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  1. It's crazy how this tv show is probably better than any of the movies we've gotten. Dave Filoni is no joke. I hope they give him a movie series but I like him doing these tv shows.
  2. Well, not much to talk about there, ey? I'll keep this spoiler free for a day or so until you guys watch. I will say when this series is over, pretty sure that will be my favorite episode. Wow.
  3. BTW @MotownWebGuy the top Fanduel banner just opens the jpg.
  4. Not paying any attention... is black friday going to be a thing this year at retail stores? Not including Florida or Texas.
  5. Don't know what's taken me so long but I'm finally watching Peaky Blinders. Absolutely love it from the very first episode. Just started season 5.
  6. You're supposed to give the answer first.
  7. I'm on board. Let the kids start.
  8. Fulmer is more mentally prepared to pitch. "Stuff" can be fixed. I don't think Norris will ever get out of his own way.
  9. You people wanting Norris over Fulmer are really starting to **** me off.
  10. I didn't pick up on it being Palpatine clones? It would seem like a Palpatine clone already has Palpatine blood. I thought they were just creating soldiers or something.
  11. The Cara Dune action figure though!
  12. Man I'm gonna have to watch it again I guess. I thought it was pretty terrible. Maybe because I just can't stand Cara. I'm kind of over the "how will our heroes escape this dangerous situation completely unharmed" episodes that do absolutely nothing for the overall story. As soon as we knew the mission we knew exactly how it would end.
  13. The best part of that episode is that we finally get Ahsoka next week! Do we finally get to see light sabers in action? I bet we do! Also, it was odd to me that Bo Katan called her a jedi. She said she wasn't ready to rejoin the order yet in the clone wars, I wonder if she's finally decided to? Also, she should be able to see/talk to Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda, etc. as force ghosts. I doubt we get that in this show but if she gets her own, I could see an occasional Anakin ghost. That would be pretty badass.
  14. I can see why they let Weathers direct that episode.
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