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  1. 2018 Spring Training Thread

    And then ******* Lee.
  2. 2018 Spring Training Thread

    ******** Bert.
  3. Pre ST won/loss predictions

  4. Eastside Billee memorial

    Oh man, I wish I could make this.
  5. The Pet Peeve Thread

    I could have driven really slowly and c-blocked him into another red light. Dude like that probably never would admit that he had plenty of time to get through the next light even if I had let several cars in. I guess one day I'll stop being amazed at how stupid some people are.
  6. The Pet Peeve Thread

    Yesterday I let a car, who was trying to merge in from a parking lot, in front of me. The guy behind me laid on his horn. Nevermind that we were four cars away from the light which was red. I give the guy a shrug and he starts yelling. I start to mock him by mimicking him in an exaggerated manner. He gets madder and flips me the bird while yelling more. I escalate the mimicking to full on ghetto head movements with the "oh no you dint" finger in the air. The light turns green and we all make it through (including the ranting moron behind me). But I'm an ******* because he had to wait for one more car.
  7. Hey Guitar Guys!

    @pfife https://reverb.com/item/10375442-greco-egc-650-randy-rhoads-1987-cream-white
  8. Hey Guitar Guys!

    A guy at my church plays one of those. How is it?
  9. Today's Tiger birthdays

  10. Star Wars: Solo

    As an aside, we picked up Lego Star Wars for our Wii U and it is hilariously fun to play.
  11. The Walking Dead Season 8

    FTWD was/is a terrible show. AMC thought they could just draw viewers in with the name and didn't seem to put much effort into it. They've taken a similar approach to the writing of the last two seasons I watched of TWD. I haven't seen a single episode of the most recent season but I'm quite certain that it is continuing to devolve.
  12. Going back to 2006

    It was me, you, Bruce and Dave (Rhino).