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  1. It also means that a team like Buffalo ,who desperately needs a DE, could negotiate with Avril and if the money is right they could turn to the Lions and say we'll give you ONE first round pick if you'll trade his rights to us. Is Avril worth the #10 pick in this year's draft AND a 10 million savings? Something to think about..
  2. Does anyone think Dan Haren is worth a minor league contract with Detroit?
  3. I don't think Inge makes it out of Spring Training. He isn't a 'super fielder' like he was. Douglas and Worth can make the same plays he can and hit better too. With Miggy getting the majority of play, I don't see a place for him.
  4. We agonized over the same thing when we signed Magglio for 15mil/per. Mike Illitch didn't get where he is by over-analyzing the down side of every decision. He sets his goal then works like hell to achieve it. God bless him.
  5. Mark Teahan is free. I think he's worth an invitation to camp.
  6. I think DD's waiting for that situation to sort it self out during ST. The Angels cant keep 3 1b. Pujols will stay so one of those two will DH and one is going to be very unhappy. Don't worry about beyond 2012. If healthy either one is better than what's out there now. We can sort out the talent jam after next season. We're looking to win now.
  7. Well one stat that jumps out is the number of innings played as opposed to Santiago. Not many full-time 2b posted a BA as high as his last year. As a first year player he should get better.
  8. He's a younger Santiago with an upside he doesn't need to be rested as much as Santiago does. Last year was essentially his rookie year and he was pretty consistent with the bat. He just does everything well - not outstanding in anything one phase but IMO better than what we currently have or what will come up soon in the minors.
  9. I'd like to see Barney as part of the deal too and shore up 2b. Wonder how much that would cost?
  10. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Porcello was the main bait for Matt Garza rather than Turner.
  11. I think DD sees him as another Magglio with speed. If that's his benchmark than what he's asking for is a lot less than Mags got originally. I know they can't sign him until he's officially a FA, but can they have a deal in place with his agent before that time?
  12. If the Tigers are scouting him you have to assume that they have made the determination that his demands are affordable.
  13. I think he's the first domino for the Tigers. They have the money to spend and I think they're waiting to see if they can sign Cespedes. If so it sets up the rest of the off-season moves, if not they'll spend on Buerle or Ramirez.
  14. Shhh, can't mention Hitler or they'll kick you off ESPN
  15. I must have missed this but who replaced Purcey on the roster?
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