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  1. It is quite good. Just watched the first 3 episodes after your suggestion. It's kind of an Irish girl version of Curb.
  2. Yes to ATL and BCS. Haven't seen Billions yet. TWD just is nowhere near that caliber of a show. And I don't say that just because it's supposedly cool to pick on the show. Cool if you like that genre. Without interest in that, there's little else to find in the show. Really looking forward to the GoT spinoff as well as the Lord of the Rings series. And The Mandalorian.
  3. The next Tarantino movie has a teaser.
  4. You better have a great voice if you're gonna cover the zombies. Which he does. The guitars are out of tune but whatever. They play them beautifully!
  5. Damn. I'd have gone to see Warrant. I live near LA. I should probably look out for bands like that. It'd be fun. Maybe.
  6. Can confirm her easiness on the eyes. Though she kind of has that Emma Stone, fish head look. But I'm also kind of into that. The heels seemed pretty weird to me. She's a fine guitar player. All basic blues licks but she played it quite well! Prob shouldn't have switched pickups but that's just me! I'd watch more of her. edit: I swear on my life I didn't know her last name was fish. That's funny.
  7. He could feel Jesus. Clearly you had the presence cranked. *ducks* Tasteful solo though. Too bad they had it mixed pretty low but it sounded nice.
  8. Harrison leads off with a near double, thrown out at 2nd.
  9. I like them. They have a bit of a Garbage/Sabath/Heart feel to them.
  10. I believe the standard is around a 40-inning increase each season. When your team is competing like in 06, they'll stretch it out a bit more. But I'd expect around 150 for Casey this year, assuming he's healthy.
  11. **** of a compliment by Eric.
  12. It's popular to dump on a player because he's awful defensively. On a good team, I agree. He's still their best player and likely would be the next two seasons. He's not a "bad player." He's a terrible defender who is still valuable because he can hit. I honestly don't know what to do with him. If he can become a full-time DH and have an Edgar-type career with half the walks, great. But there's the Cabrera issue. I partially agree with you. I'm not going to act like the Tigers are too good for him, they aren't. But long-term he destroys any roster flexibility they might want.
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