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  1. I know it's impossible to know now, but what pick would the Lions likely get if Ngata leaves next year? If it's a 4th, essentially we got a quality starter to trade down from a 5th to a 7th.
  2. Because they significantly improve the 1B spot in place of Moreland while keeping similar production in the middle infield.
  3. From MLB Trade Rumors: One more note from Crasnick, who tweets that the Braves also checked in on Phil Coke in their quest for lefty relief help, but nothing came of the talks with the Tigers. Coke has had a brutal season because of overexposure against right-handed hitters, but he's held lefties to a .231/.271/.346 batting line.
  4. Voted for Cobb pulling him up by 1. DTroppens sums up my thoughts well.
  5. This argument could be made in other situations: Arian Foster has been one of the best running backs in the league for a few years. Undrafted. I don't love the pick, but they did grab an extra pick from the trade down in the 5th. If they didn't love anybody in that spot and still got their guy later on, it doesn't seem like a waste.
  6. No one is jumping at QBs yet. Might open up more trade opportunities for Detroit?
  7. TEN just gave up a 3rd next year to move up 6 spots to get Hunter. I agree with your point though.
  8. Updated. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for Mr.TaterSalad for pointing out the misquote, and for the future, giving a day to update a post like this would be helpful.
  9. Name the last NFL starting quarterback that has taken a paycut for his team. That just doesn't happen. In the same way, a team wouldn't come to a player and say "gosh, you did so great last year, let me pay you an extra $5m for last year's performance".
  10. Which Cabrera for MVP supporter has said that baserunning as you mentioned doesn't add value to the team? No one is saying Trout isn't very valuable.
  11. The beauty of baseball is that often discussions are in the grey area rather than black and white. Trout had a great season doing things no one has ever done before. Cabrera had a great season being the first to win the triple crown in decades. My vote would've gone to Cabrera due to both having amazing years but Cabrera winning barely due to him finishing the season strong (and some would argue that all games are just as important, but that's not my stance) and playing a full season (when Trout had no control over the Angel's poor roster management). Point being, everyone values things slightly differently. Appreciate that when analyzing baseball and these discussions become fun rather than one getting annoyed at the other side.
  12. To be fair, wouldn't then the walk rates of the rest of the lineup be skewed as well? If I'm an opponent and am IBBing to the middle two of the lineup, I'm mostly likely going to give better pitches to hit and less walkable at-bats to the rest of the lineup.
  13. Or getting RBI because your 1-2 hitters are better at getting on base in front of you.
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