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  1. I'm trying to count Verlander's ex-teammates on the Tigers. I think there are 8.
  2. Matt Manning too, those names are alliterative. Al Avila always assertively advocates adding all available alliterative athletes.
  3. Beau Burrows has a great name. I think that's why they drafted him.
  4. Paul Bako is a catcher who hits 24 home runs. That's good, right? Until you find out it took him 12 years to do it.
  5. Hey there's Gary Pettis coaching third. I love Gary Pettis.
  6. Both leadoff hitters hit home runs. That's pretty cool.
  7. I don't like RoRo being in there, and not Demeritte.
  8. This is something that used to be readily acknowledged here, the importance of being dominate. Kudos for reviving it.
  9. I agree with that but I would describe it as "needing guys who don't suck".
  10. Yes, "needing guys to work longer" is worthy of the BS hall of fame.
  11. Breaking news...Tigers could have drafted Mike Trout.
  12. Guaranteed win night. If the Tigers don't win, I'm going to smash the headlights of every car that is parked on my street.
  13. I won't miss Castellanos next year and I don't care how many home runs he hits, now that he's been sent down to the National League.
  14. Yes, Robbie Robertson says that the coke backstage at The Last Waltz was the most expensive that he ever bought, because of the cost of trying to edit the movie to get the coke out of Young's nose. He is not "showing" in the movie.
  15. Who is your all-time favourite Houston Astro? Mine is Jimmy Wynn, the Toy Cannon.
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