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  1. She seems to be too juvenile to qualify as a hack. It's like she's writing for her high school yearbook.
  2. Don't worry about Robson being discouraged...he told me that he isn't.
  3. Goldstein and Greenberg on the same high school team, and then on the same major league team. I like that. It's like Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson.
  4. It would cure a case of Rowdy Dick, we know that much.
  5. LaRussa of course. He smokes a pipe and has leather patches on the elbows of his tweed jacket.
  6. Which shall evermore be known as the Butt Plug Game.
  7. You're looking at the wrong numbers. Look at that OPS plus - 67. That's pretty good isn't it? I think it means that he was better than two-thirds of the other guys. Intriguing.
  8. Rowdy Dick is actually quite common. It has a mind of its own.
  9. He told me that he's still feeling good.
  10. Al Avila and his family live in that apartment over the shop.
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