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  1. Especially if you consider his peers at the position at the time.
  2. Things that put a smile on my face? This! It's pretty cheesy at moments but man is this game fun, addicting and a good workout.
  3. Who you callin' crazy? You wouldn't know crazy if Charles Manson was sitting on your front porch eating Froot Loops!
  4. Jeter is a HOF player. For sure. I was surprised to learn that he was the first Yankee in history to get 3000 hits. Jeter was not a good SS despite people's memories of a couple of plays that were shown ad nauseum on ESPN. When A-Rod went to the Yankees, Jeter should have moved to third because A-Rod was clearly a better defensive SS. I think that was the beginning of the rift in their relationship because A-Rod knew it but would look petty expressing it.
  5. Eric Clapton if he had a big personality. Also Paul McCartney. The difference is the meat of Grohl's success is in the days of the internets whereas those guys were successful in the 60s and 70s.
  6. Grohl is a guy who comes off as absolutely aware of his lot in life and how he hit payday twice in an industry where millions have failed; he doesn't act like he deserves it. He obviously loves his life and seems genuinely interested in living it to the fullest. I know a guy who has hung out with him many times and said there is not a presumptuous bone in his body and the joy filled way he acts on stage is how he is in his private life too.
  7. I wore crocs around a bunch of twenty-somethings and one of them said “well you’re married so....”.
  8. Crazy. Lots and lots and lots and lots of NSFW language. Use discretion.
  9. Eminem is a dude who dresses up in silly costumes and makes silly videos but if you poke fun at him he wants to fight. I never got that. Look to Primus, Marshall. Just look to Primus.
  10. I'd place a large amount of money that a person calling pro baseball players talentless couldn't hit a major league fastball. Ya see what a silly argument that is? That said, I'm not into most rap but the successful rappers are hardly talentless. It's just not a talent I'm interested in...much like shredders; Impressive but valueless in my world.
  11. Notable absences: Motorhead Iron Maiden Thin Lizzy Kansas Styx Foreigner Boston REO Speedwagon And yes Pat Benatar belongs in for sure.
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