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  1. It's OK. That was always the outcome. There was never going to be removal, which is why Pelosi wouldn't even bother, until Ukraine. She couldn't let Ukraine go by and retain any credibility. But even with Ukraine he was never going to be removed and so the end game was simply to catalogue all of the corruption and then call a vote, and chisel in stone the names of the Republican senators who sold out to the most corrupt regime in the history of western democratic societies. Get those names permanently recorded. That's the objective.
  2. So what are we to make of this? Jeffries is "articulate"? "Articulate"? What is that supposed to mean? To me, that is dangerously close to saying that he is a credit to his...no sorry, I can't finish that thought. I don't want to finish the sentence, because then a quote of it could be attributed to me. It fits Graham though, it fits him like a glove.
  3. OK that's it, just for that I'm taking your gun. That's been my end game all along and you just handed it to me on a silver platter. Also, I'm going to open up those borders so that your cottage in northern Minnesota is infested with Mexican rapists. Way to take the bait, snowflake.
  4. There are millions and millions of dumb***es here in Canada who don't know that Tim Horton's is a Brazilian company. It is also among the worst franchisors. So if Trudeau had gone to Tim Horton's, like the dumbasses say he should have, I would be ticked off. He didn't though, he went to a locally owned donut shop. He has plenty of screwups but this isn't one of them.
  5. "People will hear about this." Always with the threats.
  6. If Penn & Teller broke up, what would Teller be like on his own? That's the question about Pence.
  7. We need separate categories. Your submission is perhaps the most hilariously stupid thing that he has done. It's stupid, it's just really ******* stupid. But it might come up just a bit short in the category of geopolitics.
  8. I'm sort of torn - is this even more ******* stupid than not knowing the difference between Baltic and Balkan? I don't think so, I think Baltic/Balkan is still the pinnacle of his geopolitical mastery.
  9. Keep in mind though that the British royal family is as useless as tits on a bull and that all of them are, genetically, as dumb as a bag of rocks. Was that Davos? Brit taxpayers just paid for a private jet for that semi-moron to fly there. It's true that the rest of the world views Pence and the rest of your government with utter contempt, but I wouldn't worry about what Charles thinks.
  10. Blue jean shorts were awesome. There was a real knack to getting the fringe exactly right. I don't want them now though, I want a pair of new pants with a bunch of holes intentionally ripped in them.
  11. Ha ha,, that rooster photo explains everything clearly - not. I know that you are out there in LA, sneaking up on homeless people and inking them up, while they are comatose. I dig it, I understand that market share trumps everything, oh sorry I said trump there. But I have to say, I got lost in here. Because I'm drunk.
  12. Well, I don't know...because I don't know what a **** ring is...sorry. If you can explain it without MWG banning you, well that would definitely help me out a lot. Just a side note - you are definitely wearing a fanny pack right now, aren't you?
  13. Looks like Bezos got owned. Apparently he thought that having all the money makes you a world leader, and that it means that you can converse one-on-one with a mass murderer like MBS who really understands brutal, inflexible political power. Sorry pal, it doesn't, you stupid git.
  14. I'm willing to acquit Trump if he testifies in a Speedo.
  15. Proud of you. Proud of all of you. Cargo shorts rule. There are some people here who evidently don't think so, but we ran them off. Golf season starts here around the middle of May. Can you guess what I will be wearing? Starts with a C.
  16. Oh Christ I hate those f***ing pants with the horizontal zipper just above the knee.
  17. I loved those announcements. John...BO ca BELLLL a
  18. Hey look, there's Trump hallucinating onstage at Davos.
  19. They annoy the heck out of me and I don't even live there. Just go away.
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