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  1. Back in the days when I just came here to talk Tigers baseball hommies, before I got banned, I started at least 6 new threads every day.
  2. Dave Littlefield is now squarely in my cross-hairs, the Vice President of Player Development. It's hilarious that the Tigers have a job title like that in their organization. Based on his record of developing players, wouldn't he just do the right thing and resign? Name a player that the Tigers have developed since Littlefield has been on the payroll. Name one. If I bought the team today, he'd be gone today. Avila might be gone next week, but Littlefield would be gone today. Along with that other guy, who is so important to the team's success that his name escapes me for the moment, who has been running the draft for all these years. Both of them, gone, day 1. I want someone to buy the Tigers who makes it plain that planning for 5 years of abject failure will not be tolerated, and that a winning team is never more than 2 years away. I'm not even sure what year we're on anymore.
  3. James Corden just said something amusing, "you know you aren't respected when you can get a Canadian to talk smack about you."
  4. I saw that announcement, and the light that it shone on this guy Dave Littlefield, who has the rather embarrassing title of Vice President, Player Development. The last player developed was Granderson, right?
  5. It's true though, I'm hand-digging coal in West Virginia for $45.00 per hour. Our mine re-opened the day after Trump lost the popular vote, and they hired 50,000 of us.
  6. Yes I noticed Lois there, that was pretty cool.
  7. Yes, Robertson crashed at Scorsese's place for a while in the late '70's, and he worked on the music for Raging Bull and a few others.
  8. I watched it last night, and liked Joe Pesci a lot. I also wanted to hear whatever original music Robbie Robertson had written - it's mostly the end credits, it didn't really stand out. There was another piece of background that he wrote, that was supposed to have Van Morrison vocals, but I could only faintly hear one line.
  9. I would respond to this, but I am too busy hand-digging coal in West Virginia for $45 an hour.
  10. Yeah, and people hate him so much that they beaned him 8 times.
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