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  1. I'm just saying that assuming your formula is linear you have almost given enough information for someone to figure it out themselves.
  2. Over 500 posts and no one has asked the right questions to figure this out. All you need to know is the variables and you can determine the formula. There's a difference between being a nerd and just intelligent.
  3. OK, that's enough for one night. See you on Page 17 tomorrow! Live long and prosper.
  4. Yes, I am feeling inferior to all of your sabermetric awesomeness.
  5. I don't know if the dude is correct in his assumptions but I sure think he believes them. Dellusional maybe, but I don't think he's BS'ing.
  6. Wow, a blog, really?? I'm in awe. How do I subscribe?
  7. I am threatened by the 26,000 posts though. Wow!
  8. I'm glad you caught on because you were the one I was referencing. I think you are just a little bit threatened.
  9. This thread has been a hilarious read. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! It's obvious that some people (you know who you are) feel threathened by someone that claims to have an original thought, rather than just regurgitating a bunch of research that other people have done. I have no idea if this OE% is worth anything but it's been hilarious watchting all the nerds get wound up about it.
  10. (#1b+#2b*2.1+#3b*3.5+#hr*7+BB*0.7-k*1.3)/AB This isn't quite correct but close
  11. But it's ok to pollute threads with ridiculous comments like this....
  12. Here's an clip from an article detailing Tressel's first known encounter with NCAA violations, This article came out in 2003 when the Maurice Clarett debacle started. Locally around Youngstown there are a lot more stories like this, but nothing that I can prove as fact on a internet message board so I won't even bring them up.
  13. Jim Tressel is as crooked as they come. It's common knowledge that he arranged for players to get paid while at Youngstown State. I can't imagine the things he's pulling off now with so many more boosters.
  14. It's hilarious to hear people from Detroit cut on other cities. Besides St Louis, downtown Detroit is the biggest **** whole in the country.
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