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  1. Again, if the death numbers continue to go down and not increase. I would much prefer 9x more infectious with fewer people dying than what we had in April.
  2. Interesting study. They're claiming the new strain (G614) is "3 to 9 times more infectious" than the older strain (D614) due to the fact that it's more likely to target the upper-respiratory area (nose, sinus, throat) than the lungs. That makes it spread faster. They also found that it isn't any more dangerous. That makes sense as attacking the lungs is what killed most people early on. That might explain why the death numbers still aren't rising. If this continues to be the case, this virus got a whole lot less scary. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/02/health/coronavirus-mutation-spread-study/index.html
  3. You could do a *plus or minus 10% at the bottom but that just muddies it up. It's likely not something that's going to be proven wrong during the pandemic so keep it simple.
  4. Better than drunks. Maybe they'll replace a few liquor stores.
  5. Yoda

    MLB to Resume

    Yeah, we get it. We've all seen the photo.
  6. If you watched it on Netflix, there is still a season 6 coming this fall. It has already aired on Canadian TV though. Not sure if you were able to watch it there or not.
  7. I gotta say the son and daughter are both excellent as well, and enjoy watching them even more than the parents. They each have just the right amount of charisma and have great chemistry together.
  8. Oh I was trying to, but this year was a very down year for tornadoes. They were almost nonexistent. I got a tiny one which was just a landspout but you could barely see it. Besides, artistically, being a couple miles away to capture the whole structure is better, like in the black and white photo. It looks small but those tiny white dots on the horizon are car lights. It's hard to get a sense of scale on such flat land. That was a massive supercell.
  9. The main reason I got into photography was for storms! These are a few shots from a week of storm chasing around CO/KS/WY/NE a few weeks back. The last one was from Arizona last year during the monsoon.
  10. If you want some good tips Bert, follow this guy's YT channel. He's a great photographer but an even better teacher. Some really informative stuff from him and it's always pretty simple to understand.
  11. It can become pretty addictive. To me it's less about taking the actual photo and more about the adventure to get there. Being outside around the ocean, wilderness, wherever it is you happen to be shooting. And there's so much more to it than just point and click. Focus stacking to get your whole landscape in focus, exposure blending to being out shadows and highlights, long exposures to smooth out water and blur the clouds, it's crazy how much creativity you can put into one photo.
  12. Bert - have you thought at all about taking up Photography as a serious hobby? I've had decent cameras for a while but I really just got into trying to figure out what I'm doing about a year ago. It's really a lot of fun, and lots of good youtube channels for photographers.
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