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  1. Me and a buddy were just talking about why Yoda doesn't have a race. Strange they've never mentioned it in any of the movies.
  2. I'm from Michigan. But yes, there is lots of snow in the higher elevations. Thanks for asking.
  3. Nobody in tv/movies dies unless we see them die, IMO. We assumed the hound on GoT was dead too. I think it would be cheap if they brought him back so I'm not expecting that anyhow.
  4. I don't think he was insinuating that Boba lived. Also I believe this takes place 3 years after RotJ but I could be mistaken.
  5. Yes, I understand all mandalorians look similar. And yes, you're going to run into the same species once in a while. But with space travel, there shouldn't be so many familiar faces/droids. That's all I was saying. The nostalgia aspect was overdone a bit.
  6. The bounty hunter the reported Luke/Ben to the storm troopers in Mos Eisley Jaba's pet Salacious Crumb Bossk was there or another bounty hunter who looked just like him seems like there was also another bounty hunter as well that we've seen before the gonk droid the talking ball thing at the front door of Jaba's palace Of all the different species of aliens and robots there must be in the universe, a LOT of them in that episode we've either seen before or just look like ones we've seen before for nostalgia purposes. Loved the show but I felt like it was a bit much.
  7. i liked it quite a bit. I didn't really think it felt cheap at all. A little TOO much nostalgia, bringing back a few secondary characters. That sort of thing always makes the universe seem small, but the CGI looked good and the main character is pretty cool. The reveal at the end was a little weird as someone (Vader, Palp, Luke) should have sensed him at some point, yeah? I liked it quite a bit though.
  8. It's perfectly fine for most businesses. Especially with some of the premium 3rd party templates. For a big corporation, not so much. I guess it depends on what he's doing. Anyhow that was just an example rather than having to learn how to code and do all of the coding yourself. I used to do that, but way easier using all of the templates and such that are now available.
  9. Or just use something like wordpress. I wouldn't get into coding just for the purpose of building a website. That's something you do if you have an actual interest in learning to code. Otherwise it will drive you crazy.
  10. Did you have Karen speak to the manager?
  11. Yeah no thank you. DST all year please.
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