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  1. I enjoyed it. It flew by quickly. I had two major issues with it: 1. When the cops roll up to the vacuum cleaner shop they would have been looking inside the glass door from the car and seen two people inside the store. 2. The shoot-from-the-hip shot to welder dude: You would have a better chance of winning the lottery than him making that shot from his left hand (Pinkman is right-handed) as he has the pistol pointed down when they were speaking. It's entirely unbelievable that he could jerk it up and be that accurate. If only one shot had hit his torso somewhere and then he used the second gun right-handed to finish the kill, it would have been more believable. Heck, to even make five shots in that grouping inside a jacket pocket right-handed would have been extremely difficult too. I'd expect much more attention to detail from Gilligan.
  2. I'll watch this a second time but my wife said once is enough.
  3. So this is a fictional account of his legacy? Kind of like this one:
  4. Okay, so I read these jokes about the Deuce all the time.....can someone please explain them? I like to know jokes.
  5. In the distance was there a soundtrack playing with the lyrics "If there's a problem, yo, I'll solve it......"?
  6. That is fantastic Bert! I am really looking forward to this.
  7. Honestly one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. I will fight you.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a guy's idea to start that crap. It's in the same category as couple's showers. Just. Plain. Dumb.
  9. Saw Joker this weekend and loved it. He does crazy very well.
  10. He was also very emotional about it the next day at home plate when Galarraga delivered the game ball. I think the most important thing in all of this is the grace that Galarraga showed. He didn't throw a fit. He simply turned and smiled. He was publicly a class act throughout the entire event.
  11. I will always remember him for that line.
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