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  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=neel/040611 This is probably the best article I've read about the Pistons so far in the playoffs.
  2. Aretha is singing for game 5, that is Anita Baker.
  3. Cool! What restaurant were you at? Was he by himself?
  4. The US census counts Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County as Metro Detroit?
  5. What 3 college championships have UofD and Wayne State won?
  6. I cannot watch the next game. I threw my beer through my brand new tv and I'm wasted. I will probably be really pizsed in the morning. Damnit we choked so hard!
  7. They were talking on WEEI today about some kid a few years ago. I think Boras was his agent. He went into the draft, got selected, and then turned down a $4 million contract. Next year he re-entered the draft, got selected, and then turned down a $1 million contract. He is now working at K-Mart.
  8. If it was illegal then Ebay would not allow it.
  9. I would trade Artest for Chauncey or Tay or Corliss or all three in a heartbeat.
  10. Any of you that have tickets might want to think about selling them on ebay if you think you can have just as much fun at home. They are going for 3-4 times face value right now.
  11. One thing that I don't think has been mentioned that I would like to see us do is press more and force a faster tempo. We're going to need every break and little advantage we can get and by forcing a faster tempo we would be using our speed advantage and also making those old, tired legs over there get out and run. Usually teams that can run a little have some success against the Lakers because Shaq can't play too effectively at that tempo. I'm not saying let's go out there and run wild, but we certainly have to take advantage of our speed and get as many easy buckets as possible.
  12. http://www.detnews.com/2003/pistons/0306/04/e01-183616.htm Look at the date:classic:
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