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  1. Maybe Casper Wells' dad finally caught up to him and introduced him to Miss Manners.
  2. The shared link was probably viewed/clicked here more than any other social media platform and so it probably trends higher on the result list. IIRC we were using google ad services for a period of time but I could be wrong on that.
  3. I would imagine that the google overlords have this come up in the search results. Perhaps he was searching for a name and this link came up. This happened with Laffy Taffy a few years ago.
  4. Not widely known is that he is one heck of a guitarist...
  5. Makes sense to start a thread about it then since there will inevitably be discussion on it making your goal of staying in the dark more difficult.
  6. People who get tattoos are loosers.
  7. I briefly worked for his nephew and I asked if he ever called him "Uncle Vulture".
  8. I never got the appeal of Janis Joplin. I've tried to like her music; really really tried. I even tried watching the documentary on Netflix in hopes that it would allow me to do a 180 and it just didn't grab me.
  9. Thanks for the update! It's fun to see how they've grown and it's amazing how we get old so fast with our children as time gauges.
  10. He is probably one of few who can follow in the footsteps of Ledger's version of The Joker.
  11. Took five weeks to arrive but so worth it. Fantastic player with killer tone. Put it to the live test on Sunday.
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