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  1. Sounds like you've been eating its catnip.
  2. Sure. But we don't know that. All I'm saying is it would be stupid to go with another warm body because we think we're still 4 years out. We had a ton of issues in 2005 as well.
  3. Absolutely does. But we'd have said that in 2006 if it was only 60 games.
  4. This year wasn't a big jump? 2004: .444 2005: .438 2019: .290 2020: .423 Going 4-2 this week gives them a better record than the 2005 team.
  5. I would put a lot of money on her owning more than 3 cats.
  6. Good ol' loser mentality. People thought the 2006 team was still 2 years away as well. Hire a guy who can lead them to the WS. That needs to be the goal. Not "eh, this guy is good enough for now". We did that 3 years ago.
  7. I'm not sure age would have anything to do with that. Maybe she knows boundaries and just doesn't care. Send a couple Hail Satans and she'll be on her way.
  8. I'm gonna pull the small sample size card here. I've had a lot of people wanting them open. It helps that our theater here has big chairs and the aisles are spread apart. It would be easy to keep everyone 6 feet apart. With masks, that would be entirely safe.
  9. Are we just naming any past players? Nothing about Brandon strikes me as a having a brilliant baseball mind. "They're pitching to me like I'm Ted Williams".
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