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  1. Al knows he has to turn the corner on this rebuild. An easy pick like Hinch is about the peak of his creativity. So expect that.
  2. That's just awesome. I love crazy reflections like that. Perfect amount of clouds too which creates a natural vignette.
  3. But hiring a manager who says he's going to "throw away the computers" tells a lot about the organization's direction. Ron ended up being very willing to listen to the analytics, luckily, but it looked pretty bad at first.
  4. I just want the org to show that they're taking analytics seriously. Hiring a guy from the Roayls doesn't seem like a very good sign.
  5. I remember a lot of people assuming he was an analytics guy just because he was smart and young. But he for sure was never described as an analytics guy by anyone in the know.
  6. Same. But I watch them all on the app. I can start from the beginning at any time. But playoff games aren't on there and locals wouldn't be able to anyhow. Maybe they can be streamed later from the TBS or FOX app, whichever network carried it. Like you I never watch games after they happen.
  7. Even this guy called him very smart.
  8. Me neither but that's exactly how people described him before/when he was hired.
  9. Brad was a super smart dude as well. What kind of manager will he be? The Royals aren't exactly the most progressive team in baseball.
  10. Great. Grab a guy from a team who uses analytics even less than the Tigers. Sounds like Al is totally learning!
  11. It's the first time ever both cities in the WS also have a championship in another sport the same year.
  12. I promise you when they determine it's economically feasible to move all west coast playoff games to 430 they will do it. They aren't not doing it just to **** you off.
  13. Going into the season I pretty much knew the Rays would be there but really surprised by the Dodgers. Baseball can be so unpredictable.
  14. Aaron Rogers just almost threw two straight pick-6's. The 2nd pick was tackled at the two. Tampa now up 14-10.
  15. I love them too but also understand that, during the week, it is not practical for a lot of people and that I don't think MLB has to schedule them early to please the east coast. Whether or not some people like the early start is not what we're discussing.
  16. This is a life skill. If kids can't figure out how to fool their parents and watch the game under their covers like I did, they don't deserve baseball. And it's way easier nowadays. In all seriousness, it's pretty easy these days to get up and watch the last couple innings in the morning. And with all of the other games, I find it hard to believe that missing all of part of the west coast games (or watching it the next day) is what will drive a kid away from baseball. In reality, how often is the average east coast kid's team even playing on the west coast during the playoffs? 3 or 4 games in one offseason every 4 or 5 years? It just doesn't seem like something significant enough to make such a substantial change for.
  17. Don't worry. A regression to the mean is coming.
  18. Solid argument. Totally changed my mind. I spent 41 years on Eastern Time. But sure, I'm just west coast biased.
  19. But you have that option. That's the point. Sorry, it's not a perfect scenario. Someone has to give. Forcing east coasters to stay up late seems like an easier situation than forcing west coasters to get off work early.
  20. I'm guessing Al would be none too pleased to have someone watching over his shoulder. I like it.
  21. It's easier for east coast people to stay up late than for west coast people to get out of work early, where many don't even have that option.
  22. That's 430 PT. People aren't even out of work yet.
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