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  1. That's a perfect example of how he knows SFA. The other thing that he used to do is imply that he had some sort of insight into the Tigers' senior management, and then it turned out that he was acquainted with a team doctor. Hilarious.
  2. Just a complete a-hole, probably the most complete a-hole that we've ever had here. No particular expertise, other than to regurge stuff he read elsewhere.
  3. He was never going to have a good career, his name is Aubrey.
  4. Agreed, they are working pro bono, they just don't know it yet.
  5. Peckerhead has always been a big favourite of mine, it totally crushes grumpfart.
  6. If I were a lawyer I would rather have a client who wasn't going to stiff me on my fees.
  7. You've always had the most expressive face here.
  8. I see these TV ads all the time, for the "Netspend" card, where these goofy-looking actors talk about "getting my paycheck 2 days sooner" and I say to myself "wait, you didn't have a bank account, a simple bank account, where your pay could have been direct-deposited"? And I guess that the answer was "no, I didn't", or else there would have been no market for the Netspend card in the first place.
  9. Al holds out for the rights to Rocky Johnson, Dwayne's dad.
  10. So, that awkward little parade by the impeachment managers yesterday was pretty funny. They lack the pageantry gene. If you are going to try to pull something like that off, you need to be wearing epaulets and a sash and spurs and lots of gold braid.
  11. Here's a great trivia question that I came across this morning, in an article about Josh Donaldson: who was the last Minnesota Twin to draw 100 walks? Give up? Harmon Killebrew, 1971. That's amazing.
  12. That's a good point. There probably will not be a dropoff.
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