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  1. Yes, when it was first published in 1968. I wrote Coover a letter of admiration and he sent back a postcard. Said he played a modest version of Henry's game when he was younger.
  2. Yes, this is the type of context I had in mind. Ask and ye shall receive.
  3. I don't think those three numbers by themselves are enough to define clutch hitting. You need more context. Things like the score and the inning would be factors. Certainly, a solo game-winning home run would be a clutch hit, no?
  4. one thing for certain, a "day off" is not the same thing as an "off day."
  5. Outman living up to his name. Good moniker for a pitcher. Bad one for a hitter, though.
  6. A nice tiddy thread is always enjoyable, but I spell it with two "t"s.
  7. That is a really wonderful and nostalgic piece. Very nice. If you want to use the dice and incorporate the dials too, you could change the 1-1 dice roll to "Spin left dial" and have 12 less common outcomes like Error, Balk, Wild Pitch, Hit by Pitch, etc. and change the 6-6 dice roll to "Deep Fly, spin right dial" and have the outcomes be HR, HR, HR, HR, Triple, Caught on Warning Track. Something like that. You get the idea. Whatever you do, I'm sure you and your son will have a lot of fun. Good times.
  8. Except that it made you post that, so it did just a little :-)
  9. I agree completely that Cabrera made the play and they got him out, and probably 99% of the time the ump gets the call right on plays like that. I've just always wondered how it would've gone down if Guillen had made the play. It just looked to me like it might have been a little easier play that way, but who knows? Maybe Guillen boots it or throws wild.
  10. May be what cost Galarraga his perfect game as much as Jim Joyce.
  11. I don't see it happening in the immindiate future either. As a matter of fact, I don't even know what the immindiate future is. I think it's a pretty cool mingling of imminent and immediate but, either way, I don't see how a dead guy who lived 2,000 years ago can make Zumaya stay healthy.
  12. Rick Little is a very poor writer, is all I have to say.
  13. 49er

    Zumaya injury...

    Do people who are inclined to pray need to be reminded to do so? Seems like if you are a prayerful person you wouldn't need to see a prompt on a message board, you would just naturally go ahead and do it. And if you aren't inclined to pray, seeing the request is not going to make you do it. So I'm not sure there's any useful purpose for posting something like that in a secular setting. I can understand suggesting praying for a specific intention within a religious setting, like during a church service, but it seem out of place in public. It's either preaching to the converted, or falling on deaf ears, to use a couple of cliches. And I don't agree that it's the same as wishing Zumaya well. It goes a bit beyond that, really.
  14. I know, I was basically just joking around... that's how I roll usually... don't take me too seriously...
  15. "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain" or "Lolich, McLain and pray for rain" work; this thread title I guess is a valiant effort, but it just doesn't sound good. It's never gonna catch on.
  16. 49er

    Dear Mr. Fidrych

    I saw it last night. Nice little movie, very touching. Long scene at the end with Fidrych himself was probably the highlight. Anyone who remembers the '76 season or who is a big Tigers fan should enjoy this film. The production quality doesn't compare to "Hollywood" standards, the lighting is poor in some scenes and the audio is a little hard to understand throughout. The actors are all amateurs and it is obvious. But it is clearly a labor of love and that overrides the technical issues. Mike Cramer, the writer/director/star was at the premiere last night along with many of the cast members. He spoke on stage after the film, answering questions. Also there were Fidrych's wife and daughter, whose birthday it was. Cramer had the audience sing happy birthday to her. More info about the film is at www.dearmrfidrych.com, including a trailer and link to a Facebook page.
  17. You should go see this: Detroit Windsor International Film Festival - Dear Mr Fidrych
  18. On the other hand, they do want to make it easy to come. You can't have one without the other. I'll bet the casinos would team up if they thought it would help them though. And it might if it increased the number of people who could get there more easily. Cooperate to enlarge the total customer base and share the profits. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  19. First thing I noticed was the close similarity between the name of the guy who wrote the article and the Tigers' #1 draft pick: Dayn Perry and Ryan Perry.
  20. This sort of phenomenon is just part of a natural process called folklore. The folk process manifests itself in all forms of human interaction.
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