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  1. Tork will be one of those child stars who get ripped off by their parents.
  2. I do think it's a little weird. I think there is an even faster method than Google. Your Dad tells you.
  3. The master negotiator would probably sell Puerto Rico to Russia.
  4. Pull the mask up over your nose you fat-head. I think his fears about the appearance of the mask were unfounded. He doesn't look any more stupid with the mask on than he does without it.
  5. Girl: Hi, I'm Plenty. Bond: Of course you are. Girl: Plenty O'Toole. Bond: Named for your father?
  6. Agree 100%. The Joint Chiefs will draw straws to see which one of them gets to go over there in person and drag his sorry draft-dodging *** out of there and just throw him out onto the front lawn.
  7. Or...you could be that guy from your high school gym class who smelled even worse when he got out of the shower than he did before he went in.
  8. Skubal might win 30 games this year, in a 60 game season. The people at Cooperstown have already waived the rule for him about waiting until well after the end of one's career, and plans are underway to induct him next year.
  9. Beauty. Here's an undeniable message that everyone should heed during this heat wave: don't try to get more than 1 day out of a shower.
  10. Robin: Gosh Batman, is there anything you don't know? Batman (pensively): Yes Robin...several things in fact.
  11. Yes. And if he has to keep repeating himself, pretty soon it will be the 2/100th time.
  12. I know, right? And yet Avila just trots their sorry asses out there day after day, and says "they are working on things", and totally ignores the bad juju that Gardy brings to the whole operation. I know, the rest of you think that it's too early to be concerned about how bad the White Team is, but you mark my words, if they don't start winning some games and I mean right now, then about 20 guys are going to disappear from that 60 man, overnight.
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