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  1. Not as interesting as Keplar, but it's close.
  2. Let's not pretend Funkauser has a first name like Marty. Its Kyle. Might as well have been called Blake.
  3. Good cover, if you can call it that, since the original singer is playing guitar. Love both of these women, as vocalists and as people. This song is one of my favorite vocal performances ever and Pink is one of the few women who can pull this off. I'm not sure I could name another.
  4. Not to be overlooked, it was really fun to watch what your namesake Shelton did for half a season plus 2 weeks.
  5. I actually just saw Jerry Friday night. I've never been a fan of his stand-up either so I went in expecting to be disappointed, but we absolutely loved it. He was great. The guy just knew how to get the most out of an ok joke. And I appreciate that.
  6. There's a car across the street from me whose alarm goes off every time a large bike goes by. I kind of really hate them. And the car owner for thinking an alarm is going to do anything but annoy everyone.
  7. Why did Ritchie leave? His harmonies were the backbone of that band. Never thought much of him as a guitarist though.
  8. NO TOUCHING! It's a shame people dwell on the negatives so much. I get it, it sucks. But we've been a very fortunate fanbase for the last decade plus. Sure, we missed out on 6 close no-hitters. We also got to witness two of them. And one of the misses was a perfect game. Not on record, but it was. And yes, we had to witness three MVPs, two cy young winners, a triple crown winner, a rookie of the year and winning the AL Central 2011-2014 with no world series win. If you'd have told me that 15 years ago I would have been absolutely thrilled with all of those, world series win or not. Again, I get it. But I just don't understand the entitlement. Was the last decade really that bad?
  9. At least you can still prove to everyone that you're a man with such a heavy bike.
  10. I think it absolutely would have. Certainly close to it.
  11. Kinda not the same scenario.
  12. How is Kid Rock still a thing? Were ICP not available?
  13. SPOILER ALERT - concerning what appears to be a familiar vehicle in TLJ... Have to say, as of now I don't care for this. Maybe they'll come up with a way to make in interesting again.