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  1. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    I'm waiting for Bill Simonson to weigh in. If he hates the move, we as fans are golden. If he loves it, we're screwed.
  2. Ron Gardenhire is your new Tiger manager

    I am as okay with this as I would have been had he been hired instead of Ausmus. I think the move will make sense in four years.
  3. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    Plus he was a Yankee. Sure it was via a trade that he had no control over but he was still a Yankee.
  4. Today's Tiger birthdays

    That is a good looking baseball card.
  5. If not Ausmus then who?

    I, too, thought of this exact same scene. Twinzies.
  6. If not Ausmus then who?

    The Japanese women are famous for their snaggleteeth. My wife finds it endearing.
  7. If not Ausmus then who?

    Beat me to it.
  8. Random Thread

    Well, here you are now. Entertain us.
  9. If not Ausmus then who?

    Quote from a friend of mine: "You can tell Deivi Cruz is from another country by his teeth".
  10. Movies that you love that were not big hits

    Is that the one where Mel Brooks played Yogurt?
  11. First it's rubbing elbows with Cameron Crowe, Ty Cobb's granddaughter and now Virgil Trucks' daughter. You're a twitter celebrity.
  12. Star Wars: Han Solo film

    Opie's ear size is now competing with Andy's.