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  1. They left right after they dropped them off, right?
  2. I have a license to carry a taser and Michigan has reciprocity with Texas so maybe I'll come and visit for the next parade!!! I kid of course before anyone thinks I'm serious.
  3. I hope the Pats win the Super Bowl just because of this.
  4. I like parades because I like marching bands and at our local Memorial Day parade there is always a flyover. So there's that. My kids don't enjoy them though at all.
  5. When she asked when was the last time he took it off, he said "yesterday".
  6. I had to watch it in three separate viewings due to my schedule and I really enjoyed it. It was never boring. Due to the age of the actors, it seems like it was Scorcese throwing them one last bone and it was hard to get over their age at first but the content made it worth it. I think I'll watch it again.
  7. Why do Valley Girls travel in odd numbers?
  8. Beating the Bears would be the most Lions thing that ever Lioned.
  9. How much is an average pack going for these days?
  10. This is a societal wide epidemic.
  11. Dropping kids off at school isn't rocket science. 1. Pull up to the curb 2. Kiss kids and wish them a great day 3. Kids get out of car and close the door(s) 4. Turn on your turn signal and exit the drop off area when able
  12. I'd equate it with steroids. While still wrong, it's still an attempt to win games. Gambling is not on the that level because it also incentivises losing.
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