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  1. Sounds like Dunk and Egg are getting a series! https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2021/01/22/new-game-of-thrones-spinoff-hbo-dunk-and-egg/?sh=64585bcd412c
  2. How does it not make the games at least a little more fun when you see guys like Mize, Skubal, Torkelson, Green come up and make their debuts? I love watching rookies play. I find value in that. Maybe I'm weird. I honestly would rather see a bunch of young, talented but raw players lose 90 games than watch a bunch of old, aging, expensive players win 90. But I've always preferred watching younger players. Maybe I should stick to minor league baseball because apparently I'm doing it wrong.
  3. How about it's ok to hate the last 5 years and also be excited that they at least have some good prospects for the first time in a while. Nobody has said that this makes up for the last 5 years. To say that there is no value in having the prospects they have is just an attempt to either suck the joy out of anyone who is excited about them, or just an attempt to let everyone know that you're better than them for not getting excited. Again, cool. Enjoy your sorrow for the next couple years, I guess.
  4. Cool. Still better to have 5 of the top 50 than **** all around. But at least we all know how high your standards are.
  5. It's pretty hit or miss so far. I'm not doing any recording anytime soon. For now I just need my Axe-fx software to work and it sounds like it will. I think it's worth it to deal with waiting for however long it takes than to get another intel machine. I don't use too many different programs on it.
  6. Appropriately timed, my very old (2012ish) Mac Mini I have in my music studio took a crap today. Just ordered the new M1 Mini with 16gb ram. Should be a huge improvement.
  7. I wouldn't say he looks much like him. It's usually better to just focus on finding the best actor for the part. We'll see.
  8. I wanted a workhorse for editing photos and video, and wanted the ability to swap parts in and out, so I broke down and bought a PC. Spent about 2k on it. A year later there's a constant 2" lag and nobody can figure out why. I'm over that experiment. I really hate windows.
  9. The 13" Macbook Pro is only like 1200. The Mac Mini is 700. Part of the benefit of them using their own processor now is that it cuts costs a bit.
  10. Any Macbook Pro users? A completely redesigned 14" and 16" are coming out this summer/fall. Touchbar is out, physical function keys are back, ports are back, which probably means the return of the sd slot and regular USB in addition to the thunderbolts, going back to the magsafe power connector. Those in itself are huge. This is like a dream laptop for me as I hate the current rendition of the MBP. But the big news, is that they're switching to their own ARM-based processors. They've already released a light version of it in the Mac Mini and 13" macbook pro, and that version is destroying computers that are way more expensive at a fraction of the batter usage. The efficiency on these things is insane. Batter life may triple. It's going to be a massive leap forward from the current models and I cannot wait.
  11. Because he played the character of John Candy in every movie. He was very good though. I don't remember the moment he died but I do remember when Farley died. That one really sucked.
  12. Good thing about watching the games on mlb.tv, the Heathers and Kanes and such get muted for whatever reason. I always wonder why there's dead air and then after about 10 seconds Shep will say something like "I agree, Johnny".
  13. Rumor has it Rudy is asking for Borat's daughter to help report his side of the story.
  14. Might be a lawsuit even Rudy could win. Maybe.
  15. I wonder if car prices are really going up that fast or if there are just more high-end options making the "average" go up?
  16. Fact. But there is a local chain (3 locations) here in Long Beach called The Potholder Cafe. They have a massive and very creative menu (french toast kabobs with sausage and fruit, for example) and every single thing on the menu is a solid 7 or 8. Very consistent. But they are an exception to the rule. Also easier to pull that off with breakfast food.
  17. You can't hear her talk in the photos. I didn't like her either.
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