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  1. syrett4

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    Honored. This forum meant a ton to me back in the day and was a better source of Tiger news for a guy living out of state than the Tigers own website. Loved hosting the collectors website for a year or two until it was morphed into the threads we have now. I still collect Tiger team sets and have completed 1909 except for the 4 Cobbs, 1934 1935 and 1958-2017. Working on 1957 now and will get 2018 after the Update series comes out. I came back because I got frustrated on Facebook trying to tell people that the 2017 Tigers were 10ish games under .500 at the trade deadline and weren't going anywhere. I knew where I could find like-minded, well-reasoned Tiger fans that would at the very least respect each others opinions....so I'm back. Also, every year around April 16th I change my FB profile pic to a VT logo. The day that I realized I made my first online friends on this site and suddenly one was gone.
  2. syrett4

    2017 Collecting Goals

    2018 Goals 2018 Topps Tigers Team Set 1957 Topps Tigers Team Set DONE 1958 Topps Tigers Team Set
  3. syrett4

    Upcoming signings

    Looking forward to this one on Sat morning. Been going to the one in Redford but only 2 tables had vintage commons. Was told this show is bigger so I'm hoping for better finds.
  4. syrett4

    9/17 @7:10 Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

    Yes I loved the talk about busting guys inside and "get their feet moving"
  5. syrett4

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    I'm very interested in his development too.
  6. syrett4

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    Yeah those stinking Russians!! That board was fun to run with the checklists and all. Down to 1958 in my Tiger collection and still all the way up through 2017...I'll get 2018 in a month after the Traded/Update set comes out. Yeah those were the days, I recognize all of those names. Great times. I was living in Wisconsin at the time and this board was my best source of Tiger info. Moved back in 2012 and live downtown now which I love. Walked to the Verlander/Stewart game tonight and have tickets for tomorrow too.
  7. syrett4

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    Mine too. As soon as I saw the pic of that hat I started cracking up.
  8. syrett4

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    I logged back in to read any debate who the 2nd PTBNL in the Fiers deal was. Didn't see anything in that thread but this HOF caught my attention. Good stuff. ....and I'm not sure if my IQ points would help or hurt the supply.
  9. syrett4

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    Love this! So many memories. Brian was my first friend that I met online.
  10. syrett4

    Brian Bluhm (estrepe1)

    Back to pay my respects to Brian. RIP to my first online friend. You are remembered.
  11. syrett4

    Brian Bluhm (estrepe1)

    Checking in for the first time in a long time to pay my respects to Brian.
  12. Hey Thanks! I was alerted to this on fb by Dave. Love the idea. I'm not on MTS much anymore.
  13. Vintage, classic Cobb will always win it for me. In fact, I'll take 30's Goudey's and 50's stuff over anything after 1970.
  14. syrett4

    Garden Lofts at Woodward Place

    Oh and Zimm I wasn't looking at stats I was looking at the map on the DPD website and it tracks incidents. Maybe stuff doesn't get reported or updated properly but at least it gave me a pretty good idea of what I'd be getting into.
  15. syrett4

    Garden Lofts at Woodward Place

    Thanks guys! I'll check out that site next. Cecil kids are the reason I'm staying in Wisconsin for now. They have great schools and 2 of them will be out of school in 5 years. No way I'd move kids down there. Hopefully there will still be some great deals down there when I'm ready to make my move.