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  1. This Antony Blinken guy...I don't like his hair. At all. He's trying for Bobby Kennedy 1968. Tell him to get rid of it.
  2. The Trumpies are doing you a favour though. I am going to duck after I say this, of course. But, the biggest favour that Trump has done for you is to demonstrate what a hopelessly flawed document your constitution is, probably the weakest, more full of holes than any other foundational document anywhere in the western developed democratic economies. One proof is simply that you've never stopped arguing about it, not for 1 day, since the day that the ink dried 230 years ago. But most importantly, that for the last four years your president has proven that he can just completely ignore it, and there's nothing that you can do about it. Nothing. But that's just me, leaning over your back fence, what do I know. But of course there's nothing that you can do about that. Not with a Republican majority in the Senate. So, the Trumpies are pointing the way for you - you can end your misery by focusing all of your short-term attention going forward on re-taking the Senate. You can't end the madness, and especially you can't end the international abject contempt and scorn, without removing all of the ludicrous "theoretical" levers (like "Faithless Electors", JHC, those are real possibilities) that an incumbent president can pull in order to stay in power, like in Belarus or Venezuela, those are your comps right now. And you just can't make those amendments as long as you have a Republican Senate. But that's just me, leaning over your back fence, justifiably comparing you to Belarus and Venezuela. After 2 Scotches.
  3. Wait though, are you sure? If he keels over after 2 months in prison, there isn't much satisfaction to be gained from that. I'd rather see Ivanka serve 8 out of 14. But you're certainly entitled to your choice and it really wasn't fair in the first place anyway because firing squad wasn't on the list of alternatives. And there is something appealing about seeing him in a prison buzz cut, after his spray tan has been confiscated. I'll compromise with you on Trump. I will agree to spend my wish on him, but only if he appears at his sentencing hearing in handcuffs and a Speedo. I think that he should have to appear in public in a Speedo.
  4. I've been thinking about alternatives. Can you get to Lewiston NY? If so, I will rent a boat across the Niagara River in Queenston ON, and watch for your flashlight signal. Or, if you can get to Plattsburgh NY you are about a half hour taxi ride from the Quebec border. Just follow the flow of migrants, you can't miss it. When you get to the border tell the RCMP that you are seeking asylum. They will tell you that you are entering illegally and they will have to arrest you (they'll be nice about it). Just smile and say OK. I'll show up as your immigration consultant. It's also not quite true that we have closed the border completely. It is open for essential travel. So if you tell them at the border crossing in Niagara Falls that you are going to a Rule V party, there's a good chance that they will agree that it is essential.
  5. Oh forgot all about Jared. Yes he's eligible too, and yes he would have an interesting time in the general population.
  6. Michigan taxpayers but you know what is really frustrating for Trump? He couldn't figure out a way to pocket some of the air fare. Looks like maybe 6 hotel rooms, plus the meals - he stole 100% of that money.
  7. Is Jermaine Clark ready to take over second base yet?
  8. A good late bloomer example is Jose Bautista, but he didn't do anything for the team that drafted him in Rule 5. They traded him for a bag of balls, and then he exploded.
  9. I'm leaning that way too. Any of them would be able to join an Aryan gang for protection but I think that the women's prison system would be more vicious than the men's.
  10. OK you have been granted one wish. You can put one of them in prison, but only one. It's a real prison, they will be in the general population using communal showers. Whom do you choose? Not Eric, it seems to me. He's too pathetic and harmless, it would be wasted on him.
  11. How about it we rename diarrhoea after him instead? "Sorry I can't go golfing, I have trump".
  12. Same here, he exists thank goodness and now I need him to get playing so that I can look up his stats every night because I am sort of a loser.
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