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  1. Oh, I see. It's only garbage because you like ilitch? I get it now. It's ok for others to bash Trammell, but not ilitch. After all, how can The Tigers be so bad under his regime? I mean, really. It's not like we've had 12 consecutive losing seasons, 3 of which were 100 or more losses. It's not like The Tigers---in thier long history have had only 6 seasons of 100 or more losses---3 of them uner his regime...one of them almost broke the major league record. It's not like our record during his regime is a dismal 829-1149. You're right BM, I shall embrace that. Let me hop on the "I love ilitch because he does well with his other businesses, but really sucks as a baseball owner bandwagon":confused:
  2. We'd be lucky to get a stale old bag of used peanuts.
  3. Yes, we had one 5 game win streak from April 22-29. Sandwiched in between that was 2 rain-outs and a snow-out. WE did have a 4 gane win streak just before the ASB. If we had won that last game before the break we would have been .500
  4. Someone posted a Poll asking if you thought Trammell was a good manager or not. I've decided to post one on ilitch. Most of you know I cant stand him. I really dont wish he was dead, but I do wish he would sell The Tigers and get the **** out of TigerTown.
  5. Shelton doesnt really need to run that fast, they way he smacks the ball around.
  6. Perhaps it's just some kind of mental block. For some reason, they just can't get over the hump. Or maybe they are just plain jinxed (the jinx of the pizzapeople)? Honestly, the only way The Tigers are ever going to get to the playoffs again is too have an owner who DOESNT own a pizza joint.
  7. Good research, D. Now can you tell me what is the longest winning streak in the club's history? (EDIT: I'll give ya a clue. It happened twice. The first time Hugh Jennings was manager. The next time Mickey Cochrane was managing.)
  8. Upon further investigation this their record at the century going back to 1993 (last winning season): 1993: 52-48 1994: 45-55 1995: 43-57 1996: 30-70 (ouch!) 1997: 47-53 1998: 43-57 1999: 42-58 2000: 46-54 2001: 43-57 2002: 38-62 2003: 27-73 2004: 47-53 source
  9. Speaking of hookers...did ron ilitch made the trip too?
  10. I disagree about gut instincts. Some managers need to trust thier instincts. Going by the numbers or righty vs. lefty match-up doesnt always work.
  11. Part of the problem is that The Tigers haven't really built a team to fit Comerica Park. Without getting into all that "the fences are too deep" crap---we need a solid left handed bat in the line-up.
  12. "It ain't over till it's over."
  13. "you know Dan, those catchers are very intelligent people!"
  14. Actually, it was 1984. They had two 9 game winning streaks that year. From April 3rd to April 18th and again from May 11th to May 24th. Also, the last time they won 11 in a row (they never had a 10 game streak) was... ...1968. From September 9th to September 21st.
  15. I've always been a HUGE Pena supporter. Until this year. I like the way Shelton is tearing up the league. And where would he play? I don't know though. he might worth one more chance.
  16. Ha, that's funny! he can spend only $39M on the dead wings? Sweet! Hopefully that $39 M wont buy him a playoff team. I'd love nothing more than to see the dead wings not make the playoffs, say for like, 13 years? That would be cool. He might actually know how Tiger Fans feel.
  17. Alright. I may have been a bit harsh. Seriously I wouldnt wish that on anyone:tired:
  18. I really like coming to this board. It's a good place to get insightful and decent info on my favorite team. And I dislike it when we have these debates. Since everyone already knows my extreme hatred for mike ilitch, I think I will continue on---quietly praying for the Grim Reaper to pay him a visit.
  19. I didnt know anyone could hate mike ilitch more than me, but I'm happy just to be a ilitch hater.
  20. Yes, you made me eat crow. but what made him care? it wasn't the 119 loss season was it? and this he cared about signing Mags cuz why? no hockey? Either way I hate mike ilitch and nothing will ever change my mind.
  21. So...what part of mike ilitch is a bumbling incompetent idiot are you guys NOT understanding???
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