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  1. I bet Crosby would be scoring plenty if Malkin were getting the ZBT'd (the Zetterberg Blanket Treatment). I'm no fan of Crosby, but I think teams attempt to neutralize him leaving Malkin open (or at least more so) for scoring opportunities. Malkin becomes the lesser of two evils. Just look at how the Wings treat the two of them.
  2. As a goalie, let me say that's an awful tough position to be left in. A skater peeling in off the wing and getting a clear shot from 12-15 feet out. Where was the 'D'?
  3. Uh-oh. Yank Osgood? It's almost like a game of chicken... which coach will go to the backup first.
  4. I think the Wings are "playing" right now. Come the 3rd, I'll bet they play 20 minutes of keep-away and cap the series with a period of top-notch play.
  5. Is CNN reporting the news or attempting to be the anti-FOX Network? I think FOX is borderline radical right in it's leanings, but CNN has gone ridiculously overboard to the left. Two wrongs (partisan news organizations) are definitely not making a right (objective news reporting).
  6. Bing, bing, bing. I can't imagine them being the worst team in the Central, but I don't know which team will be worse. On the other hand, I don't see how this team is any better than last year and could end up a whole lot worse (if there's a firesale). With that in mind, can I change my vote to "5th"? I'll bet Leyland has a mid-season dismissal, the veterans are sold for scraps, and Verlander has a new address. But I'll gleefully be wrong.
  7. I'm not trying to be a Negative Nancy but this team has so many questions that if I were betting in Vegas, I would put my money on "Fire Sale in July". I don't think this team is anywhere near 2003-bad but there's not much to suggest they'll be any better than last year. Could they win? Sure. 2006 proved anything can happen.
  8. http://www.ci.detroit.mi.us/legislative/CityCouncil/Default.htm (Formal session - 2/24/9) Take a bit of time to actually watch the session when the City Council voted on the Cobo issue. If this had gone down in the suburbs with white-on-black animosity, I'm sure it would be much bigger news. Instead, it's just a Tuesday in Detroit. One funny aspect is the council members' repeated inability to make analogies.
  9. This is a quickie look at their 3-year averages. Both players have brutal righty/lefty splits but Sizemore plays more often versus lefty opponents. (Another reason I believe it's difficult to hang "best CF" on Curtis when he regularly sits versus lefties.) Player AB R H 1B 2B 3B HR RBI BB KO SB CS BA OBP SLG Sizemore 639 118 178 101 42 7 28 81 92 146 31 7 .279 .380 .498 Granderson 587 108 165 97 32 15 21 69 63 142 15 3 .281 .353 .494 (I'm sorry that I couldn't get the numbers up better.) Overall, I'll take the 27 points of OBP and in addition to the power and more playing time. It's closer than I thought, but Sizemore still seems to be the better player in my mind.
  10. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a museum, but being admitted into the Hall of Fame (with a plaque and all the fanfare) is to be put into an elite class. It's like being sainted by the church. Bonds' name will be in the Hall. So will A-Rod's and Rose's hit record. But don't put them on the same walls with players that didn't cheat and lie to get into the Hall. This isn't about morals. Ty Cobb was a scumbag racist but that has nothing to do with baseball. Denny McLain was convicted of embezzling, but that has nothing to do with baseball. Bonds and A-Rod (and at least 103 other MLB players) broke federal laws to gain an advantage in the game of baseball. I don't care if these guys are ornery, bad tippers, or kick little dogs while walking on the sidewalk. All that matters is whether the Baseball Hall of Fame should enshrine them along with the celebrated greats of the sport. The Hall should be for the best players, not those that used PEDs to be the best. These guys are foolish for taking their extraordinary careers and soiling them. They cheated to get ahead in the game of baseball. Keep 'em out of the Hall.
  11. I don't believe McGwire should be ineligible for the Hall of Fame. I wouldn't vote for him, but he's never admitted using or tested positive (as far as I know).
  12. Honestly, I wasn't saying anything about retired players. If MLB wants to go retroactive, fine... apply the sames rules to everybody. And this isn't about "punishing" players. But I believe players that are caught (or admit to) using PEDs should be barred from the Hall of Fame. I don't think these people are evil. I don't think wages should be garnished or records struck from the books. But let's not allow these guys to waltz into the most hallowed hall.
  13. No, I meant that even if Rose was betting on his team to win, it's very realistic to have that negatively influence his coaching decisions. Whether he bet for or against his team to win, betting on baseball and his own team is a bad thing.
  14. Did Mays fail a drug test or admit to using? If not, then I'm reluctant to call that proof of anything. People deserve the benefit of a doubt. Aaron used once. That's enough for me. He's no different than Bonds or A-Rod. (And that's a bummer.) Ruth used stimulants? Were they banned? Were they illegal? Is there proof of this? If so, then Babe Ruth should also be lumped in with the cheaters.
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