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  1. Was it this game or the Bonderman game which led to the famous Happy Meal incident?
  2. I was there with my friend who grew up on Long Island. His first baseball game concluded when Mickey Mantle hit a walk off home run. This guy is a real Yankee fan. He despised Kenny Rogers, who walked in the winning run against the Braves in the 99 NLCS, because he wanted to see the Yankees play the Mets in the WS. So there he was watching The Gambler pitch the game of his life and being harassed by Tigers fans. I almost felt bad for him. Almost.
  3. There was literally electricity in the air that night. Crazy.
  4. Washington First Nation People. The nickname could be FNPs.
  5. Joe Walsh said that when he joined the band it felt like he joined a band that was about to break up. I don't remember the quote exactly.
  6. I remember watching that soon after it came out and, while I knew that Henley was a real piece of work, I had no idea how big of a ***** that Glenn Frey was. My understanding is that one of their goals in that was to make Felder look like a whiner but all they did was reveal that Henley and Frey were/are major stockholders in the jerk store with Frey being the Chairman of the Board.
  7. I just showed it to a 24 year-year-old coworker and she thought it was funny. I agreed that it was funny but neither of us could explain why it was funny. The closest I can come to explaining it is that it is funny in the way that Napoleon Dynamite is funny.
  8. Dude uses just his thumb to pick those difficult phrases. Incredible.
  9. Ted looks like a guy who won't take crap off nobody.
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