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  1. It's interesting to speculate about the lawsuits he will be defending for the rest of his miserable life. First of all, where will be get representation, without paying cash up front? Cash he clearly doesn't have. I guess there could be some Go Fund Me nickels and dimes but he will need millions, every year. Secondly, what is the main front of the assault? It has to be tax fraud. The fraudulent charity itself has already been dealt with, but not the corporate and personal deductions that were taken by the Trumps for their contributions to it.
  2. I don't see any "lol nothing matters" going on, particularly the "lol". I think that these tax returns are extremely valuable, but pertain more to criminal charges after he is out of office. I am merely suggesting that these findings won't have much of an effect on his approval ratings, because he has that solid 40% block that have already proven that they don't care how depraved or dishonest he is, as long as he continues to be a racist.
  3. I agree. Is he still a racist? OK good, he's still got a base of 40%.
  4. Someone here was going to have his women ululate...was that you?
  5. It's going to be in Las Vegas, I think I heard? J-Lo is hosting?
  6. Too late! I'm on my way there with all of my possessions. I'll probably only need to stay for a week or two. Just until I get back on my feet.
  7. Willi Castro is such a beast. Another RBI single, Tigers lead 4 - 1.
  8. It's a really smart play to lock up the votes of the elderly white men who were already going to vote for him anyway. That's business acumen, it's a gift, you can't teach that.
  9. If you vote for me I'!l give you $200 of your own money.
  10. Bravo Randy. Bosio seemed to be an unpleasant guy based on what was reported after his departure, but his results seemed to be OK.
  11. He's high as a kite. Unbelievable. In any normal family there would have been an intervention by now.
  12. Let's take the next 3 and see what happens. I haven't checked the standings lately but I bet that a 3 game winning streak would put us right back in the thick of things.
  13. Yes, and his OBP is .332 which isn't horrible, not on this team, so let's hear no more talk about him batting 7th.
  14. Here's my deep scouting insight into Cameron and Hill. Cameron, maybe a little, not much. Hill, nah.
  15. That one was like the good old days, into the camera booth at Comerica.
  16. Wiili Castro is hitting .342 and, in 34 games, has 6 homers and 22 RBI.
  17. I don't care for it. I'm having a hard time thinking of the profession that he should have chosen, instead of baseball. Home renovations perhaps?
  18. OMG. He has a child? He was allowed to breed?
  19. Well exactly. It's like pitching wins. If you don't understand the significance, I don't know why I am even talking to you.
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