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  1. That would be awesome if you still owned it!
  2. I used to be as well. Now if I see someone pwn3ing a Squier or Epiphone, I want to talk with them about it.
  3. He's 57 and survived a nearly crippling alcohol dependency. I'd say he's done well since growing up! He's no Keith Richards though.....
  4. Hey if an old fart like TigertownRats can do it, so can you. And it's less expensive these days for quality equipment. Once you get to the point where you're spending 4k on guitars etc, then you'd better be a full time touring musician. Heck, look at it this way, I've been playing 42 years and play live three times a month and the vast majority of my guitars cost me 400 or less. There are practice amps called "amplug" that can be picked up cheap too. Realistically you can grab a Squier or Epiphone guitar and a headphone amp for less than $500 and you'd be way further along than when me, Pfife and Yoda began on crap equipment because the quality of beginner instruments was so bad back then.
  5. Alex had a good sense of humor about that. I know that it was referenced at least once in the clues.
  6. I am in love. Well as much in love as you can be with wood and metal. But yeah.
  7. He did an excellent job. The Executive Producer did well too but I think it's Jennings' job from the get go.
  8. I've shared this before but that same day we were going to the Tigers game and I was out of the loop on the news etc. We had just found out that day that my wife was pregnant so it was an exciting day. We ended up sitting behind @Oblong and I remember him checking his phone a lot. It wasn't until the next day that I got the news about the event. I was completely oblivious to the event.
  9. At any age she is a special added bonus.
  10. In the beginning of this video, he approaches the talent of Malcom Young. He's got some really good videos and is worth a subscribe as he is a better player than he claims.
  11. Retired octogenarian who goes to the barbershop at 1230 pm thus slowing down the process for the working stiffs who try to get that stuff done during lunch. If I owned a barber shop I’d have a very big sign posted that read “no senior discounts between 11 am and 1pm”.
  12. Looks like an edger is your next investment. I actually have a line trimmer/weed wacker that the head rotates and can be used as an edger. I'll grab a pic and post my edges.
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