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  1. I think that his trade value is the proverbial bag of baseballs. I know that GM's are way smarter than we are, but when they assess the value of a guy who can't play third, and whose bat isn't good enough for 1B/DH, I think that fair market is a bag of baseballs. We've had lots of guys like that, guys who didn't have enough bat for 1B/DH and not enough glove for 3B/C. Rob Fick, Eric Munson, Chris Shelton. Add Castellanos to the list. We don't have Terry Ryan and Ron Gardenhire anymore - when Ryan signed Eric Munson and his titanium hands to play third base, his explanation was that "once Gardy and his staff get a chance to work with him in spring training, he'll be fine." There's a reason why those two guys are out of baseball (although Ryan is apparently now on the Phillies' payroll for doing something or other). We just don't see baseball execs with that kind of hubris anymore - "we can fix him even though no one else can". Fick and Munson could at least put on "the tools" every now and then, and come off the bench left-handed, and extend their careers in the National League because of that. Castellanos has no alternative value at all. That's why I think that his trade value is a bag of baseballs. No one wants him, and he's not good enough to start - not even for the Tigers.
  2. Well Dick, it's because you were already an old man when you did that Naked Gun cameo about 25 years ago.
  3. A richly-deserved loss for Fulmer, giving up an unearned run in the 7th when he was cruising. I know that there are other defensive measurements that are evolving that are perhaps more important than errors, but you can't make 17 errors at third base in 3/4 of a season. I want Candelario here, now. I want to see if he can play third base, because Castellanos can't. And he doesn't hit enough, and never will, to overcome the glove at third, or to justify putting him at 1B or DH. I'll give him one more spring to disprove that 1B/DH theory. An outfielder? Ugh.
  4. There's your third out, 105 pitches. Bad glove at third costs you an entire inning of Fulmer.
  5. Fulmer, cruising in the 7th, gives up a 2-out, 2-base error by Castellanos. Walks the next guy and the pitch count is 96 instead of 88. Gonzales single, Dodgers lead 1-0, pitch count is 100.
  6. What could go wrong?
  7. That's very good.
  8. Oh absolutely. That team was loaded from '83 to '87, and underachieved. Throughout that 5 year span the only constant force was Gibson, whose output was ridiculously consistent. All of the other headliners took turns having unproductive years.
  9. Mercifully, it's over. If I were the Rangers this game would remind me of being 18 years old, winning a disgraceful game like that, and then getting yelled at in the dressing room after the game because we sucked so much.
  10. Nick doubles, a run scores. Rally.
  11. I like the way that we're giving up double-digit runs every game now, it takes out a lot of the stress.
  12. Machado pinch-hits for Miggy. When would I have ever expected to read that? Perhaps at Miggy's funeral. But it just shows what a lost season it is for the poor SOB. He needs to get a full off-season to recover his health.
  13. And then Robomb hits a run-scoring double. Rally.
  14. Down 8 runs in the 9th, Mikie draws a leadoff walk. Rally.
  15. I'm going with Bob Dylan I guess, but I have no idea. It's been baffling me.