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  1. Dang other seasons had mistakes too? This is unheard of in film making until season 8 of GoT.
  2. Jesus. People love to let the internet do the thinking for them. You don't think every tv show or movie ever made doesn't have continuity errors? When there's so much going on, it happens. You didn't even notice it when you watched it, so who cares? These things happened all the time in previous seasons too. But it's a big deal now because it's all the rage on the internet.
  3. I'm sure it had a lot to do with his bicep last year.
  4. A few things I liked, a few I didn't. But overall, I'm good with it. I like that it wasn't some dramatic, hollywood ending. I felt each of the characters got an ending they deserved. Jon finally got to do something important this season. Bran makes sense in hindsight, but I stopped caring about him back in season 3. If it was going to be him, they could have made his character more interesting. But again, that would have made it feel too Hollywood probably. Anti-climactic to say the least, but that tends to happen in real life as well. I think overall it was a fitting end to the show and what it was trying to be.
  5. They also swing at the most pitches outside of the zone. These are largely Al guys. That's the answer to the Tigers problems, not Lloyd.
  6. Change in approach, yes. I think the biggest problem is talent evaluation rather than hitting philosophy. The guys we draft, the guys we trade for, the guys we sign via free agency. Largely free swingers with little to no patience. There are some exceptions of course. Looking for a pitch to drive is nothing out of the ordinary. All orgs teach this. That's the essence of hitting. But there's way, way more to it than that and the Tigers just aren't good at finding players who excel at any of those other things.
  7. I wonder how people would feel about GoT if this was the first season. Obviously story-wise that doesn't make sense, but it sure seems like 80% of the complaints are because people created their own expectations of what should have happened. Without knowing or expecting anything, I don't think most of these complaints would exist. As a new show, it would still be one of the best shows on tv.
  8. Dexter is another example of a show going completely off the rails. To compare GoT to shows like that is laughable.
  9. I'm enjoying this season very much. But I can accept someone's art rather than needing my version of their product.
  10. The fact that you would have to do this to know whether or not it was enough in her character to do what she did should tell you something. I think obvious mistakes are worth pointing out, for sure. I just don't care enough to hold fiction/fantasy to the same level of story-telling as a real-life drama. If the writer makes somebody do something, then that is now within their character. Not to take shot's at a wounded animal, but I think they handled it much better than the writers of TWD would have, which you seem to never hold to this level of scrutiny, but I could be wrong. I abandoned that show and thread several years ago. I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's created some pretty good discussion though and that's not a bad thing.
  11. Yes or no will do. I'm not going to read all of that. If you don't know than that's ok too. It was semi-rhetorical.
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