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  1. Maybe the right kind of kneeling could have saved his job? He must not be catholic.
  2. Hate the clown for creating the circus. Wanna pray before every game? Must do it on the sideline to make a show of it. Wonder if he does that before baseball games too?
  3. Thursday I'm heading to Arizona to photograph the monsoons. Taking a 6-day workshop with my favorite weather photographer Mike Olbinski. Should be a lot of fun. Hoping to a little painting out there as well.
  4. I can confidently say that if a person exclusively (not casually) listens to pop country, they aren't likely to have a lot of other similar interests to me. Certain genres of music tend to coincide with a certain lifestyle. People who love pop country tend to go to church, like shooting guns/hunting/fishing, say things like "darn tootin", line dancing, and so forth. Will I judge them. Yes. Are many of them great people? Of course. They just tend to be people I don't have a lot in common with and don't care to spend a lot of time with. I don't see what the big deal is.
  5. You can't compare a good starting pitcher to those three. Apples/oranges.
  6. Forget about Fulmer already? Also Boyd is as good as gone.
  7. Between college and MiLB last year he threw 102.1. General rule of thumb is an increase of 40 IP per year. 140ish sounds about right. No reason to push him farther as it doesn't seem he has anything more to learn. Start him in AAA next year and call him up if/when needed. edit: In addition, WHAT A ******* STUD!
  8. You might as well name your kid Opa. OPA!
  9. You know what they say about having to explain a joke...
  10. You still have to pull the trigger. Though I wouldn't doubt if a gun you can fire via iphone already exists.
  11. Guessing they think Johnson is more likely to help him than Nieves? That's way more important than what roster he's on IMO. He's already talented enough to get AAA hitters out. Right now it has to be mechanical or injury-related. Or they think it's mental.
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