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  1. I think it's a ruse but it is a very well done ruse.
  2. I'm caught in a wormhole of listening to this guy's videos.....
  3. So you're saying that a franchise the endured great ire from Selig's office for hiring Phil Garner without performing a minority interview and as a penance built a statue for a non hall of fame black man and subjected the fanbase to way too many years of a television broadcaster, who - what a surprise - was also a person of color, didn't make LLoyd manager because of racism? That is a horrible take.
  4. This is what I lean toward. Its just uncomfortable. You'd think in a church that seats 5000 it would be hard to find somone but I like being close to the front and social distancing requires that every other pew is empty; It's harder to hide.
  5. Just one. And she has tagged me in the photo or posted a picture of the same cat in a reply to one of my posts more times than I have fingers.
  6. 28. I don't know if she is borderline special needs but it seems like it. She works with her mom washing dishes at a charity but drives her own car....it's an anomaly.
  7. There is a girl that goes to my church who wants to audition for the worship team. It's a very difficult gig to get and they make the audition process challenging to weed out the mediocre musicians. When she found out I was a member of the WCA (worship and creative arts team), I offered some encouragement and went on my way. Then she found me on Facebook. Then the messages started. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions from "my audition process is going great" and then an hour later it was "ugg I'm so frustrated! I don't think I can do this." I'd offer a figurative pat on the back and some encouragement. The messages increased in frequency to double digits every day. I found out later that she had been doing the same thing to a few members of the WCA including the musical director. They advised to set a boundary and stop replying. The messages continued but lessened in frequency when I stopped replying and reading them. She could tell that I hadn't been reading the messages but still continued to send me messages every couple of weeks. They still show unread from late January and she still sends the occasional message. She has resorted to tagging me in posts about how she is working on her audition packet. For months now. She likes and replies to everything I post on Facebook even if I know she has no idea what it is (usually an inside joke). If she sees me at church she'll come sit with us. I don't think it's an attraction thing, I think she just has no clue how inappropriate her behavior is. I really don't want to discourage her but I don't think she will have the ability to play on the level required to be part of such a high quality production. Once we get past the audition, for every time we're playing we are given a list of songs to play on our assigned day and we have a few days to learn them at home. It doesn't get easier after the audition, it actually gets harder.
  8. I think Avila reads this forum & has studied my face that exists on my avatar here, and has been taking roster management cues from my comments. You see, pre-game I like to hangout below the catwalk that Avila and other suite buyers use to enter and exit their suites. Every time I spotted him walking along the catwalk, he would always look down & view the surroundings. Several times he stared at me for an extended look and gave me a little head nod. Three or four times he would then continue to walk to the left and turn back around again and give me another look -- then turn around and continue his walk for good. He will probably deny reading Motowntigers.com for sure. But clearly he has been acting on the advice I leave in MTS comments in the game following my posts for years.
  9. Somebody posted a hilarious overly attached girlfriend meme recently and I can't remember where. I need it in my life again so if you posted it, hook a brother up.
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