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  1. Could be. There goes my dream of getting rich by copying $.40 Miggy 2019 Topps cards.
  2. I saw this too and laughed, probably like the Dodgers did. Not sure if this was AAs asking start to see if they might say yes, and since it was rejected maybe try to setup some kind of bidding competition between Tampa/Atlanta/LAD? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but I'm gaining less and less confidence in AA in these trade scenarios.
  3. I like this strategy, but I don't like the years on Heyward's contract. I don' t mind the Tigers using a team as a salary dump for a year or two, but I'd also want the Tigers to get higher-end prospects as well. When the Tigers got Miggy they also had to take Dontrelle Willis' contract, and sent 6 players back to the Marlins. There are all kinds of ways to get creative to help the Cubs clear that space and get 2-3 additional good prospects in return, in addition the Tigers might not have to send much back if they are truly trying to clear salary to make an offer on Harper.
  4. Not bad. Wonder what's up with the brick-like border on the bottom and side. I prefer simple and clean.
  5. Looking to complete my 1953 and 2019 Topps Tiger team sets. Just finished 1954 with some Christmas money. I might also dabble in 1952 depending on how it goes with the 3 high numbers. What are your collecting goals for the New Year?
  6. I don't know all of the rules, but the Braves ended up using one of their prospects this year due to injury or something, and he was out of options to send back down. When they tried to get him through waivers before demoting him back, Avilia made a claim on him and got him. He is now the Tigers #11 prospect, 24 years old, OF, hit .268 and 11 HR last year but had a better 2016 and due to injury wasn't taken in the 2016 Rule V. Probably will never be much more than a 4th outfielder if he makes it to The Show, but it adds good organizational dept for either Toledo or Erie and allow some of the younger guys to not have to be moved up as quickly unless of course, they earn it. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=640460#/career/R/hitting/2018/ALL
  7. I picked 50/50 but am more on the 70% positive side. I like the philosophy of getting $2 million free agents and trying to parlay them into prospects at the deadline. (Martin/Fiers for Castro/Shore) (2019 Moore) He does a great job of analyzing other teams trash heaps (Goodrum, Dustin Peterson) Through drafting and trading the farm system is now at or near the top 10. My reservation comes as a work in progress to see how the prospects pan out, and the fact that there isn't a bonifide superstar in the making (possibly except for Mize but we'll have to see) There are also a few holes in the system most notably SS, a hitting C, and 1B.
  8. 1955 Complete! Thinking through my goals for 2019.
  9. Topps set announcement. https://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/2019-topps-baseball-preview-checklist/
  10. Went to a show in Troy today and nearly finished my 1957 Tigers team set.
  11. Same. I thought I had P.J Finnegan but now I can't even google him. May have to go and find that thread.
  12. Honored. This forum meant a ton to me back in the day and was a better source of Tiger news for a guy living out of state than the Tigers own website. Loved hosting the collectors website for a year or two until it was morphed into the threads we have now. I still collect Tiger team sets and have completed 1909 except for the 4 Cobbs, 1934 1935 and 1958-2017. Working on 1957 now and will get 2018 after the Update series comes out. I came back because I got frustrated on Facebook trying to tell people that the 2017 Tigers were 10ish games under .500 at the trade deadline and weren't going anywhere. I knew where I could find like-minded, well-reasoned Tiger fans that would at the very least respect each others opinions....so I'm back. Also, every year around April 16th I change my FB profile pic to a VT logo. The day that I realized I made my first online friends on this site and suddenly one was gone.
  13. 2018 Goals 2018 Topps Tigers Team Set 1957 Topps Tigers Team Set DONE 1958 Topps Tigers Team Set
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