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  1. OMG. He has a child? He was allowed to breed?
  2. Well exactly. It's like pitching wins. If you don't understand the significance, I don't know why I am even talking to you.
  3. If he succeeds here, it's because he brought Altuve and Springer and Verlander and Bregman with him. He has no magical powers, none. It cannot be proven that he is better than Bobby the Brain Heenan.
  4. I agree with that. Hinch has shown that he's either (a) a cheater, or (b) incredibly weak because he wouldn't shut the cheating down. (b) is worse than (a). When he gets off to a bad start, the fans and the press will be ragging him about how he can't win without garbage cans (which is very possibly true), and it taints the entire clubhouse. I wouldn't touch him if I owned the team, I wouldn't do that to my brand. It's the Detroit Tigers. And I wouldn't listen to any horse**** about him being a winner; Altuve and Springer and Verlander and Bregman are winners. Earlier, someone said that Avila gave Morosi the list, but I think that it's probably the other way around. I wouldn't rule out DFK. And I was very surprised by what I learned about George Lombard. But seriously all the manager has to do is not screw up the pitching assignments. Do we know enough about any of these guys to know if they've ever handled a pitching staff well, or handled it poorly? If not, we might as well hire Bobby the Brain Heenan, or Colonel Jimmy Hart, the Mouth of the South.
  5. Some day, 100 years from now, a researcher will give Cabrera another RBI.
  6. Top of the 10th, Victor Reyes magically the baserunner at second. What horse****.
  7. Same here, I was sure it would crash and burn within 4 weeks.
  8. The bridge at Fort Erie/Buffalo. In the lead: 12 Mounties on horseback, in red tunics. Pretty intimidating.
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