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  1. But other sports have shown that more playoff teams means a lot more money and, more importantly, creates more interest in smaller market cities. That's a big deal and I think the right move. Everything else I agree.
  2. They started that well before this season, IMO.
  3. Can't wait to hear Harold Reynolds and Al Leiter argue about who should or shouldn't get in and I just fell asleep typing that.
  4. I think, after the season, they should determine that this was just for entertainment and that none of it will go in the official record. Better yet, announce that before the playoffs.
  5. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    Do you think they should give out big, long-term deals to average players? I think you can get way more value from a 2 WAR defensive wiz who is a poor hitter than a 2 WAR HR guy who can't play defense. WAR is WAR.
  6. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    Agreed. Though I do think it was possible he was trying too hard to live up to expectations and do everything. He said after the trade he just stopped thinking too much and started swinging hard at everything. Maybe he just needed to be traded.
  7. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    Yeah it's a weird word. I found this on merriam-webster: : of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance : ORDINARY, SO-SO
  8. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    I do too. It's a shame he wasn't that good with the Tigers.
  9. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    He'll get a 1 year extension unless there's someone available that they really want. I feel like the org doesn't place a lot of value in a progressive manager so they'll likely stick with Ron.
  10. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    I don't think they would throw that on a rookie, especially one making his debut.
  11. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    I always took the term to mean average.
  12. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    Most of your argument against him being mediocre "with the Tigers" is what he did after he was traded. Sorry, but a 120 OPS+ with awful defense and really nowhere practical for him to play does kind of make him a mediocre "player". And the word player suggests his entire game, not just hitting.
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