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  1. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    That's a hazardous "if", considering the coaching staff and player development guys. Talk is one thing. Actions are another. I don't see a team at all committed to analytics. We'll see.
  2. Too bad his first name isn't Morgan.
  3. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    Yeah, I'm an idiot.
  4. Hollywood attempts to change history

    I wear a baseball cap and am not an actual baseball player. MCS comment.
  5. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    I hope he's traded. I'd love to see him get a ring like JV did.
  6. Max Scherzer

  7. Max Scherzer

    This was a legit question at the time.
  8. Max Scherzer

    Wrong. He'll win 3. Who knew??? What an epic transformation.
  9. Oh. Also, what a player has done and what a player will do are often two different things. You acquire players based on what you think they will do in the future.
  10. Hollywood attempts to change history

    Of course, but Hollywood is full of people desperate for attention, more so than probably any other industry, and thereby more susceptible to predators.
  11. Hollywood attempts to change history

    Closer to 10. And that's probably still too high. That's still a huge problem though.
  12. Hollywood attempts to change history

    I think it's silly to require a degree. I've met horrible women with degrees and wonderful women without them. Makes no difference to me. I don't have one and my girl has her Masters. We seem to get along just fine. And I make about 3x what she makes.
  13. Hollywood attempts to change history

    Between here and Twitter, it's interesting how often you mention that you have dating profiles.
  14. The Pet Peeve Thread

    How do you internally thank someone? And I agree.
  15. Bloodletting at Bristol

    This must have been around 2000, 2001, but I was at Deja Vu in Kalamazoo. One of the "3 ugly ones" came to the stage, and there was a game, probably baseball, on the screen next to the stage. Me and my buddies were all watching the game. She stopped in the middle of her routine and started yelling at us.