Can someone compare Cromartie to Houston please. Who is the better cover guy/tackler/team player ? Are the Lions better off w/ Houston ?
  13. What's the view of the Draft-Niks on this cat ? I remember all the stories of him going to England, after his final collegiate season, as a Rhodes Scholar. Now he's back, playing in the Senior Bowl and up for the draft. I've seen/read a few interviews w/ him this week and he's a treat to listen to. Character and personality wise, the Lions could do alot worse then selecting Rolle. However, looking at him for nothing more then his on field abilities, where do you guys see him being drafted. And, will he go higher or lower this year, then if he had come out after the 2008 season . Peace ..
  14. Ditto for me w/ Bills tix in Buffalo. The House of Chan .
  15. +1 It seemed like all day yesterday the Lions were starting drives inside of their own 15 while da Bears were starting theirs at mid field. Not to mention the return for a TD and (once again) a handful of penalties when the Lions were returning kicks.
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