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  1. They should have tripled his work load as he had the margins to pull it off. Every programmer in that company should be worrying about job their job security right now because I'm sure management is looking to hire the out sourced coder and his friends.
  2. That was the first time Lion's fans have chanted a players name since "Barry... Barry... Barry".
  3. King Kong would have not been as dramatic if the ape didn't fall on 5th Ave.
  4. Rhino, I'd try to just make a brand new yahoo account. If you are able to do that then the commish could just transfer your team to the new account.
  5. You can purchase the collection here: Catalog - APRIL 2012 LIVE AUCTION
  6. You are confusing frame rate and refresh rate. Telecine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. Lower Hz displays have "refresh rate issues", meaning the image "skips" during motion. I've heard people say it doesn't matter on smaller screens but I certainly had a problems with my old, cheap, 32 inch, 60Hz, Proveiw LCD HDTV. A constant problem was watching a football game and after the QB dropped back to pass, he would release the ball and my image would "stall" for a spit second as the camera panned down field. The next frame would be the WR catching the ball. I really hated it. In my experience, generally refresh rates look like this: Cheap LCDs: 60Hz Nicer LCDs: 120Hz LED LCDs: "simulated" 240HZ Plasma: "equivalent" 600Hz When I was shopping for a HDTV last year, the nice LEDs were out of my budget but Panasonic and Samsung plasmas were awesome and affordable. I ended up getting a Panasonic 50VT. I love it, though the color of the ice while watching hockey is not perfect. That is my only complaint.
  8. Do not buy a 60Hz lcd. I prefer plasmas for better black levels and no refresh rate issues.
  9. With S. Payton gone, I want to see them let Drew Brees call his own plays.
  10. What an incredible night. That is still the only time I've sat on the floor. I sat next to Worldwide Wes and, at the time, didn't even know who he was.
  11. Mine was already off. I've opted out of Adsense and blocked google anyalitics javascript as well. Log in to your google account and go here to see the Ad preferences.
  12. My local FFL dealer charges me $15 to have it mailed to him.
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