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  1. Do your homework. Make sure there is lots of testing associated and ensure it really contains the correct ingredients. Stuff for purchase on Amazon/Ebay isn't legit.
  2. Income opportunity. Brick and mortar DVD and game rental is a rare bird and they're doing what they need to do to survive. Even though we have Prime and Netflix, we still visit at least once a week. As an aside, I was surprised to see that they still have an adult section in the back. That cannot be making any money these days. Also, one more thing about CBD: I haven't taken ibuprofen in months.
  3. $ CBD has done wonders for my mild asthma and recurring golfer's elbow. It's helped ease pain with a coworker's elderly FIL suffering from cancer and has eased a friend's anxiety issues to the point where he could successfully cease pharmaceutical assistance. Is it a miracle drug? Probably not but it seems to do a lot of good things with epileptics etc. The only side affect I've seen is that I am incredibly thirsty so I drink a lot more water (which in and of itself is good as it helps flush toxins).
  4. Manson/Tex interviews were very well done but some of it was factually inaccurate. Still, the guy they got to play Manson was spot on. He almost had the eyes....almost....Manson has the eyes and I think the only person who could really pull that off would be Jack Black.
  5. I use CBD and it does what I need it to do. Local Family Video stores sell it too. That said, where there is product and sheeple, there will be MLM.
  6. I am really digging the show. It's much more intense than season one.
  7. If you're in the mood for math: http://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1969 In today's dollars, Hendrix was paid $125,838.64 ShaNaNa and Santana, both with many members to distribute the payday, each made around $5k.
  8. There was a dip in quality but it was still good. Robert California was great. Andy as the manager wasn't great but they did introduce a couple of characters that added to the show. I could have done without Nessie (or was it Nellie?).
  9. Finished it and absolutely loved it. I found myself very happy and sad at the same time during the series finale. I loved that Michael Scott's last line was "that's what she said". Very well done from start to finish.
  10. The revisionist history didn't bother me. In fact I found it amusing. It just seemed that the entire movie was based on an inconsequential build up to that. Pitt and DiCaprio were awesome but it felt like the first 90% was filler. Even the Bruce Lee stuff was just random IMO.
  11. Similar thing: I did a video presentation and the videographer had to follow me around for an extended period of time. Lots of small talk ensued. Fast forward weeks later, the video is complete and this guy traps me at every opportunity with small talk about b-roll footage he has to take at blah blah blah blah blah.....and this new camera that blah blah blah blah blah. Nice guy but now I have to try to avoid him...I hope I have enough urine if it's a restroom encounter.
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