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  1. This is my hope as well. Houston caves Boyd, for Tucker and a couple other lottery tickets and Casty to Cubs for Brennan Davis.
  2. https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-xpm-2002-07-28-0207290369-story.html
  3. This is what I remember too.
  4. Darn! I live downtown but will be in St Louis over the weekend Enjoy your time back!
  5. Which is fine. The Mets will not deal with the Yankees and it is still a sellers market. Will be interesting to see how the next few days unfold. I'm perfectly ok with Boyd staying a Tiger too.
  6. Boyd gives up a HR in 3..2..1... Hope I'm wrong.
  7. I saw this too, add in Bauer's antics today, the Giants still in the race, along with 2 solid starts in a row for Boyd, and this is all great news for the Tigers. Al can just wait to see what Hou/Atl/NYY/Mil/ etc offer for Boyd with the worst case being he remains a Tiger. However, Al will find a way to screw this up.
  8. Edgar. However in 1977 this guy seemed to be in every pack of baseball cards I bought:
  9. I tuned in to watch Boyd for his possibly last start at home and ended up getting sucked in by a pretty good baseball game.
  10. I was just thinking maybe this deal with the Cubs can get done tonight. He has been "my Tiger" for quite a few years now, but it's clear the two sides are parting ways. Get a deal done and bring up Reyes for the road trip and move on to focus on trading Greene and Boyd.
  11. This would be fun one of these years. I'm already committed to something else that weekend.
  12. A Well DD didn't sign a bunch of unwatchable stop-gap 1 year deals hoping to flip them. B Oh they should keep those guys up. It's the Goodrums, Carpenters, Hicks, Wilsons, Dixons, Harrisons, Mercers that I don't care to watch attempt to play baseball. I want to see more of Stewart, Reyes and Turnbull along with the other guys I mentioned. C True on the economics, but the question was how 03 differs from 19. I want to see guys that will be on the Tigers in 21 and 22 which is why I bought the MiLB package and watch those games instead. In my eyes they are still in the tearing down phase and creating talent depth in the minors, but at the MLB level the true "rebuild" will start next season (hopefully). I'd bet 2020 looks closer to 2003 than 2019 does. Kind of like what Joe Louis Arena looks like right now.
  13. This is my take as well and what frustrates me about 2019...and why I stopped watching TV games since mid-May. DD brought the guys in/up to see what he had. Inge, Maroth, Bonderman, CMo, Omar, Ramon etc. I still watched the Tigers when I could from Wisconsin and had interest, and participated on this board, because the rebuild was underway. Now. We are just bringing up Stewart, Reyes, Turnbull but yet Willi Castro, Burrows, Rogers, Cameron and even guys like Robson or Hill are still buried in the minors. Yes 1/2 or more may fail but I'd rather lose 119 to get a better view of the future, than lose 119 with the current version of the Tigers.
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