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  1. Today's Tiger birthdays

    He also embraced it because Harwell was the one who came up with the nickname.
  2. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Even more to the point, does the forum need you guys jumping down new member's throats at the slightest misgiving? Don't make JBK right. You wouldn't like it when he's right.
  3. Today's Tiger birthdays

    I met Tood several times when he was with the Tigers and he was always very friendly and conversational. I think he is/was a guy who knew his place in history and soaked up every moment of being a professional baseball player that he could. He will always be one of my favorite Tigers despite and maybe because of the rollercoaster moniker.
  4. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    So Liston needs help from "the gang" to counter another member's snarkiness?
  5. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    How about instead of ganging up on new members and responding to perceived or real trolling, you just let them be? If you guys in the "old boys club" can't play nice with others, how do you think a lurker is going to think about joining the forum? Do you want the forum to grow or remain the same 8 guys rehashing the same arguments over and over and over and over? Seriously.
  6. What are some of your fondest Same Old Lions moments?

    Being a Lions fan is like drunk dialing an ex-girlfriend in the middle of the night.
  7. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    I can see them on my desktop but not on my mobile device.
  8. MLB Forum Refugees - Introduce yourselves

    That's not me. I'm actually an obese Ukranian woman with four chins, three children and a stout muscular husband who consumes the vodka straight from the bottle like a man should.
  9. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Don't ever change JBK. That victim mentality suit looks so good on you.
  10. MLB Forum Refugees - Introduce yourselves

    When I first signed up for the site back in early 2000, people thought I was CJ.
  11. MLB Forum Refugees - Introduce yourselves

    Yeah but our Yacht was better than theirs.
  12. What are some of your fondest Same Old Lions moments?

    I never said sports free Sundays. I said Lions free Sundays. They're really good.
  13. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    So there is never a time when a bunt is the right call?