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  1. I don't mind Karsch. Sometimes he says something that is really out there. He knows his College sports and that's cool but he is out of his realm when he talks mlb or nba.
  2. Excellent news. He was 2nd team High School All American by BA. The question I have is do they see him as a hitter or pitcher? http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/leagues/HS_amateur/040618hsaa.html
  3. True I ope it helps also. The reason I don't believe is that he has had this insulin pump the first half of the year and his stats are no better than his career. I think Johnson is a nice average pitcher who can win 10-12 games a year.
  4. You don't need to sound snotty about it. We shall see what happens but you have no basis for saying his 2nd half problems will be solved because of an insulin pump.
  5. I do agree with that but Johnson has also shown a history of pitching horribly in the 2nd half of the year. Johnson is pitching great in July but he has always done that. In August and September his ERA explodes. Pre All Star 102 98 28 37 0 3 1 571.0 596 314 288 75 206 355 4.54 1.40 .269 Post All-Star 66 54 15 28 0 1 0 351.2 398 232 207 55 167 239 5.30 1.61 .281 Matt Morris Pre All Star 102 92 43 30 2 8 4 620.2 613 274 251 65 174 444 3.64 1.27 .262 Post All-Star 90 69 38 18 2 6 2 486.2 458 185 167 31 145 369 3.09 1.24 .251 Seems to me Morris gets stronger as the season goes on. Well nobody knows what he will ask for but I can't imagine it will be over 9 mil. If the Tigers are wiling to pay Vina 3 mil, Higginson 8 mil. I don't think Morris would be a bad investment at all. Another fact I like is Morris has actually pitched in pennant races which nobody in the Tigers rotation has done.
  6. He has shown more consistency through out his career than any of the other starting pitchers on the Tigers. You can't just wait and see if you have an ace on your pitching staff because what happens if you don't and you have a mediocre pitching staff? You just don't wait and see you go out and get people that will help your team.
  7. 1) Make a decision on Pena or Munson. I think one of them will be gone and the winner of the battle becomes 1B. 2) Acquire top of the rotation pitcher. The Tigers still lack a skid stopping pitcher. Acquire Matt Morris for a 2-3 year deal if possible. 3) 3B-Maybe Koskie is the solution. He has been suffering injuries lately but could be good for two more years. 4) BULLPEN!!!!!!!!
  8. just noticed looking through the leaders of the GCL and I see his name. Sean Henry .349 BA .431 OBP .460 SLG 1 hr 10 rbi 4 sb 4 cs Very suprised the Tigers did not sign him.
  9. On the subject of Colon. It has nothing to do with his pitching it has to do with his eating habits and how he does not take care of his body. If he decides to make a commitment to getting in better shape you will see the dominant Bartolo Colon.
  10. This is the reason why you acquire Barry Zito. 3-2 42 innings 33 k's 9 walks 2.14 era 1.02 whip .221 OBP Those are Zito's #'s in Comerica.
  11. If the Athletics could bite on a player like Baugh I bet the Tigers could get a deal done.
  12. I don't know if they can keep it up but they do control their own destiny. They have 19 games with Chicago, 18 of their next 24 are at home, all other AL Central teams have more road games left than home games. Last year Minnesota was 40-47 at the All Star Break and 5 games back. It can be done but we shall see.
  13. Sorry I guess that website is not allowed to be posted. Kind of makes sense.
  14. So says Justin Spiro. He also said Pudge to the Mariners was a done deal. After this I like the Pistons chance at re-signing Rasheed and infact put them at 100%. Also Pistons offered McDyess 5years 30 mil. Rasheed to the Apple? LOL McDyess offered
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