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  1. Yeah, definitely....good call on Marty/Ben. She is my favorite character on the show. "I was a criminal long before Marty moved to the Ozarks" (paraphrasing) was one of my favorite things she said.
  2. The show is certainly not afraid of slow burns. Ruth makes sense because of her daddy complex. Her dad was nuts so she is attracted to nuts. Darlene is just using Wyatt as a toy. I forsee her killing him off which leads to or is a result of a standoff with Ruth.
  3. I would have sworn that Jonah was going to do it. Nothing surprises me anymore. I kept thinking that Ben was going to be a mole and, when it became obvious that he wasn't, I kept questioning why he was a necessary character. Well...now we know.
  4. I like Maya. She’s the first fed that makes me root against Marty. Darlene is nuts.
  5. I thought I shared this here but apparently I didn't: The Good Place I am thoroughly amused and entertained.
  6. I work with Karen. Today there was an issue with a utility bill and the whole office was invited to listen to the call.
  7. An excellent channel for guitar geeks is the Trogly's Guitar Show. He's a super nerdy guy who knows a TON about guitars. I don't know if it would be interesting to anyone who doesn't play but he's a guy who was able to quit his job because of his youtube presence. It's half and half unboxing/review.
  8. With over a million subscribers and an average of 6 figure views per video, he's already making bank.
  9. We cut the cord in December of 2017 and the first few months were a bit odd but we got used to it. Right now we have Prime and Netflix. I had subscribed to Disney Plus to watch The Mandalorian but have since cancelled it. Basically our bill is $55 for ATT internet (I regulate the use and we don't even come close to the data cap), $15 for Netflix and we were already Prime members so any tv is just a bonus. I have an OTA antenna set up so we can watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Everyone in our family is all set with that. I miss Tiger baseball but realistically could only view about an hour a night of any games anyway.
  10. I like the neck in that Line 6 so much that I decided to try it’s electric counterpart. https://reverb.com/item/32768841-preciosa-guitarra-electrica-line-6-variax-700-extras
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