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  1. Then he's a screwup. Health care was the best message, and Bernie was the worst pitchman. Also, he deliberately calls it socialism, when it clearly is not. Health care was introduced in Ontario in 1966 by a Conservative government. It isn't "radical", it is just common sense social policy. To portray it as some sort of "movement" is to guarantee its failure.
  2. Here's what I have, in Ontario. I don't pay for a doctor's visit, or any diagnostic tests, or anything that happens in a hospital (including drugs) except a semi-private room, that would cost me about $200 per night. That's it. There's no dentist, there's no eyeglasses, and for most people there's no drugs (yes there are drugs if you are over 65). What's the most important is the doctor and the hospital. It means that I won't have to sell my house if I have a heart attack. So, was Bernie talking about anything beyond doctor and hospital? If so, he screwed it up.
  3. When people talk about losing a million and a half jobs in the insurance industry, whose number is that? Where did that come from? And does it include people processing drug and dental claims? Because if it does, it is utter nonsense. Unless Sanders specifically said that drugs and dental were part of M4A. Did he? If he did, he is an idiot.
  4. Yes and he faked the injury in LA, which was the shortest hitchhike to Vegas.
  5. Our local supermarket now has a 1 person per family limit. We won't be there for a while but when we do go we will have to flip a coin. 2 peop!e is faster but I see why they are doing it.
  6. Here's an update on the stupid, arrogant, selfish a-holes from spring break: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/austin-spring-breakers-coronavirus-trnd/index.html
  7. I know it's been asked already, but what are Norton and McAfee doing about this virus?
  8. Stop telling me to not touch my face. Every time that you say that, my eyes and nose get itchy.
  9. Not at all. If the material was intended to be satirical, it does not seem to have been taken that way, and was causing harm.
  10. We're just back from the grocery store, from 7 until 8 is seniors only. We didn't need any TP but I always look at the aisle just for fun - they had enough to fill up about 25% of the space. Of course, almost immediately I see a couple who aren't seniors, not even close. You know the type, early 30's, the guy was wearing camo, they probably always complain about "boomers". I didn't do anything to him, I didn't kick his nuts up into his Adam's apple. I kept it mellow. You still can't buy any sanitizing wipe cloths but other than that there were no shortages. Berries are unusually expensive, and I heard a good explanation for that yesterday - normally fresh fruit is in the hold of passenger flights, and there are a lot fewer of those now. At the checkout, we had brought our own bags and the lady asked me not to put them on the counter.
  11. Essential services would surely include breast augmentation.
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