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  1. I'm not sure it was Torre's decision. That move has the Stein written all over it. But who knows.
  2. One of the reasons I don't like Jeter. Put ego ahead of the team and the team didn't have the guts to move him.
  3. ABC has now redacted that statement. Thank God.
  4. Hard to say. Lots of conflicting reports. He straight up said all four of his kids are dead as well. But someone tweeted who knows a daughter said she was told of the news. If the news is incorrect it seems ABC would have redacted it by now but they still haven't. So who knows.
  5. ABC reporting all 4 of his kids were killed onboard as well. Jesus.
  6. All over twitter. Helicopter crash. Confirmed by ESPN reporter.
  7. Leyland would have been amazing in that role.
  8. This series has been shut down. Scripts are being re-written. Sounds like the screenwriter is canned but everyone else including McGregor and the directer are still on board. At least they're willing to rescue it rather than kill it completely.
  9. He's a charismatic dude who has been in two huge rock bands spanning almost 30 years. He definitely likes talking but he's also a guy everyone wants to interview about everything. I'm trying to think of a good comp. What frontman has been in two bands this big for this long of a career and did it this successfully? Guys have done it partially as solo acts. I guess that doesn't make a difference really. Just trying to think of anyone who has taken anything similar to his path. Ozzy might be a good comp and had a solid 30-year run. He's performed longer but has he had any sort of "hit" since the 90's? I don't think so. Phil Collins is another comp.
  10. I can't imagine owning a piece of clothing for more than4 or 5 years, let alone 15-20. I kind of admire it, really.
  11. You don't notice a difference between a brand new pair and a pair that is 20 years old?
  12. I saw Suicidal Tendencies once and they were booed off stage because after each song the singer would preach about some political cause for like 5 minutes. It got really bad. Dave is nowhere near that. I don't recall him ever being overly talky during shows. Maybe he is, but I'm not aware of it.
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